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Consume 1 gallon of milk in an hour.

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agent807Milk Addiction

I worked in a grocery store, so I had access to milk (chocolate milk is my weapon of choice), but those little quarts and half gallons were adding up. So I ended up going for the whole gallon. It was a little embarrassing at first, because I didn’t want people to see a person down a gallon of milk, since some people were not making nice comments. I didn’t stop drinking milk in whole gallons, but I was more comfortable with it, and the regular customers were as well. Then some other people tried to imitate me, but it didn’t work out so well for them. I wold leave it out for a little bit because you will be freezing cold and suffer an ice cream headache if one attempts to drink it straight from the cooler. I also had the advantage of being twice their size (a husky 320 pounds) and had a lot more experience with this stuff and knew how to handle it without suffering later. One lady told me that she saw me drink more milk on grocery store trip than her three sons would go through in a week, and she refers to me as drinking my ‘glass’ of milk. These days, I could go thorugh two or three in a day without stomach problems, and not think about other people and their comments, except for when the comments are good. I applaud anyone who can perform what many say is an impossible feat. 6 years ago

Kelbygracemilk contest

its easier the bigger you are so if your a big person bet money. I did it with a lacktose intolerant guy and he almost made it. dont drink cold milk or you will freeze. trust me. drink skim if you hate skim like me drink one percent. warning if you are a wuss and cant stand being really uncomfortable for two hours ( the extra hour to keep it down) then dont do this. but do watch someone else do it because when people begin throwing up the excitement begins its hilarious and looks like japenese animation from kill bill. Im not kidding it comes out really fast and all at once and its chunky because it curdles in your stomach. yes i did make it through the contest. 7 years ago

Devo42Seems silly

Someone told me this cannot be done. This seems like this would be ridiculously easy. I can drink half a gallon easy. I’ve done it before just because I like milk. I just have not attempted it yet because I want witnesses, and most of the people I hang around with think I will puke and they don’t want to see that. I will do it at some point. 7 years ago

The3point14Training Tips.

My training consists of drinking a certain amount of milk in an hour for a while, until I don’t feel sick, or cold, after drinking that much.

The first time I tried, I could drink maybe a liter of milk, but then I would start feeling cold, and naucious. I would then drink a little less than a liter in an hour, every day, until I didn’t feel as bad after drinking that much.

I can now drink about 5/8 of a gallon (5 cups).

Good luck everyone, this is a tough goal, but WELL WORTH IT! 7 years ago

imthismany19A question

How should I prepare for the challenge? 8 years ago

manthaThe bet.

*One of the many challenges I plan on accomplishing.:] 8 years ago

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