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Use up some of the food and beverages I have stockpiled


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Eliezer 20 months ago

TGInstant chai latte mix, 01-2013

This is another one of those items that I don’t even remember where it came from- I’m sure that I didn’t buy it. I guess it’s something my ex picked up years ago. It wasn’t bad (it tasted quite a bit like instant hot cocoa mix) but I wouldn’t buy it again.

“Best by” AUG 08, 2008 so it could be something my ex bought ;)

BTW, “Naturally flavored with other natural flavor”- WTF?16 months ago

TGDried blackeye peas, 01-01-2013

Blackeye peas two entries in a row?! That’s kind of funny, because I normally only eat them once or twice a year.

I used these with the leftover Christmas ham bone to make Hoppin’ John soup, a traditional New Year’s Day meal. For some reason I haven’t made it in a while, and my daughter didn’t remember ever having it before. She liked, it, though.

The “1/07” written on the bag is when I bought them, so they were 6 years old. Dried legumes are good for a long time! ;)16 months ago

TGCanned blackeye peas, 09-2012

I’m not even sure where I got these! “Great Value” is a Walmart brand and I very rarely shop at Walmart for anything, let alone for groceries. I get the feeling I may have “inherited” these after one of my spring camping trips with my friends Dan and Tom.

And I’m so far behind on posting entries for this goal that I don’t remember what I did with these. My guess would be that I just added some bean seasoning I have and served them as a side dish. From what I remember, they pretty much tasted like any canned beans.

“Best by” date was Aug. 12, 2009, so they were about 4 years old. They were fine. 18 months ago

TGDried chives, 09-2012

I don’t like onions, so I tend to use chives pretty sparingly. And during the warmer months I have fresh chives in my back yard. So a jar of dried chives lasts me a long time ;) I’m not sure when I got these- it’s not a really ancient McCormick’s label, but it was probably still several years old. 20 months ago

TGArena Blanca Gewürztraminer wine, 09-2012

I picked this up when I was on vacation in southern New Mexico in December of 2007. I wouldn’t say that this was my favorite Gewürztraminer, I think it was a bit too sweet, but it was still good :)23 months ago

TGHooters hot sauce, 07-2012

I couldn’t find a “Best by” date on this one, but I know I’ve had it for over five years. I got it during an after-Christmas clearance sale. It was in one of those gift sets they always have at the discount stores at Christmas time for when you haven’t found a thoughtful present but just have to pick something up ;) I actually only bought it because I wanted the ceramic Hooters cracker & cheese tray that came with it. The sauce reminded me a lot of the original Frank’s hot sauce- too vinegary for me. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made by Frank’s for Hooters. 23 months ago

TGBacardi Gold rum, 07-2012

Rum is probably my favorite hard liquor, and I think that this was the last bottle I had in the house :( It’s not exactly a fancy rum, but it’s still tasty- and I love the Bacardi bat :)

I have no idea when I bought this, other than it was at least a few years ago. 23 months ago

TGRaisins, 06-2012

“Best before 25MAY2011,” so they were only a year out of date ;)

There were a little dried out, but I normally just use raisins in cooking (especially oatmeal) so they were fine. 23 months ago

TGSugar Smacks cereal, 06-2012

I’m not sure if this was really Sugar Smacks or a generic. And I guess I don’t buy it very often, since I didn’t realize that Sugar Smacks were renamed Honey Smacks- 9 years ago, according to Wikipedia!

I bought this sometime last year for a camping trip, then kind of forgot about the remainder when we got back home. Usually items like this keep very well in our dry climate but when I pulled this bag out in June it was all stuck together & stale. I dumped it in the compost pile (aka “the squirrel feeder :P). 1 year ago

TGHoney Nut Scooters cereal, 06-2012

This is a cheaper knockoff of Honey Nut Cheerios but I think they taste just as good. I bought this for a camping vacation but it was a huge bag so we had quite a bit left. As I mentioned in the last entry under this goal I don’t eat cold cereal often anymore, and my daughter rarely wakes up in time to eat breakfast :P so I had it for quite a while. “Best By” date was Apr. 26, 2011 so it was probably about a year and a half old. Still tasted fine. 2 years ago

TGCinnamon Burst Cheerios, 06-2012

This was passed on to me by someone who didn’t like it. Eh, it was ok. I don’t eat cold cereal like this very often so it sat around for a while, but with a “Best By” date of Dec. 17, 2011 it was actually barely old enough to qualify for this goal ;)2 years ago

TGRedbreast Whiskey, 06-2012

I did pretty good with this one- it’s one of the best whiskeys I’ve had, but I think that I stretched the bottle out for over a year :)

That’s partly because it’s fairly expensive for me. I got it on sale for a good price around St. Patrick’s Day, but I think that it normally runs around $45 a bottle. I will definitely buy it again if I can catch a good sale. 2 years ago

TGInfused olive oil, 05-2012

My sister gave me a set of four small bottles of different infused olive oils several years ago. I had used one up earlier (I think it was the dried tomato and basil one- I don’t much like tomatoes so I used that first ;) ) but either I forgot to take a photo or it was before I started this goal. I used up this garlic and rosemary one in May. They are several years old so the oil isn’t the freshest tasting- I probably wouldn’t just dip bread in it & eat it plain like that, but they are fine to add a little flavor in cooking.

Two down, two to go. 2 years ago

TGWine, 05-2012

This is a bottle that I picked up when my brother and I toured the Huber winery in far-southern Indiana (just north of the Kentucky border) several years ago. It was a tasty semi-dry blended red wine that I would buy again :)2 years ago

TGOnion powder, 04-2012

I’m not a fan of onion (especially raw onion :P), but once in a while I use a little dried onion or onion powder to add some flavor. Now, I don’t think that the powder in here was as old as the bottle- that’s part of a set I got when I first got married, over 30 years ago ;) But I know that this powder was at least 5 years old, and it easilly could have been 10.

I bought some new onion powder to replace this, but you’ll be glad to know that I gave at least half of it to my son :D 2 years ago

TGSorghum, 04-2012

I really love sorghum (it tastes similar to molasses, but not as bitter) and it’s hard to find good sorghum around here. Luckily one of my family members usually picks up a jar for me from southern Indiana once every year or two. Unfortunately, this was a huge jar that my brother bought me and it had been around for at least 3-4 years. It looked kinda funky… And smelled kinda like it was fermenting… So I threw out the portion that I hadn’t used :P2 years ago

TGPeanut butter, 04-2012

I’ve probably had this one for 2-3 years. It’s a natural peanut butter that I took camping and all of the separated oil drained off when the jar fell over, so it was really dry. I could have added oil & remixed it but I like to add peanut butter to my Cocoa Wheats so it was perfect for that.

It wasn’t as bad as it looks from this photo- since it had no preservatives I had it in the cooler when I took it camping and most of the label soaked off ;)2 years ago

TGCanned green beans, 04-2012

I was brought up on either fresh garden produce or canned veggies- we never had frozen vegetables. So that’s what I continued to do for years. In the last few years I’ve discovered that I like most vegetables frozen rather than canned, so I rarely buy cans anymore.

“Best by” date of 05-30-2010, so I’m guessing that with the long shelf life of canned vegetables, these were 3-4 years old.

They were just as mushy & tasteless as I remember ;) My daughter was thrilled at this find, though- she hates frozen green beans :P2 years ago

TGStuffing mix, 03-2012

Blech! I don’t like stuffing anyway (I assume that my ex bought this, or I got it to make at Thanksgiving), but an open bag of stuffing mix that says “Sell by 071006?” Whether that’s July 10th or October 7th, it’s still almost 6 years ago! This one went in the compost pile. 2 years ago

TGLemon pepper, 03-2012

I was never too thrilled with this (part of the reason I’ve had it for I-don’t-know-how-many years!) but of course when I made some baked fish with it recently, my daughter raved about it :P I still don’t think I’m going to replace it. I have dried lemon zest, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder- I can just use those without needing to have an additional bottle. My friend who helped me move out of my last apartment said that he never knew so many spices existed ;) 2 years ago

TGXtabentun, 02-2012

This is something most people don’t see every day! Xtabentun is a liqueur made with anise seed and honey in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. I picked up two bottles to take home the last time I was in Cozumel (for my 45th birthday in 2005). If you don’t like black licorice this probably isn’t the drink for you- it’s very sweet and the anise is pretty strong. I liked it but can only drink a little bit at time, which is why I just finished up the first bottle 7 years later ;)2 years ago

TGBrown gravy mix, 02-2012

I used to use this stuff a lot but rarely do anymore- it really isn’t very good :P But I didn’t have enough good broth for gravy for a meal so I used some of this to extend it.

I couldn’t find a “Best by” date on it, but I know that it’s several years old. It still tasted fine, at least mixed in with the good beef broth ;)

I have several of these packets left to use up. 2 years ago

TGSoup mix, 03-2012

I don’t know where I got this- I don’t like cream of broccoli soup.

Gave it to my ex- she likes it. She may have even been the one who bought it ;)2 years ago

TGPasta, 01-2012

This was some fancy imported pasta that I normally wouldn’t spend the extra money on, but it was on sale for a good price (discontinued?).

I know that I’ve had it for several years but as long as it doesn’t get wet, dried pasta will last a long time! It tasted just fine :)

Grrr…. That pic didn’t post correctly either!

4-14 edit- re-posted as a bitmap image, displaying correctly now.2 years ago

TGRietburg Gewürztraminer wine, 02-2012

I don’t remember where I picked this up. Or when, but the 2004 vintage means it was probably 6 or 7 years old. Too old for this style of wine. It tasted a littler sour, and Gewürztraminer is usually fairly sweet. There’s a good chance that was from keeping it too long.

Of course, it wasn’t that bad so I drank it anyway ;)

Edit- oh no, now I’m having the same photo posting problem that Aloha50 did! :(2 years ago

TGSesame seeds, 12-23-11

OMG, I’ve had these for a long time! Years. Maybe over 10 years. Who knows where they were hiding before the last time I moved. Since sesame seeds contain a lot of oil and oils get rancid relatively quickly, I didn’t even try to use them. Into the compost pile they went :P2 years ago

TGSutter Home White Zinfandel, 12-2011

I picked this up cheap somewhere and had it for “only” 2-3 years before I drank it (2008 vintage). Nothing great but not bad either. Overall I still like the Beringer White Merlot best of the inexpensive wines I’ve had. 2 years ago

TGSt. Kathryn Cellars' Strawberry Rhubarb wine, 12-2011

This is from a “local” winery in Western Colorado that I’ve visited several times. It has a bit of sour to balance out the sweetness and is one of my favorites of the fruity wines. I belive that the date on the side of the bottle shows that it was bottled 7/10/2000 (it’s a little hard to read). That’s much too long to keep a wine like this but it still tasted great :)2 years ago

TGChipotle Tabasco sauce, 12-2011

This is by far my favorite of the Tabasco sauces, and the hot sauce that I use most often. I love the smokey flavor. I picked up several bottles of this 5-6 years ago (“Best by 2/07”) when I saw it on sale for a great price. My son loves it too so I gave him a couple bottles. With this one finished I probably have one or two bottles left. 2 years ago

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