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have sex while on lsd


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1012001Sex while doing LSD

I have done this, but it was some time ago. I would LOVE to do it again, please, a few more times before I die. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT! It is the ultimate experience! 5 years ago

mesilaMy sexuality is ALL ABOUT THIS

I had my first trip and first sex experience at the same time. I guess that kind of spoiled me. Regular sex only does something for me with someone who has incredible power now. You can come for 45 minutes without stopping…this is 45 minutes ‘earth time’, measured by clock. I have done this all through the eighties and nineties. The double zeroes have seen a depressing loss in psychedelic production – no more Grateful Dead or raver distribution networks = no profit to be made, and it’s difficult to synthesise and people risk red flags if they buy the chemicals needed to do so.

So now the only drug that is ever available besides ganga is…speed. And heroin. Nice going, DEA/ONDCP, thanks for caring so much about our health. Right. 5 years ago

davidsmibeen a long time since I rock and rolled

but oh is it magical! 6 years ago


I would suggest you and your girlfriend, or very close partner drop 3-4 hits each, don’t just drop it yourself and try to do this, you need both of you to be there.. Throw on Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Russian Circles, Pelican, or Godspeed You Black Emperor (Very highly recommended bands for a deep trip, trust me) and just let yourself float with your significant other.. Just the feeling of being close and feeling them is enough to drive anyone crazy. I’ve done this enough I can say Ive never felt better about myself and about my girlfriend and its the one amazing feeling that could never, ever, ever be replicated. Have fun kiddies. 7 years ago


I’ve been craving this fetish for so long. I’m planning to do lsd this week-end and also planning to make love to my girl friend… hou hou… mmm.. ok 7 years ago

levbThe best sex ever...

...is on acid. 7 years ago

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