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JeenayAwareness to restore the sacred Salt Mines Tombs of Sri Lanka

All I know is Tumeric, Barley, and Lemons are good for the Thousand Year old viruses that killed more hopeless victims of the airbourne virus. To give their Tombs their peace and customs their full restored essence. 3 years ago

Adeline OngDid it and satisfied

Help to organized a fundraiser which raised RM6000 (about 1620 US Dollars), 4 car loads of food & medical supplies and 8 car loads of clothes to the victims in Sri Lanka while in Malaysia on Dec 28, 2004 in under 4 hours. Then in February 2005, helped encourage people to go to a benefit dinner at Berea College to raise funds for Tsunami victims. 8 years ago


I donated childrens clothes, and sent money, and I pray for them daily 8 years ago

yakuzaI donated

I’ve donated money and blood. I (and everyone else) can always give more. It does feel good though, to know that I’ve helped out those that have been affected by the tsunamis. 9 years ago

mscaprikellFeeling good...

although my contributions seem small in comparison to what others have done…. the fact that I did do something makes a positive difference in the world… I feel good about what I could do. 9 years ago

MurasakiI donated! :)

I donated money to the tsunami victims through the ADRA website. 9 years ago

absolutDonated some money

I donated some money. I can’t help out in person, but I can help by sending money for relief, and I really believe every little bit counts. 9 years ago


I’ve got the database up and running right now. It’s of course still in development, but I have reached my goal to deploy a usable open-source database that can aggregate critical disaster information in realtime over the web.

http://www.asiaquake.org/ 9 years ago

cilibrarI made http://www.asiaquake.org/


My girlfriend and I made
to help Tsunami victims. It is a realtime database for relief data of all kinds. A way to structure the blog and other less structured data into an orderly form with locations and logistics at the forefront. To help planning and tracking your billions of relief dollars, and seeing how your relief effort is working right now. Let’s not waste this. Can you please check it out and if you would like to help in any of the areas I have asked for please contact me. 9 years ago

AdAstraWanna help?

Go here:



And every day, if you REALLY want to help.

And while you’re there, take a few extra seconds for free clicks on the other related sites.

And then… you can go here:


And here:


See, there are all kinds of “tsunamis”, all over the world, all the time.

One by one, we CAN make a difference. 9 years ago


And that’s it.

There are MANY ways of helping.
There are many realms between the Heavens and the Earth. 9 years ago

eileenI donated to OxFam

I donated to OxFam after hearing a radio interview with one of their people and learning that they had already distributed drinking water to folks affected in the area and that was on Dec 27th.

Here is a link describing their efforts:
http://www.oxfam.org/eng/programs_emer_asia.htm 9 years ago

monkiegrrrlI did what I could...

I donated to the Red Cross via Amazon.com and encouraged others to do so by posting the link in my Livejournal and to a few communities. From what I understand, money to provide relief is the main thing that is needed at this time, so I suppose I did something.

You should too. 9 years ago

ChiI've donated...Have you?

I’ve donated at least $10-15 (not much but I’m trying to give as much lunch money as I can) and my school has raised, overall, over 650 dollars (that was yesterday’s report I didn’t hear how much they’ve gotten to today…and that was just in three days!) My Global Insights teacher says they’re going to go over $1,000 which makes me feel great. There’s no such thing as a selfless deed now. And a message board I frequent has raised almost $250. Tommorow, if we still have school, we’re going to be able to pay one dollar to wear a hat. Not much, but at least we’re doing something. 9 years ago


I gave some money to the red cross and got gizmodo.com to make a post linking to amazon’s one-click red-cross donation page. From this distance the only thing we can practically do is give money, even if it’s just a small amount. 9 years ago


He who knows the good he ought to do, and does not do it… 9 years ago

Clément LabergeUntitled

I choose UNICEF9 years ago

Joop LaanDonating money

The company I work for has just offered to match any gift any employee will make. So all gifts are doubled! That’s cool. :) 9 years ago

jsbDon à la Croix Rouge canadienne

100$ given to the Canadian Red Cross… hope this will help. 9 years ago

mscaprikellso far...

I have made a monitary donation so far; I am hoping to find a way to volunteer for an organization that will assist their healing/rebuilding process. 9 years ago

lorax47Approaching 100,000

We are pathetic little bags of mostly water. Our existence on this planet is an act of omnipotent grace or some freaky string of rolling sevens for over 3 million years.

What percentage of the cost of a jet fighter have we ponied up for the relief effort? 9 years ago

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