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Eat protein for breakfast every morning


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kittycatpurrevery day

I have been having animal protein for breakfast every day for many months now. Hopefully I will stay this way my entire life, because I can’t imagine how I would feel without it. 4 years ago

erlamaribring on the bacon

so now I am going to start eating protein for breakfast every day. Somehow i cant get my head around the fact that it wont make me fat. 4 years ago


I’ve been doing this lately, and have noticed a difference after only two weeks.
I’ve been having sardines, bacon, chicken, or sometimes an omelet but with half the yolk remove to half the fat content.
Ive also been eating alot less carbs and sugary products and found that the protein keeps me going for much longer! the best thing about this is that i have lost a pound and a half each week :) 4 years ago

kittycatpurrmakes such a difference.

It regulates my mood, it kick-starts my brain, and it gives me the calm and assurance to proceed with my day. 5 years ago

kittycatpurrthis is so worth it

One day this week was so crazy I didn’t have protein until lunchtime, and I was exhausted and upset all day.

Protein before 9:30 AM powers me through. 5 years ago

rv34Whey prot

I started to take my protein in the morning and after training but I’m tired of the chemical chocolate taste. I can’t stand the strawberry and vanilla ones too…. I better eat some meat 6 years ago

PinkturtleIn the bag!

Ok I think i can say I’ve accomplished this. I have had my same old box of cereal sitting in the kitchen now for months. I have become a scrambled eggs person now. I usually do one whole and one white with some veggie sausage and toast. I am just not as interested in the old cereal, or dunkin donuts thing anymore. 8 years ago

purplefibermomThis is working well

I’m not inclined to snack in the morning. I’m adding a bowl of Old Fashioned oatmeal to the mix along with my typical eggs. 8 years ago


So I have been eating protein for breakfast for almost half a year, and after some struggle I feel safe with my new habit. Every once in a while I slip a little (for the duration of one meal), but I’m almost perfect. A few things I have learned:

  • There’s a lot of variation, it doesn’t have to be just eggs every day. I’ve had salmon, roast chicken, meat loaf, scrambled eggs, soft-boiled eggs (a favorite), and other proteins for breakfast.
  • I love the complex carb. I eat oatmeal (cold, with milk) almost every day but every once in a while I have some sort of potato dish or some other complex carb.
  • If I don’t have the “right” kind of breakfast I will be hungry quickly, usually before lunch, and spend most of the day longing for food. If I do have the “right” kind of breakfast I feel satisfied and I don’t get hungry.
  • With the “wrong” kind of breakfast I don’t just get hungry, I also get MISERABLE!
  • This whole thing was a struggle for quite a while… but in time it became second nature. In less than half a year I have overcome over twenty years of high-carb breakfasts! I am ready to go on because I know I can do just about anything if I can just keep dusting myself off and marching on.
  • My eating habits have changed, slowly and subtly. These days I find myself wanting veggies and fruit when before I just wanted carbs and fat (ice cream, chocolate…). I enjoy fresh veggies and going without dessert (when eating out) has become way easier. Every once in a while saying “no” to dessert is a piece of cake (sorry, bad pun, couldn’t resist).
  • I’ve lost weight! Almost without noticing.

I feel that I’m ready to retire this goal and move on to the next step: keeping a food journal, WHILE CONTINUING the protein for breakfast thing. 8 years ago

procrastinatressDoing well

I had a lot of trouble following Christmas but I’m back on track. I think I’ll go to step 2 soon, which is keeping a food journal. Just want to give the protein breakfasts a little more time so I feel completely stable. 8 years ago

procrastinatressSlipped again

Had a carby breakfast today. Bad planning and procrastination combined spell: D I S A S T E R. Ah well, I’ll start over tomorrow. New end date: March 23. 9 years ago

procrastinatressMeat Loaf for breakfast :o)

If you had told me two years ago that I would be eating meat loaf for breakfast I would have said you’re nuts. But, that’s what I had for breakfast this morning and it was good :o) 9 years ago

procrastinatressChicken's gone (finally)

Tomorrow morning I’ll have cheese. Ha! With raw broccoli (this is a test only, I have seen people eat raw broccoli and wanted to find out how nasty it really is. Wouldn’t it be funny if I found out I actually like it!). 9 years ago

procrastinatressDoing well

I bought a roast chicken earlier this week and have been having chicken with raw veggies for breakfast (carrots, bell pepper, and sugar snap peas, respectively). It tastes so good that I actually look forward to breakfast, and I feel so much better than when I eat carbs for breakfast.

I used to eat either cheese, yoghurt, or eggs for breakfast (sometimes leftover dinner meat) and I really needed a change because I was getting so tired of it. I think I might try salmon next (although there’s still quite a bit of chicken left). 9 years ago

procrastinatressNew start

Well, our trip (which was nice otherwise) completely screwed up my eating plans. I won’t say I didn’t enjoy “sinning” but I can feel the repercussions. I am much hungrier now that I’ve stopped eating protein for breakfast each day, as well as more irritable and more tired. So, tomorrow I’ll start over. I feel that the whole protein thing has started to really become a habit and I should be able to go back to it quickly. My new date to mark this goal completed is thus March 11, provided I don’t slip before then. 9 years ago


I gave in to the carbs this morning. It was almost a planned failure as I knew last night that I didn’t have any protein for breakfast, but didn’t want to go buy anything. Call it lazy, rebellious, stupid… Countdown starts over today (October 25).

Maybe I need some pictures as inspiration??? 9 years ago

procrastinatressCountdown starts over again.

Bad day. ‘nuff said. 9 years ago

procrastinatressCountdown starts over...

... today, 10-07-05. “Thanks” to a weird sequence of unforeseen events I completely skipped breakfast yesterday. I’m a little disappointed but not really… I was expecting to see the day when I would wake up unable to face breakfast WITH protein, and stuff myself on carbs instead. That day hasn’t arrived and as long as it doesn’t I am content. 9 years ago

procrastinatressI’m starting to see a difference

I am actually way less hungry than usual, and don’t crave carbs all day like I usually do. Not that I suddenly don’t like sweets or anything… but I feel that I live what I imagine to be a normal life, without thinking about food all day long. I’m liking this! 9 years ago

procrastinatressDoin' well.

As of day 2, that is. If I fall off the wagon (and the countdown starts over) I will write an update so hopefully you won’t hear anything about this goal for the next three months. 9 years ago

procrastinatressThe first of seven steps!

This is the first of the seven steps which will free me from my sugar addiction. Visit for more information. A big thank you goes to thistlechick for recommending the link.

This goal will be checked off once I’ve had protein for breakfast every morning for 3 months in a row (at which point I’ll go to step two). 9 years ago

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