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Learn to better cope with winter


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This goal will never be accomplished until I move to a more mild climate. It was an awful long and bitter winter. Welcome spring, welcome sun. 3 years ago

LunashadowWinter is over

Welcome spring – just in time. 4 years ago


Ignoring the snow is working. I think the thaw is on and the drive melted on it’s own. I picked up some things off the porch and put them away too. I’m spring cleaning inside the house. At least when the weather is nice I’ll be able to be out in it and not stuck inside. 4 years ago


I’ve come to the point that I do every year where I just consider it to be spring in my mind. I will now just ignore the weather and carry on as though it is spring. It’s a coping skill, right? 4 years ago


Does ignoring it count? 4 years ago


Today the sun is shining and it really helps my attitude. The snow is glittery. 4 years ago

LunashadowThe title should be learn to cope with winter.

I’ll change my goal 4 years ago


We are so in winter but I haven’t really been able to think about it because I’m too busy. I did get a cord of wood and I’m loving fires in the fireplace. 6 years ago


It’s NOT winter yet. I can keep telling myself but the blanket of snow and bad roads are not helping. I will be sure to dress properly for this. 6 years ago

LunashadowThe weather outside is frightful

I’m still enjoying autumn but the weather is much more winter-like. I’m dressing properly for it and I felt sorry for the people who were only wearing sweatshirts yesterday. I was cold just looking at them. I have learned the importance of dressing properly for the weather and here that means dress like an eskimo. 6 years ago


I’ll work on this goal in the winter. For now I’m focusing on differentiating autumn from winter. I’m really enjoying my autumn and I’m going to hang on to that feeling until autumn is really over. One thing I know will happen is that winter will seem shorter to me. That’s one of my largest problems with winter is that it lasts too too too long. Even if it’s in my mind and I feel like it’s shorter it will make a huge difference on my attitude. 6 years ago

Lunashadow70 degrees

It’s to be most unseasonable warm today and I have a major impulse to take advantage and hang out Christmas lights. 6 years ago

LunashadowTime to start again

I’m ready for this goal this season. Focusing on it last year really helped me through it and I’m off to a better start this year. I’ve really enjoyed autumn and made the most out of it. I know it’s not officially over it just feels that way. Daylight Savings Time starts today. Made a new goal to get up earlier and go to bed earlier. Holidays are very close. It’s only three weeks until thanksgiving. I’ll dive into this and enjoy it and try to enjoy the weather that comes with it. 6 years ago

LunashadowBeen ignoring

Really been ignoring this goal. I enjoyed every minute of our beautiful summer and this is the first year I’m making a point to enjoy autumn. Usually autumn depresses me because it’s the first sign of winter being around the corner. I like this goal though because it really helps me change my mind set on the colder weather. If I have to live in it I have to find a way to get along with it. So for now, I’ll continue loving everything autumn. By loving I guess I mean appreciating. 6 years ago

LunashadowWinter is over

Winter is finally over and I’m pleased. I got through it with a better attitude than previous years but I’m so glad everything is GREEN. 6 years ago

LunashadowDon't think I did this

....but I did tolerate the winter very well I think. I even tolerated better than most people I know just with attitude. I’m hoping it’s over now but I know that is probably not the case. I’ll take what Mother Nature gives us and know that what we haven’t isn’t as bad as other places. I can’t wait to feel the warm sun and grass on my bare feet. 6 years ago


We were in the city last night for a show and it wasn’t extremely cold but it snowed something fierce and made the drive home a white knuckler. We watched cars in front of us spinning out. It was a relief to get home. I’m trying my best to tolerate winter and I think I’ve done a good job so far but the signs of spring are going to be very appreciated. 6 years ago


I haven’t learned to love winter yet but I have been much better about tolerating it. The sun shined yesterday and I hung sheets out on the line. Of course I had to wear my boots. I just wanted to bring some fresh air in the house. I’d do it more often if only the sun would shine a little more often. I think it’s the gloom here that we all get so tired of. It tell me to go to sleep. It looks sleep outside. 6 years ago

LunashadowIt is pretty

The snow is really pretty. I still haven’t played in it in anyway with the exception of snowblowing. I actually like to do it. I have four sons at home and they never have a chance. I love my snowpants and my boots. I’m tired of winter too but I do notice that all I hear from people is how much they are ready for winter to be over with so I’m not doing so bad because it’s not really bothering me too much. I just go about with my business. The sun is meant to shine today so I think I’ll wash something I can hang on the line outside and enjoy the fresh smell. 6 years ago

LunashadowLet me see if

I can find the pics I took a couple of weeks ago. They’re my back yard. 6 years ago

LunashadowThe funny thing

About this is that now everyone I know is so sick of winter and I’ve come to accept it. Maybe it’s because I did such a good job snowblowing yesterday and I got j’s car unstuck out of the big snow pile the plow left in front of our drive. Maybe it’s because I secretly love wearing snowpants. I like the way they swish when I move and the way they keep me dry and warm. Maybe I should sleep in them. 6 years ago

LunashadowI think

I could love winter more if I put on my coat and boots and I went outside and took some pictures of it. My goal is to do that today. kt 6 years ago

LunashadowFrom the frozen tundra

Well I still haven’t done anything in the snow and I really have no desire to. I know I need to because I might love it. Today’s not the day though, it’s wicked out there. Too cold for the dogs. I can’t believe it’s almost February. I don’t know where Nov, Dec and Jan went. So far the winter hasn’t bothered me too much but I certainly don’t embrace it. This goal has helped a little by bringing out what I don’t really mind about winter and has given me a place to vent. I need to figure out a way to really embrace winter. Maybe one day I’ll look forward to it. 6 years ago


I’ve come to realize that I’m still whining about winter. So I need to get back on track and think of the good things. One thing is that it gives me time to work inside my home. Once the warm weather is here, I’m too busy outside to worry about inside. I love January for that “fresh beginning” feeling. I’m always gung ho about cleaning up especially with the holidays behind us. So the weather outside may be frightful but I don’t need to be out there much anyway and I don’t feel like I missing anything while I put my house in order. 6 years ago

Lunashadow62 degrees

I can’t believe it’s 62 degrees in January. It’s a nice little break. It sort of feels like taking a winter vacation to a warmer locale. It also feels like when you get there it rains the entire time. I’m not complaining though. I’ll take 62 degrees. I’m a little concerned about what type of storms this is going to bring in and what it will do to our environment. Will my trees bud? Will the burrowing animals come out too early. 6 years ago


I really haven’t had much time yet to think about winter because I’m always so busy. We recently had 15 inches of snow and the forcast for tomorrow is 59 degrees (that’s crazy Michigan weather). Anyway that spells alot of flooding to me. On the other hand 59 sounds balmy and I can clean up some things in my yard I wanted to get to before the snows came. 6 years ago


The 15 inches of snow has slowed everyone and everything down a bit and has given me time to enjoy how beautiful it is. This morning when the sun was still rising it cast a beautiful orange glow on the tops of the snow covered woods. Everything looks clean and quiet. I’m still happy because I don’t HAVE to go out in it and be anywhere. My children presented me with a very warm and cozy robe for Christmas. I HATE having to take it off but finally now that the kids have school (no snow day today). I’ll put the house in order and cook things so when they all get in from the cold they can feel cozy too. 6 years ago

LunashadowI'm so trying

It’s not easy when everything is covered in ice. Instead of feeling disgruntled though, I looked at the trees and envied them in their restorative, winter slumber. I like to sleep too (wish I could do it through winter like the trees) and I look better when I have plenty of it. So, I know alot of nature is getting it’s beauty rest so it can be ready to put on a show the rest of the year. 6 years ago


not too concerned about it being winter. All is white and will stay that way through Christmas. I guess that’s nice. I enjoyed watching the kids building forts in the snow yesterday. It kept them busy. The sun is shining a little at this moment. That’s pleasant. I haven’t froze yet. I’m doing it one day at a time. 7 years ago

LunashadowIt's all good so far

I am liking winter more than any time in my life. I can’t believe I actually like the snow being dumped on us. It really added to the holiday spirt. I was working and a neighbor plowed my drive. That warmed my heart or I’d be snow blowing right now. I’ve come to notice that I don’t fear driving in the snow that much anymore. Knock on wood, but my car handles pretty well and I’ve become fairly experienced over the years. I wasn’t thrilled the kids had a snow day yesterday, but I worked so I barely noticed it. They seemed to have fun sledding in it so I’m happy. Glad they’re back at school today so I can take care of business here at home.:)I love winter, I love winter, I love winter, I love winter…... 7 years ago

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