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procrastinate procrastination

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Procrastinate Definition

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AngelsLieTooThis is working!!!

I feel like dong homework later. But I realize Im procrastinating cause Im putting homework aside so I can sit around. So Then I pick up the homework an think “I’ll loathe around as soon as I do some of this.”. Then I finish the homework!!! I think I might just be procrastination fee procrstination-free now!!! xD 4 years ago

mad musical geniusUntitled

I just changed my bedding and did the washing-up! And all without procrastinating! I can’t think what’s come over me. 6 years ago

mad musical geniusUntitled

Right—time to start on my physics project and log out of 43things!! riiight about now.. :D 6 years ago

mad musical geniusUntitled

To practice this: achieve my goal (about sorting paper) in making and keeping commitments to myself a day early (by tonight). 6 years ago

A_grown_up_girlInsomnia is a big help

I couldn’t sleep and used the “free time” to work on a presentation for next week, and also to organize the data I’ve collected for my research. I am usually very productive late at night. 7 years ago

A_grown_up_girlProcrastination, shame and guilt

http://http-server.carleton.ca/~tpychyl/ 7 years ago

A_grown_up_girlIt's Monday

I have tons of things to do this week. I can’t afford procrastination right now. 7 years ago

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