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Creative Writing Classes

www.fullsail.edu/     Creative Writing for Entertainment. Online Degree Programs. More Info.

Creative Writing Classes

www.snhu.edu/CreativeWriting     Enroll in Creative Writing classes for Undergrad or Graduate degrees!

Creative Writing Courses

www.phoenix.edu/     University of Phoenix┬«. Develop Your Creative Writing Skills Today.

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Creative Writing Classes

research.allcolleges.org/     Find Creative Writing Classes. Get Matched To Schools Online Now!

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My friend and I have found an online creative writing course. The first task is to write for 30 minutes daily for 21 days. I started before Christmas and did a few days, and am now slacking… I think this might be my new years resolution! 2 years ago

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Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyIn College

I took a creative writing class while in college, and took extra English classes as an engineering major. I felt that being able to communicate and write well were good things to have, regardless of your major.

I ended up getting a B in this class, but had an A. I got an F on a major paper because the professor accused me of plagerism. I did not plagerize, rather I did not properly annotate my paper. I did reference every quote I used as I had learned, but it was not in the format the professor expected. He did not tell us what he expected.

Anyway, every quote I used, I gave credit to the source of where it came from in my paper. So, all the hard work I put into, getting an F really sucked. I took it to the Engineering Board to help me, but they said the English department makes up their own rules, and they could not help me.

I was nonetheless disappointed, but learned a great deal about politics. I aced everything else in the class and ended up with an 88 or 89. He would not round up.

God bless this professor for teaching me some stuff that I would’ve never learned had he not failed me. It’s taken me awhile to be able to ask God to bless him and mean it. 2 years ago

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