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Guitar practice

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karmnz 11 months ago


Sometimes it’s good to take a real break because when I come back, it’s with renewed passion and that’s how I feel since I recently started playing my guitar again. It’s been a wonderful way to de-stress at the end of these long days. I’d kind of forgotten just how soothing it is. The only downside is that I’m back to recouping my repertoire, but in a weird way that’s part of the fun—and it’s coming back pretty quickly. I’m working at recommitting some favorite pieces to memory as well so I may try to keep a list here. 15 months ago

sol♥sealater days

well, I have to admit, I’ve not done well with this goal so far. It tends to go in spurts; I play and remember how much I love it and then I practice for a few days… but then I get distracted – work, other competing interests, etc. and the next thing I know, I’m starting over. I wonder if this is how it’s going to be… or is it just not time for this right now? I still play once in awhile, and I’m pretty happy that I can play the things I can – but I’m not going to improve at this rate. I’ll keep this goal around —but maybe I should change the name to “guitar playing sometimes” :S 21 months ago

sol♥seaEarly days –

My fingers were a little tender at first but not as bad as I’d expected. My dexterity is a little off too, so I’m playing slowly with attention to form – no point in picking up new bad habits, in fact, it’s an opportunity to fix some old ones. Related to these things is a goal of recovering my repertoire. Some things are coming back to me pretty quickly; others will take some time to recover and polish.

The thing that’s different this time around is that my priorities have changed. Although I enjoy classical, I think I had gotten into a rut because I stopped playing beyond my comfort zone, so I’m working to master my sight-reading (esp. in the 5th position and beyond.) I’d really like to explore some new music including classical jazz. It’s ambitious, but motivating, too. For now, this means lots of scales and exercises. 2 years ago

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