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Lose 30 pounds

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12st 13.5lbs. 4 hours ago

TajLVThe time has come

I can’t put this off any longer. Losing 30 pounds is just the first step. There will be more to lose after that. But I’ve got a good start … dropped seven pounds in the past month since my last visit to the doctor. Hope to drop six more before next month’s visit. 1 day ago


This morning I am 13st 2.5lbs! So far I’ve lost 10.5lbs! Third of the way there now. 5 days ago

Kemeje 1 week ago

amb 17 months ago

Teren 7 years ago


13st 5.5 this morning. Meaning I’ve lost 7.5lbs so far. 2 weeks ago

user1396091366 2 weeks ago

Rustysmomno motivation

i don’t know why….need to really get serious and lose weight. never have been this heavy….April 1 is a great first day to start. Current weight 160 pounds goal: 135 pounds. Starting Running and biking. 2 weeks ago


Current weight 13st 6.5lbs :) 3 weeks ago


It’s week 2 and have now lost 5lbs. Pretty happy with this!
So current weight: 13st 8lbs. 3 weeks ago

jamiekris49 3 weeks ago

77RN 4 weeks ago

noormollah 4 weeks ago


Still have a ways to go, but I’ve hit my 30 lb mark. I’m at 34 actually, as of this morning. My next mark is 40 lbs. It might seem like a lot to some people, but I’ve been counting calories for 6 months now; however, I still eat my sweets and I’ve been slacking on my walks since it’s been cold. 30 lbs was also a stopping point for my body and it took 2 months to go above that.

Anyway, crossing my fingers to losing more. 4 weeks ago

Kristahlyn 4 weeks ago

january botentracking

I have already started on this goal. I have been tracking all of my food intake on myfitnesspal since thursday and have kept under my 1200 calories per day goal everyday. My big challenge will be to keep this up while I qm traveling next week but I am confident I can find a way. I already started googling places we will stop to find low calorie options. 4 weeks ago

january boten 4 weeks ago


Have joined Weight Watchers in desperation!!
Starting weight is 13st 13lbs! So I’ll let you know my progress! :) 4 weeks ago

Luluvan 4 weeks ago

Angela Barber 4 weeks ago

Rustysmom 1 month ago

JackEveryman 1 month ago

Tokidoki_ 3 years ago

lff12 2 years ago

iwanttodothisnow 1 month ago


Haven’t stepped on weighing scale. Been eating for a family of four.. on vacation. At a buffet. This has been going on for five days now. Reasons: Valentine blues, frustration from turbulence in my relationship with someone in my immediate orbit (could I be more vague?), unhealthy eating habits and schedule at the office.

Plan of action

1) Remember that you want to devote a lot of time and energy into effecting changes in your life instead of starting a serious, romantic relationship.

2) Talk to your therapist about the turbulence and dissonance you are experiencing with regard to your friend. In the meantime, remember the practice of ahimsa.. non-harming.

3) Prepare a huge batch of low-calorie leek soup to eat and snack on at work next week. Meusli.

4) Exercising 5 times a week must also be implemented. Tomorrow, I will swim for at least 40 minutes. 1 month ago

AnjaaaWeigh in

I dread weighing myself. Haven’t in months. Maybe nearly a year. My guess is that I’m at 170 lbs.

Noticed that I overeat when at the office. When feeling bad. Which has been a persistent condition for some time. 2 months ago

jgirdano 2 months ago

Ladi Mosadomi 2 months ago

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