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JWillowDouble the Treat


Yesterday, on my first day off and to celebrate my first pay packet…I took the plunge and dipped my feet and hands into la la land. I had a Spa Pedicure and Manicure.

There was lots of scrubbing, soaking, soothing, moisturising, leg & arm massaging, buffing & polishing, all whilst relaxing in a big comfy chair that massaged my neck and back at the same time!

My hands & feet are in Heaven :-) 3 years ago


Well I did it. I took better care of my feet.
In fact, it turns out there was nothing wrong with my feet at all. I thought that there was a fungus on each of my toes. Turns out that it was mere discoloration. The only toe that might have it is the pinkie toe on my right foot, and all that needs is proper medication.
Other than the visits to the neighborhood podiatrist, I’ve stopped going to pedicure salons all together; the only exception that I will go is if I know that they sterilize their equipment. I’ve been giving myself foot baths in this home foot spa that I have, and have been moisturizing my feet more often.

My feet are not in the best shape; I don’t have the prettiest feet in the world(especially due to that damn pinkie toe fungus) but I have actively taken steps to take better care of my feet. And for the first time in a long time, a summer has passed that I have not worn sneakers!

Yay! 3 years ago

JWillowGuilty pleasure

Thinking that I could treat my feet to a spa pedicure with the little extra $ I saved recently but every time I walk past the Foot Spa Bar, a wave of guilt rushes over me :-0 3 years ago


JWillowRough around the Edges

I’ve lapsed in my moisturising routine of late & the ‘barefoot summer’ has left my heels dry & rough…arrrr…and they are crying out for some TLC. 3 years ago

Sarena37Care Routine

I work at a shoe store, I know about what shoes are best for your feet and why. I have the right shoes for my feet, now I need to start actively caring for them. Today I soaked my feet in warm, soapy water and used a pumice stone to smooth my heels. I scrubbed them gently with a moisturizing soap and used lotion after I dried them with a soft, plush towel. My feet feel like they just got back from a day at the spa =] It’s so wonderful, my heels are already softer and smoother and a lot of the dead, yellowy skin is gone from them. I’m definitely gunna keep this up 3 years ago

JWillowHappy Feet

Since I started walking, I’ve developed an almost unconscious routine of moisturising my feet after I take a shower and now, I’ve got very happy feet with much happier heels :-) 4 years ago

nudge_the_curmudgeonI wanna wear sandals!!!!

All of my life my feet were never in the best condition. Every day I would hide my feet in sneakers or boots. Even in summer I would wear sneakers with thick socks. When it came time to swim in a pool, I would wait until everyone would leave the locker room to take off my shoes: that is how bad my feet were. However I am truly sick of hiding my feet in shoes. I wish to frolic with all of the other men and women in the sunshine; my toes unabashedly naked for all to see!!
This might take a while though.
a long while…4 years ago

JWillowBarefoot Summer

Well, I’ve got to say I never thought the journey to having smooth soles would be so tough. I started this goal 3 years ago and have made umpteen attempts (intermittently) to buff, moisture and nurture my feet to foot heaven. It seems though, that I’m taking the long road and despite my feet being in a beautiful state a few months ago, this Summer has taken it’s toll.

One big Note to Self & Soles: ‘don’t go barefoot in summer & minimize the wearing of rubber thongs (flipflops) & moisturize, moisturize, moisturize’! 4 years ago

JWillowNot all they're cracked up to be!

I’m slowly but surely eliminating those huge crevices that reside in the heels of my feet and finally, I can go to bed at night and rub my feet together without the sensation of sandpaper scraping against my skin. Just a little further to go; another week and I reckon I’ll be tripping the light fantastic on smooth skin :-) 4 years ago

~ღ~ яσѕниι ~ღ~

purplelaura13I'm workin on it

I’ve been giving myself long foot baths, and I bought a pedicure set for my cuticles and nails. I’ve also been treating my nails for a weird fungus problem that has plagued me for years, and filing down my disgusting dry cracked heels.

I haven’t been as good about putting lotion on my feet before bed every night. I will try a little harder with that.

I also want to get the Ped-Egg thingy that’s on TV. I keep hearing good things about that.

I think maybe just a few more weeks to a month before I’m not too ashamed to get a professional pedicure! 4 years ago


(8/4/08) I go barefoot most of the time and now my heels are dry and rough. Sometimes they even crack. It’s not pleasant. I really need to start soaking them on a regular basis and applying more moisturizer. I think I’ll start tonight with a long soak in my Dr Scholl’s Footbath. 5 years ago


I’ve had some issues with my left foot for a few months. Went to the doctor today, got a prescription, and everything should be back to normal in a few weeks. But I’ll be really happy to have healthy feet again… 5 years ago

MantsikkaBath, lotion, baths, lotion...

My feet look quite bad right now because I’ve got blisters and dead skin coming off. But I have been taking foot baths regularly and I’ve also put creme om fy feet almost every night when going to bed. So I hope they’ll be fine soon. I also bought a new foot creme and some products for foot baths, but I haven’t tried them yet. 5 years ago

MsGillienPretty toes.

Painted my toenails and am using my foot file every time I get out of the shower. Of course, sandal season is motivating! 5 years ago

Celtic Christianfunny

I found out during the weekend that my feet are much softer and smoother than my girlfriends so I think its safe to mark this one off as done. 5 years ago

Celtic ChristianI have some work to do

I noticed the other day that my feet have a fair amount of thick dry skin on them, especially at my heels. Given that sandal weather will be coming soon and that dry cracked heels are a real pain to deal with, I need to do something about it and keep it up throughout the summer to make sure it doesn’t become an issue. 6 years ago

MsGillienTake better care of my feet.

I need to tend to them more regularly. 6 years ago


My feet are actually doing really well in general. I still need to go to a podiatrist about my toenails. I went once before, but before I even got into the check-up room, the receptionist told me my “group” of insurance wasn’t accepted there. WTF? I’ve changed it since then, so I should make another appointment already. 6 years ago

Searching for a new way...Bought a new product.

A friend recommended Dr. Scholl’s For Her – Ultra Overnight Foot Cream, so I went and got some to try. 6 years ago

pinupRoutine Maintenance

This has finally become a habit for me. It’s because I’m learning to tango and I MUST have pretty feet. I get a mini-pedicure every other week (fairly affordable, considering I don’t like keeping my toenails trimmed) and I can maintain in between with the pumice stone, the weekly salt or sugar scrub, and the regular application of my skin cream. 6 years ago

MantsikkaOh no...

So, I went out partying with some friends last weekend, and I wore high heel sandals. I shoudn’t have done that, because they gave me cuts and now my feet aren’t feeling well at all. I just hope they will heal in a week, because after that I’ll go hiking… Not good, not good. Why don’t I ever learn how important it is to wear shoes that are comfortable?! 6 years ago

StormAnother foot session!

According to the package, I need to use the odor stuff every 5 days. So in an attempt to build some routine, I put a note in my tickler file to do my feet again yesterday. It worked, almost, because although I didn’t do anything yesterday, I did do a mini foot session this evening. 6 years ago

StormPamper session

I had a big feet-pamper session last week. Footbath, toes, callus, odor stuff, etcetera. My feet look and feel nice now. 6 years ago

CathyI live in a very dry climate and ...

...wear flip-flops for about half of the year. So I tend to have horrendous heels. But I have been working hard on them. I started having regular pedicures. I put cream on my heels every night, with socks over them. I have one of those skin-cutting thingies, whatever they are called. Safety blade, so I don’t cut myself. I use that every so often, very carefully. After soaking my feet for half an hour in my massaging babyliss…
It is worth the effort! 7 years ago

StormPoor, poor feet

My feet don’t get the attention they deserve. In between my toes there are some really nasty spot, my toe nails look horrible and I’ve got some nasty callus spots too.

- take a foot bath monthly (or perhaps more often)
- cut toe nails regularly (check weekly to see how often?)
- treat my callus weekly
- use the stuff against food odor that is sitting in the closet 7 years ago

MantsikkaToo late...

I added this goal a couple of months ago, and I thought I’d start working on it immediately, but I didn’t. And now my feet look terrible: there is a lot of dead skin comig off. My mother thinks it’s ome disease, but I think (hope) it’s just dry skin (well, the new skin under the dead skin and then the real skin on the sides isn’t actually dry at all, so…). I bought some cream to put on my feet, and I’ll put it on every night before I go to bed. I hope it’ll work! 7 years ago

JWillowRough to Smooth

No more cracked heels – it’s easy! It thought this was going to be way too time-consuming but I’ve just been buffing the soles of my feet once a week and the improvement is phenomenal. Progress finally made on one of my goals! 7 years ago

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