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AnstariaJ 1 week ago

lubbly 4 weeks ago

SonyWhat? Why? How? When?

What this goal entails?

The Insanity workout routines are high intensity workouts from Beachbody that let you transform your body in 60 days without the use of weights or equipment. You can find out details about it here – http://www.beachbody.co.uk/product/fitness-training/insanity-workout.do

I am not going to advertise this yet – because I am not sure about the results until I try it out myself.

Why would I do it?

1. To lose weight (D’uh!) I am not going to be specific here, because anything I lose is good enough for me!
2. To expand my physical comfort zone (For now, I have zero tolerance to physical exertion.)
3. To be part of a community or circle of friends who are doing this alongside me.

How do I go about this?

1. Find a buddy (already done and I have 2 – Carolina & Ryan)
2. Decide on a suitable time (thinking early mornings – and nights as a contingency)

When do I check this off?

When I have done this for 60 days. 1 month ago

Sony 1 month ago

curedart 4 months ago

phillyh 2 months ago

Lily4242 3 months ago

pizdica 4 months ago

JamesI stopped

keeping track of each fit test I took, but the results spoke for themselves. My stamina and overall fitness was the best it has ever been. 6 months ago

James 19 months ago

monnelicious87 9 months ago

seebimull 10 months ago

ShimaaSaadJust one week!!

I have only one week left to complete insanity, am getting stronger each day. So glad that I decided to do it. 10 months ago

ShimaaSaad 10 months ago

angelaferriell 11 months ago

ninagoldenSecond Time Around

I started once before and got through the first month. Loved it. I felt so strong, even my dancing improved. I then had wrist surgery and have been afraid to put this sort of strain on my wrist again. However, I think I’m fully heeled now, having no pain and I’m ready to start again…wearing a wrist brace.

Today is day one…fit test! 11 months ago

RandiDawn 11 months ago

ninagolden 11 months ago

Sammie7811 12 months ago

Catherine_Croft 12 months ago

Jolly_Chika 12 months ago

sunshiner13Halfway There

I have completed month one and am currently on the recovery week. I’m loving the results so far and can’t wait to start month two! 13 months ago

sunshiner13 13 months ago

conrad080611 15 months ago

Sarjex 15 months ago

szub 15 months ago

kwoodwarduga 18 months ago

JamesTuesday 2nd October

1. Switch Kicks – 118
2. Power Jacks – 58
3. Power Knees – 92
4. Power Jumps – 47
5. Globe Jumps – 11
6. Suicide Jumps – 19
7. Push ups – 39
8 Low Plank Oblique – 64

Boom! Improved on all of them! 18 months ago

jenloss19 18 months ago

JamesMonday 17th September, 2012

I started the Insanity workout today, after hearing very good things about it. Day 1 is just the fit test, but that alone nearly killed me. I am determined to complete this though. You do the fit test every couple of weeks and the aim is to beat your previous score in terms of how many of each exercise you do. Here are my scores for this week:

1. Switch Kicks – 83
2. Power Jacks – 42
3. Power Knees – 72
4. Power Jumps – 40
5. Globe Jumps – 8
6. Suicide Jumps – 13
7. Push ups – 35
8 Low Plank Oblique – 55

Hopefully I’ll see an improvement in 2 weeks :) 19 months ago

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