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s nature_australia

s nature_australia 4 years ago

riki13And yet some more...

13. Flowers – especially lillys and roses.
14. Putting up my Christmas tree and decorating the house for Christmas.
15. Going out for dinner to a nice restaurant.
16. Having friends over for coffee and a chat.
17. Cold weather – I hate being hot!
18. Getting into bed when I have just changed the linen for fresh clean linen.
19. Scented candles and incense.
20. Bubble baths
21. Going to the ballet.
22. Hand made craft fairs.
23. Doing arts and crafts. 20 months ago

riki13A few more....

8. Decluttering. I love looking at a room once all the crap has been tossed and what is left has been tidied away.
9. British comedy – BBC sitcoms are the best!
10. Giving myself or others a manicure and pedicure.
11. Singing in the car…on my own…with music loud enough to get other car’s attention at stop lights so others notice :)
12. Shopping. Love me some retail therapy! 20 months ago

riki13To start with....

1. Cats. My cats especially, but all cats make me happy :)
2. Reading. Especially Stephen King.
3. Writing – journals, novels.
4. The beach.
5. Food and eating – from junk food to fine dining!
6. My tattoos – may not be anyone’s taste, but I love them.
7. My piercings – I love my sparkly ears :) 23 months ago

melisa1211 3 years ago

spreadyourwings 2 years ago

colourful soul 4 years ago

riki13 2 years ago

s nature_australiaUntitled

1. my dog
2. my fiance’
3. sleeping
4. relaxing
5. the ocean
6. nature
7. drinking water with lime juice
8. whales
9. helping nature
10. organics
11. sustainable designs for living
12. hope for our planet
13. flowers
14. raw food
15. working
16. studying
17. reading about interesting things
18. designing
19. my baby
20. friendships
21. butterflies
22. nice clothes
23. music
24. art galleries
25. good coffee
26. etsy & handmade things
27. sweden
28. travel plans
29. natural makeup
30. doing my own manicures/pedicures
31. horses
32. cooking
33. growing flowers
34. gardening
35. growing herbs
36. gardens
37. art
38. coffee shops
39. green tea
40. sand between my toes
41. fudge
42. exercise
43. yoga
44. movies
45. antipasta
46. nice furniture designs
47. nice fabrics
48. Pandora
49. jewellery
50. smoothies
51. blueberries
52. making baby puree’s
53. the sound of rain
54. renovations
55. kinesiology
56. natural medicine
57. Angels
58. the thought of something spiritual helping us
59. coral reefs
60. stationary sets
61. blue skies & clouds
62. typing
63. camping
64. swimming
65. dolphins
66. national geographic
67. goals
68. vision boards
69. good hair cut
70. feeling healthy
71. nice jeans
72. natural fibres
73. positive thoughts
74. helping others
75. children
76. nice people
78. gifts
79. kosta boda, villeroy & bosch glassware
80. bookstores
81. ebay
82. mangos
83. making plans
84. organic chocolate
85. Sweden & Australia
86. reusable bags
87. apple cider
88. Stoneleigh Malborough White Wine
89. colour pink & light blue
90. love
91. making something handmade
92. jogging with my friend
93. hearing from friends & relatives
94. my toddler son
95. happiness journal from Kikki K
96. job security
97. debt free
98. feeling fit, well rested
99. eating healthy & green smoothies, cold pressed juices
100.the environments health 4 years ago

Sarah WillettUntitled

Things that make me happy

1. Bubble Baths
2. Dancing in the rain
3. Hugs that last at least 5 seconds
4. Homemade Cards
5. Farmer’s Markets
6. Butterflies in my tummy… the good ones
7. The sleep button… 9 more minutes of sleep
8. Singing along to loud music while driving with the windows down
9. Spring breezes
10. Giggling children
11. Good conversations that leave you feeling motivated
12. Surprises
13. Cotton Candy Ice-Cream
14. Letting the emotion in a song drive the movement from my body
15. Spending an entire day in my PJs
16. Campfires
17. Snowy days in bed while wrapped in many blankets and watching movies
18. Scented candles
19. Snail Mail
20. Board games
21. Eating raw cookie dough
22. Putting on warm pants fresh out of the drier
23. Bare feet in the grass
24. Cupcakes with rainbow frosting
25. Babies
26. The sound of an orchestra warming up
27. Sunshine
28. scuba diving
29. being with someone I love
30. dripping sweat after a good workout
31. summer BBQs
32. sand between my toes
33. Writing – poetry, in my journal, blogs, etc.
34. Feather Duvets
35. Skype dates
36. Decorating/dressing up for holidays
37. Vacation
38. Traveling
39. Crying over a good book
40. Popcorn shakers (seasoning)
41. A well-made salad with perfect veggie to dressing ratio
42. Knitting Circle/Stitch & Bitch
43. Salsa… the dancing and the dip!
44. Waking up and realizing its Saturday
45. Chai tea lattes
46. Sushi with eel sauce
47. Jamming out to a “way-back-playback”
48. Spooning
49. Robert Munsch books
50. Sweatpants
51. Sidewalk chalk
52. Having an apartment chock-full of plants
53. Poinsettias at Christmas
54. Christmas light displays
55. Completing a challenging puzzle
56. Handmade crafts
57. Craft sales/shows
58. Mountainous views
59. Hiking in the jungle
60. Afternoon naps on the couch
61. Seeing a place that looks just like the postcard and realizing you’re standing in the postcard! (Machu Picchu!)
62. Glee (the TV show)
63. Fresh-cut flowers
64. Toasted sandwiches with extra pickles
65. Watching movies I’ve already seen and forgetting how they end
66. Chicken soup when you’re not feeling well
67. Being tucked in
68. King-sized beds
69. Shopping for yarn
70. Baby chicks
71. “Friends” reruns
72. Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Hand Soap
73. Hot showers… not a big deal until you’re without them!
74. The perfect pillow
75. Good discussion about good books
76. Being told you’re a child’s favourite teacher
77. Making a difference
78. Snuggling with sleepy kitties
79. Performing on a stage
80. Watching professional ballet
81. Checking off to-do-lists
82. Sleeping in
83. Watching thunderstorms from the porch
84. Gorgonzola cheese
85. A good sale’s item
86. Hot yoga
87. Running in a race
88. Dinner parties with friends
89. Potlucks
90. Reading a book in a park
91. Singing in the shower
92. Doing activities that are meant for “kids”
93. When your hair’s been freshly cut and styled by the hairdresser
94. Buying someone the “perfect gift”
95. Singing old TV theme songs during a long car trip
96. Having an entire movie theatre to yourselves (only happened twice ever to me!)
97. Sneaking your own snacks into a movie theatre
98. Bath Sheet Towels (they’re HUGE!)
99. T-shirts that are super warn and therefore super thin
100. Being in a wedding 3 years ago

Sarah Willett 8 years ago

cats2kids6Seems like it shouldn't have taken me so long to do this...

but I think that doing this has given me a better sense of not sweating the small stuff so much, and to be more appreciative of things. The things that make me happiest seem to be the things that I am most grateful for as well! 3 years ago

cats2kids6 3 years ago

cats2kids6okay let's see if I can complete this tonight...

91. people signing the guestbook of my caringbridge site. 92. That my daughter finally has someone who seems to be treating her right. 93. When my grandsons get along and don’t fight with one another. 94. My husband finally legal to work, and him actually having a job and working.(He is happy too!) 95. That there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel with my husband Aberdeen and immigration cases. 96. Happy to have found a church where people really seem to care about you, support you, and are friendly. 97. Happy thinking about my trip to NJ and to Hawaii in April. 98. I am happy to have 43 Things where I am finding things I would have never heard of from other peoples list. 99. Having a good nights sleep. After being diagnosed with cancer and starting chemo in February I never sleep at night, but I had one good night last week where I actually slept the whole night. 100. I am thankful and happy to be alive! To have finally finished one goal off of my list! 3 years ago

cats2kids6getting closer...81 and counting...

happy for learning new things off of 43 things. 82 finding free places to take my grandson’s 83 having the energy to take my grandson’s places 84 waking up each day 85 having time to read each day 86 receiving postcards from post crossing 87 making plans to take my grandson’s places, and actually doing it 88 going to church with my husband 89 finding new resources 90 having messages off of facebook. Ten things left! 3 years ago

cats2kids6going on 61...

having what I bake come out tasting good. Then give it away. 62. being told I am appreciated. 63. Watching my grandson’s do something new. 64. Having a good idea and following through with it. 65. Sending cards to people, for a pick them up! 66. Having my husband say I have a good idea. 67. Being told I am loved. 68. Getting mail from old friends. 69. Learning something new. 70. 71. 43 Things 72. Postcrossing 73. Having down time when needed. 74. Getting to take a nap when I am too tired to function properly. 75. Having my grandkids help me to do things when I am too tired-Andru making supper, Alex feeding the cats, Josias putting the dishes in the sink. 76. Watching Alex read. 77. Watching Andru write letters. 78. Seeing Giovanni dancing at one year old-he got the rythm. 79. Josias being loving with his mother. 80. Having my husband make my fresh squeezed lemon in the morning. 3 years ago

cats2kids651. Just have to say how much I love summer days like today...

Temp was probably 85 degrees, but with the sun shinning and the cool breeze it felt like a piece of heaven. What glorious weather it was today. 52. old cars 53. old sports cars(Austin Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitefire) 54. meeting new people 55. reacquiting with old friends. 56. Dancing music. 57. Listening to “The Sea” by Rod McKuen 58. Did I already say cats(domestic or wild, large or small) 59. Going for rides on nice days 60. Being at the beach on nice days 3 years ago


41. sitting outside watching the kids play. 42. Sunshine 43. 70 degree weather 44. going for rides in the car 45. the beach 46. quiet 47. listening to Rod McKuen 48. listening to inspiration audiobooks 49. watching a good movie – Johnny Depp, Whoopi Goldberg just to name a few. 50. exposing the grandkids to something new! 3 years ago

cats2kids6Here an Now! 40 things...60 to go!

1. Being Married 2. Having a daughter 3. Having four grandsons 4. Reading daily 5. Flowers 6. Spending time alone 7. Traveling 8. Taking daily walks 9 Eating Healthy 10. Having money 11. Oldies Music 12. Painting 13. Spending time with my husband 14. Spending time with my grandkids 15. Spending time with daughter 16. Going to church 17. Having a clean house 18. Peace – everyone getting along 19 Sitting with my cats 20 Riding a bike 21. Being thin 22. Knowing that the cancer is leaving my body 23. Swimming 24. Sitting in a hot tub/sauna 25. Being in contact with friends from the past 26. Spending time with my siblings 27. Getting snail mail 28. Cooking food that comes out tasting good 29. Bsking snf giving it away 30. Art 31. Photography 32. Owning a five speed truck(even though it is old) 33. Watching a good movie 34. Knowing I have made a difference in someones life(even if it is just giving a smile) 35.Laughing 36. Dancing 37. Having a body(with arms, legs, fingers, toes etc) 38. Taking naps at chemo 39. Ice cold water on a hot day 40. Hearing from loved ones 3 years ago

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