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run everyday in april

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I knew it wouldn’t last. Terrible month to try this in anyway, what with the weather changing and stuff goin’ around. Well, if anybody has an organization they would suggest I volunteer for, I’m all ears. 3 years ago

missmorgan389Oh, great

I’m sick. Isn’t this awful? I decided to hop on the treadmill for a quarter mile but much more than that I would have been dead. I’m proud to say that at least I have run a little bit everyday.. even if it’s only a little. 3 years ago

missmorgan389Day Two

volunteered with Habitat for Humanity today. I thought it was great! I can’t wait to do it again.. so much fun, especially with a large group. We all entertained each other and it made the time go by so quickly. I can imagine myself being involved in this more frequently.

Aftewards my brother and I took the dogs for a walk and we half ran and half walked. I say, yes, this counts! Day Two complete; I’m off to a good start 3 years ago

missmorgan389Day One: Success

I set my alarm for five and surprisingly had no trouble getting up. I did a gentle run, about 6.5 mph then I bumped it up to 8 for half a mile. My goal is to run a casual 8 mph; nothing would please me more. Today is going to be the hard part.. I’m volunteering all day and then I have stuff going on in the evening. Gotta complete this no matter what! 3 years ago

missmorgan389Good thing it's not April yet

Have not run in the last few days. Oops. I know I’m going to have to start getting up early to do this; I just have no time in my life anymore. But I still press on.. April, I feel, is going to be a great month. And I already planned my May challenge =P

I’m excited! 3 years ago

missmorgan389Gearing up

Here is my “big goal of the month.” I’ve been running like a maniac for the last four years, but I don’t think I’ve went running everyday. It’ll definitely be a challenge because I know if I’m busy after school I’ll need to set my alarm for five to workout, which isn’t exactly pleasant before school.

But even if I can’t do a full workout, per se, I can still run a little bit (around the block, a quarter of a mile) and still realize that I did do my part for the day, even if it was really little.

Honestly, it’s difficult seeing me doing this for the whole month. But I’m going to think about it constantly, so I don’t forget about it. Six more days. 3 years ago

Jenny Park1st of April.

PSH. Like I’m running today.
It’s too cold. 4 years ago

Jenny ParkApril didnt happen

But it’s coming up!
Time to book it out of the house everyday! 4 years ago

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