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Magic Of Ordinary Days

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Magic Of Ordinary Days

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usedtohaiku 3 months ago

hopena 3 months ago

DayDreamer37 22 months ago

nouvelle jenmagic tea

Cooler and light rain this morning so decided to stop for a small cup of Ceylon tea at my favorite coffee shop and I enjoyed every delicious sip, transformation! 10 months ago

nouvelle jenSaturday chores magic

While scrubbing, patching and painting the outside of the house yesterday I saw 2 monarch butterflies :) Paco came home early from working and brought all the supplies for margaritas and a cookout! A lovely ordinary day. 10 months ago

nouvelle jenSunday ordinary rain magic

it’s been raining all day – we took a ferry ride to Kingston anyhow. It was a warmish rain so at Brackett’s Landing I could smell the nootka roses. Had a delicious cup of blackberry-sage tea while waiting for the ferry. In Kingston we stopped for a snack and sat at an outside picnic table with a huge canvas umbrella. We sat nibbling strawberries and listeninh to the rain pattering on the umbrella. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon. 11 months ago

nouvelle jen 11 months ago

DayDreamer37Fame is a vapor...

“Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings; only one thing endures, and that’s character.”

- Horace Greely 11 months ago

DayDreamer37There are only two ways to live your life

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle.”

- Albert Einstein 11 months ago

DayDreamer37Wrote, studied, cooked, washed dishes...

and watched part of a movie with William Powell and Myrna Loy called “I Love You Again” (1940). Now let me go and finish watching it and get a good night’s sleep.

Today was a wonderfully ordinary day! 11 months ago

DayDreamer37It's the simple things

“It’s always the simple things that catch your breath.”

- Mahatma Gandhi 11 months ago

DayDreamer37Part of the magic of ordinary days is the routine...

Routine means you’re doing something over and over again, and most likely getting better and better at it…then the Law of Accumulation takes effect. The Law of Accumulation states that consistency brings results.

For example by watching a bit of a movie here and there (it took me 4 days to watch Frank Sinatra’s film “Hole in the Head”) I’ve managed to watch more than 1200 films over the last decade. This was great fun and I did it little by little over thousands of “ordinary” days. 11 months ago

molliemoonlight 11 months ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyMost, But Magical

Most of my days seem ordinary to the outsider, but most of them are actually magical. I see the things God is doing in my life as He often speaks to me in symbols and sort of like those logical puzzles I have done since I was a child.

He loves speaking to me in code and I love it. It’s very personal. Sometimes when I am so wrapped up in myself, I forget to see the magic of every single day. But, when I am aware, I feel so warm and fuzzy that I am so special to God that He makes my days magical, making the ordinary into the extraordinary. 11 months ago

DayDreamer37I love it at night when...

there is a lot of activity. The kids will be doing their homework, I’ll be cooking and working on a little craft project. I love having a home where everyone is active, positive and productive. 12 months ago

DayDreamer37fluffy pajama pants and a t-shirt

I happily took a bath and put on my pjs. The pajama pants are new, I recently bought them for a trip and I love wearing them while I’m on the couch studying or at the computer writing. I want to get some more and wild colorful socks I would never wear outside. 17 months ago

clvisionthe 4th on the lake

Beautiful morning at the lake….http://clearlakeboat.com/iowa-lake-live-webcam.html 2 years ago

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