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creamypoo 5 months ago

gepheral 16 months ago

rigby_ 2 years ago

angelablazebook of brilliance

i have made “the book of brilliance”...in which i record my day to day studies..i have divided my study time to different sessions..i record the work of each hour in this book..my priority now is to attain maximum concentration over the time i study…i am a wanderer when it comes to studying….as soon as i sit to study my thoughts fly in every direction..that very moment i would want to read smthing else,dream of some stupidity,chck out fb and so…..i have to tackle this problem and for that i have made ‘distractio-meters’ in my book of brilliance…also i need to have proper study times so that i should feel irritated if i didnt study at that time any dad…i am automatically programming myself to study at a particular time everyday…if it becomes a habit then the road to my dreams becomes much easier…if i can keep up this good work for a month or two i am sure my life will change dramatically. from a just above-average student my intellect will expand and i will be a genius…....oh god i know i have the strength..let me unleash it 2 years ago

angelablaze 2 years ago

11krageFinally used some of these skills I've been working on in practice

I sat a exam that consisted of mostly essays. I counted the number of unique references I included in one hour long essay and it was at least 19 unique references. Thats details of 19 properly referenced studies that I memorised (I actually memorised more but those were the ones relevant to that topic).

I think thats pretty good and worthy of a mention. My next challenge is completing more memory lessons and applying them to the course I am learning now – chemistry which is much more challenging to memorise. 2 years ago

11krageKnowledge I've learnt

This should probuly be titled knowledge I have actively memorised to retain forever. I will be editing this post to add things as I go along, but it will not be a complete list. Just things I have actively memorised and put on this list. So far the list is small and will be small for a while until I get better at memorising.

Things I have actively memorised:

1) All 50 states of america in alphabetical order

Memory achievements (things just for practice – so not on the above list of things to retain):

1) Memorised a numbered list of 99 random things spending less than six seconds on each item. First time through = 92 out of 99. Second time = 99 out of 99.

2) Memorised a list of 120 random digits and reproduced them perfectly (working on 140 now). 2 years ago

cupcakesandtigers 2 years ago

11krageTaking things up a level toward this

Starting trying to improve my memory. Only at lesson four so far, and I took a break so got rusty. Will update here how it goes. I’ll complete all the lessons to improve my memory then I’ll take another look at this goal and add my next task to complete to try and become a genius. Though I still don’t think intelligence can be adequately quantified, so am unsure about the existance of a category ‘genius’.

Still, I am also sure that in working towards it I will get somewhere. I’m just not sure where that somewhere is yet. 2 years ago

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