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Mantsikka 4 weeks ago

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Hyacinth GirlTwo sessions in

I have been searching for a cure for chronic headaches. My head hurts nearly every day. I have a lot of knots and tension in my upper back and neck, and I think they are causing the headaches. Massage therapy alone is too expensive to do very often, and wasn’t effective, so I gone to a physiotherapist to try acupuncture.

My first treatment (needles in my neck and upper back) didn’t do anything. But when she put needles into my forehead and hands, I didn’t have a headache for 2 weeks! So, I am planning on continuing to see what happens. 6 months ago

brittany_ 9 months ago

MareInfinitusdid this again today

and it is sooo worth it. i nearly fell asleep it was so relaxing, and it has done wonders for both my menieres and my stress levels, as well as given me more energy and enthusiasm for the day. =) 11 months ago

sitruunapuu 11 months ago

MareInfinitus 11 months ago


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Elyse_Mtl 20 months ago

NikoletteAcupuncture: Fine Needle = Fine Idea

My coworker and I discovered that we were very much alike this summer. One of the many things we shared in common was the desire to try acupuncture. Capitalizing on the buddy system, we decided to give it a shot, and I’m glad we did.

The most important thing to do before trying acupuncture is to do your research! We spent a good amount of time researching the acupuncture places in the area, trying to find a reputable but inexpensive place. In the end, we settled on a well-certified place that had the option for Community Acupuncture: which basically means multiple people are treated at once.

The experience itself was excellent. We arrived at the location, and found that Community Acupuncture really remained quite personal, there was a 5 person max. The acupuncturist took care to make conversation with us and pick acupuncture points suited to our particular health concerns. The session even ended with an aromatic foot massage. Talk about a great experience! The best part? There was a buddy system deal that meant we each got half off! So we ended up paying only $22.50! It was already a great deal at original price!

I’ll definitely be going again! 21 months ago

Nikolette 21 months ago

erevshel 22 months ago


SpinCycle 2 years ago

seasonsoflove 2 years ago

mandarcat 3 years ago

AspenSierra 2 years ago


Why I consider it not worth it:
I was given IMS acupuncture. IMS = intramuscular stimulation. I did not get the traditional acupuncture that causes relaxation. Mine was for an injury. So although I consider it not worth it, it because mine was painful and not the type of acupuncture most look forward to. 2 years ago

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