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stop eating bread

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zoegoals 1 month ago


Been off bread for a while. But yesterday (29th March) had a piece of pav. 12 months ago

Farahchital 13 months ago

Daniel 15 months ago

notredamegirl 17 months ago


Today I had HORRIBLE CRAVINGS for cookies and anything with flour/sugar in it. I stayed strong though! 15 months ago

gengu 15 months ago

sitruunapuu 15 months ago

notredamegirl28 days without bread :)

28 days without grains/starches/refined sugar. sticking with this during the holidays has been awesome—instead of gaining weight during wintertime, i’m losing it! 16 months ago


this is surprisingly easy. dairy is way less easy to give up. i’m still eating dairy because my sugar free lattes are the highlight of my day. wheat belly changed my life. 2012 has had two life-changing books: wheat belly and allan carr’s easyway book. really, three—david copperfield changed my life in its own way. 16 months ago

notredamegirlthis goal is worth it

i’m using my success w/this goal to motivate me to give up dairy as well 16 months ago

notredamegirllost weight

almost 10 lbs, crazy!

this is how i’ve done it over 2-ish weeks:

first, i removed all wheat products and refined sugar. i kept eating whatever i wanted as far as dairy (unlimited cottage cheese, yogurt, meat, fruit, veggies).
then, i cut down to one fruit a day (carbs).
then, and this is where i’ve seen rapid weight loss, i’ve started doing portion control. cut out the unlimited dairy. cut out the soda. sticking to around 1500 calories. LOTS of protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrates. lots of vegetables. one fruit a day. drinking water when i’m hungry.

“there’s always another meal.” 16 months ago


it will be easier here because nobody eats bread. however, they all eat a TON of dairy. dairy is a big weakness for me—cottage cheese and yogurt especially, which is probably an indicator that i shouldn’t have it. ideally, i’d quit eating dairy and only have veggies, meat, and my one fruit a day. 16 months ago

notredamegirlKicking ass at this

I was sooo hungry on several of my flights (those rolls looked so good, so did the crackers) I didn’t eat the bread or starches, and I felt great. Really proud of myself. No more wheat belly! No more bagel skin! 17 months ago

notredamegirli miss bread so much :(

walking by pastries is the hardest thing ever. i’m overeating dairy so i doubt i’ve lost weight, but i definitely haven’t gained weight. when i get home, i’ll go on the measurement GS program like my mom. it makes me so happy to live with people that are dedicated to eating healthfully. it makes it THAT much easier. i’m not looking forward to my nearly 2 days in a plane and at the airport—those are my favorite places to binge eat. so i have to PREPARE.

i’ve knocked out nuts, bread, refined sugar, and starch-y vegetables for a week. onward and upwards. 17 months ago

notredamegirl5 days

it’s going to be hard today w/thanksgiving and not eating my favorites (bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie). smaller jeans are worth it though… 17 months ago

notredamegirli'm eating too much dairy instead :(

but i THINK i’m less bloated. it’s been four days. 17 months ago

notredamegirli want to stop eating bread

i want to stop eating bread and refined sugar. from now on, “sweet” cravings will be handled with fruit. i’m going to keep eating dairy. we’ll see how my body responds over the next month. 17 months ago

TaikaJ 18 months ago

momoRouge 3 years ago

habitschangerDay 1

Ate apple scroll buns. 2x NOT GOOD. but one was bought for me 2 years ago

habitschanger 2 years ago

sozekaiser 2 years ago

pauroj 2 years ago

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