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bm8840 6 months ago

ElfgirlCandles 18 months ago

kunderabalooWorld Series of Poker

I played in Event 54 ($1,000 No Limit Holdem) of the WSOP on Sunday, July 1, 2012. A great experience, even though I busted out in level 5 after 5 hours of play. I never really got much going, though felt I played well. I made a couple good folds preflop, and made a couple good preflop 3 bets that worked out well. The tournament started with 3,000 chips (not deep stacked at all) and with 1 hour levels. Though the structure wasn’t great, there was some time to be patient, and the game seemed quite tight overall. With blinds at 100-200, I had about 2,400 in chips when a guy in mid position raised to 600, then a late position guy called. I had AK in big blind, so went all in. The first guy thought for a while then called with 77 (I had him covered), then the third guy overcalls call with KQ offsuit. Of course, a Q comes on the flop and the worse hand wins, knocking both of us out. I would have lost to the 77 heads up, so wasn’t too irritated. Too bad I didn’t take it down, as I would have had about 7500 in chips with room to play.

Now the fun part was I got to play at the same table as Barry Greenstein, on the second table I played at. I got chatting with him and he was a nice guy. One hand he raised in early position, and I called with pocket 10s. I was suspicious of Barry’s early position raise, as he was getting short stacked, and he has a tight reputation (especially given the situation and structure of this tournament). A guy in late position 3 bets, and then Barry goes all in. I managed a fold, and the other guy calls with QQ. Barry has KK.

The day before the WSOP event, I warmed up by playing a deep stack $100 NLH event at Binion’s. 50 players started, and I ended up chopping 6 ways at the final table – it was 2am and two of us had to get some rest for the WSOP event the next day. That finish paid $600, which nicely covered half my buy in for the WSOP event. I also won some money playing in cash side games during the trip.

All in all, a great experience! 21 months ago

kunderabaloo 2 years ago

jasonbrogers 2 years ago

Matt Wong 2 years ago

Callum Westbrook 2 years ago

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