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Ru ~ dig deeper 6 years ago

Jana ;) 10 months ago

Venusian 11 months ago

Emmet O'Sullivan 10 months ago

philonoist 11 months ago

JustJürgenIn 3 weeks

we are going to a theatre performance with friends. 12 months ago


we have an invitation to friends – before we had postponed this meeting for ages. 12 months ago

JustJürgenTomorrow, Sunday

a nice trip with my mother and family. meeting one of my mother’s cousins. 12 months ago

Monica 14 months ago

youniscou 14 months ago

Spatz 4 years ago

SpatzGoing farely well :)

I’ve been setting reminders to remember to catch up and return mails – and so far it’s been working quite well!

And I even remembered a family birthday and was able to organize a small dinner in a good restaurant.

On the other hand, I discovered that there are some acquaintances – not really friends obviously – I’d rather not keep in better touch with. It’s making me uncomfortable somehow.
I think I’ll go with my gut this time!

So, all in all, I can mark this goal done, I think! 15 months ago

PaulMaking this goal SMART

As part of my New Year’s resolutions (sorta) my most important goals are getting a SMART goal format.
  • S: Improve my contact with friends & family members by 100%
  • M: Contact a family member or friend twice a week via text/email/FB/etc. Call a family member or friend once a week. Plan to hang out with a family member or friend at least once month.
  • A: I can’t believe I am not doing this already this should be easily attainable.
  • R: This goal aligns with my core value of Friends/Family
  • T: I hope to master this routine and work on improve the amount of contact further by the end of March. 15 months ago

Lotus 15 months ago

gsjbjt 16 months ago

FAVORANA 16 months ago

SpatzLovely neighbors!

Our wonderful neighbors just dropped by with a lovely plate of cake and sweets from a celebration we missed today.

Aren’t they wonderful? I’m going to try everything ;-) 16 months ago


Yesterday, we recelebrated my husbands birthday with a pair of friends who could not attend the party.

It was a nice and fun evening, a little less on the party side as I’m still not quite up to it, but fun nevertheless.

My husband got a nice beer assortment :D

And I’m afraid the grisini we had – accompanied by a wonderful Parma ham – were not exactly gluten free. I’ll have to be extra good today…

picture via etsy17 months ago

Sarcastic1990 17 months ago


Today, I received an email which made me feel small and sad.
Now I know why my emails in the last weeks remained unanswered and why, when I called, it was nothing new goodbye.
Ouch :-(

picture via digital blasphemy17 months ago

SpatzAll Saints Day

We spent the All Saints Day visiting cemetaries and putting flowers and candles on the graves of friends and relatives. It rained most of the time, which seems strangely appropriate.
And we carried the All Saints Day Striezel – braided sweet white bread – to my husbands godchild, and promptly were invited to taste it with some nice coffee :) 17 months ago

SpatzHappy 5th birthday

Yesterday, we were invited to the birthday party of our niece and nephew.
They turned five – oh my, how time goes by!
There were nice presents and a lot of cake and more food and drinks and all the relatives you could want!

And it seems there are more parties to come :)

picture via pinterest18 months ago

SpatzWine tasting

We were invited to a wine tasting party yesterday!

The theme was wines from Western Styria and so we enjoyed a Welschriesling, a Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc), a Rivaner, two kinds of Schilcher and a Roter Zweigelt to finish. And enjoyed cold smoked ham and a fun cheese platter and fresh countrystyle bread (minus me, no bread ;)).

It was a fun evening, we met all our neighbours and local friends again and received initiations to a Chicago 1932 style party and a concert series.

And now I’m a little tired – resting, as our niece and nephews 5th Birthday Party is this afternoon! 18 months ago

SpatzParty on

The party for my husbands birthday was a great success – we had a lot of guests, a lot of fun and a lot of food :-)

We enjoyed the evening a lot and now have enough leftovers for a second party :-)

I hope to keep the connection will everybody! 18 months ago

SpatzAn invitation

Oooh, we’re invited to our neighbours 60th wedding anniversary! There’ll be a celebratory mass and a nice lunch.

That sounds like a nice occasion and we’ll make sure to wear our best national costume parts ;-) 18 months ago

JustJürgen 18 months ago

SpatzGuest count

So, we got all the RSVPs in. It seems we will have 50 grown ups and about 15 children as guests.
We reserved room and a buffet for about 60 people, so I think we will be just fine. The restaurant confirmed our plans and we discussed all the food and drink options yesterday.
It seems everything is taken care of.
I’m wondering how many people will really come :)

picture via pinterest18 months ago


So, all the invitations to my husbands birthday party are delivered.
A preliminary head count gave us an estimate of about 60 guests.

I hope it will be fun and a celebration to remember!

I hope to keep the connection and meet with friends more often! 18 months ago


To hand out the invitations to my husbands birthday party, we visited a number of friends and neighbours and met with relatives – and we’ll keep that up for a few more days to get all the invitations out.

I’m happy to say that we had a good time with everybody we met and reconnected.
I hope we can keep up the contact and not let work steal our time again!

picture via pinterest19 months ago


This week, we were invited to the birthday party of our neighbours son – we felt very honored to be considered as guests by a four-year old :)

And today, we’re invited to the birthday lunch for my brother – hosted by my parents.

We plan to use the occasion to hand out the invitations to the birthday party for my husband – birthdays for everybody :)

picture via pinterest19 months ago

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