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Simplify, Declutter, and Clean

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KarenThe major areas for 2011. (And how they should look)

  • Closet
  • Bathroom

    (From here but I also like this )
  • Paperwork/filing

3 years ago

KarenOne area... Done!

I cleaned out my bathroom entirely, and it feels so good. It was kind of difficult, but I achieved that minimalist, clean and organized area that I have always wanted. One area down. lots more to go….

I actually wrote a guest blog post about my attempt to minimize the clutter here4 years ago

KarenToo much is never enough.

I’m finding that I have so much stuff and don’t really utilize it all or appreciate it. I know I need to simplify for peace of mind above all… and it seems that when I have less, it feels like more. I just found this box of pens and markers today, and there must be 100 of them in organized bundles. And then I have three different containers of pens as well… constantly moving around my room. And I can never find the one or two that I like and use most. It’s amazing that by having so many, the opposite happens- they are all under used. As well in my book collection… I love them and can’t get enough, but there are so many on my to be read list… and so many stacked up on top of each other, I rarely can find the ones I want to read. 5 years ago

KarenNeed to simplify

my goals. I keep looking at them, and think they are all essential. But, I haven’t been making as much progress as I would have liked. And then I have goals about making steps for goals, and more goals about goals and it seems to be a little spiraling black hole of redundancy. I keep trying to create systems, and then don’t stick to them, and then create new systems thinking that it’ll work this time. Arrrrrgh. 5 years ago


Where I can begin:

  • clean out email/ folders
  • Pictures on comp
  • Bookmark/ favorites 5 years ago

KarenNot sure where to begin with this goal.

I keep seeing it on my list, as the noble goal that I want to achieve, but don’t exactly believe it is possible. I guess “Simplify” means to me… clean, organized, and only having the basic, useful things in life. Last year I gave away so many books, and a ton of clothes that I didn’t need and I felt so much lighter. Now that I have moved, again, it is time to do this purge all over again. And, I want to have all of my belongings simplified, and very organized in preparation for moving to my next new place. I’m not sure when that will be… months, or a year, but I know that my next move will be to my first place, all to myself without roommates. I want to have everything prepared and organized, as opposed to the hurried, clusterfuck that seems to be characteristic of every other move previously. 5 years ago

KarenI want...

to simplify every aspect of my life. This year (with the help of a friend), I gave away about half of what I own. I had so much stuff I just didn’t use or needed. But, I still feel like I have a lot to do. I also want to help my mom to simplify, now that I am living with her for a little while. The problem is that we are so damn alike that we both get inspired and start a huge project and then don’t finish, or get overwhelmed or not focused and start one room and then jump to another. I want to clean, declutter, GIVE AWAY, and organize everything I own, while helping my mom in the common areas.
These areas off the top of my head are:
  • My bedroom
  • closet
  • bathroom, and under sink area
  • kitchen (fridge, cupboards)
  • Dining room area
  • Garage (biiig one) 5 years ago

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