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Explorer SoulUntitled

I was reading through some old entries, and in a few of them I mentioned a big project. The frustrating part is I can’t recall what it is! I have vague ideas coming in and out but I’m just not sure what it is anymore. Darn it. 2 months ago

Explorer SoulPeople, animals and the environment

This is probably one of the most important things I could accomplish, and one of the things that feels closest to my heart and who I am. I think I have always had in me the desire to make a difference somehow. I think it is good to think big because there are so many in need, but it is also good to remember that we can make a difference in smaller ways, too. One of my bigger ideas is something I would strive for if I had the means. Still, I keep it in mind as a possibility, as a potential project, and it inspires me. When I have thought of making a difference, I think it has mostly revolved around people. More recently, I find that there are three main areas I would like to touch – people, animals and the environment. They are important to me, and making a difference in each of those areas would feel complete to me.

Other than my big idea, something else I have often thought of doing is visiting a small village at Christmas time and bringing food, items/toiletries, gifts, etc. It does not have to be at a specific time or for a specific occasion, but I suppose Christmas came to mind because it is a special time and one that can remind us the true meaning of giving. If I have ever thought about learning to fly a plane at times, it has mainly been with this idea in mind. I have thought about preparing a basket for a less fortunate family in my area. I have thought about volunteering in Nepal and elsewhere, being part of projects that help teach the community or assist with building projects (I have looked into Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village Program as well). I have thought about visiting orphanages. Various things over time.

In terms of animals, like many others, I find them a joy to be around and simply interesting to watch and learn about (like people). More so now, I find myself really admiring and appreciating those who invest time and effort, who invest of themselves, to help animals.
Animals need such people. Animals can greatly touch our lives and we can experience a deep connection with them and it is painful to hear of or witness them suffering and the thought of them being helpless at times without people who care enough to fight for them.
In terms of organizations, PETA of course is one that has made a name for itself and one that seems to actively pursue the cause. I don’t doubt there are other organizations I have not yet heard of that are making a significant difference as well, and I would like to support one or some of them if I could. I once donated to PETA and though I am unable to renew my membership at this time, I took the time to visit a website for cruelty-free products and requested the free vegetarian starter kit. Though I am not a big meat eater, I’m not sure I would be able or want to eliminate it completely from my diet, but I definitely am considering participating in the 30-day veg pledge, and exploring vegetarianism during this time. If I am able to do this, I would consider dedicating at least one month every year to doing so. I do believe there are benefits to the health, to the environment, to the animals, in reducing our consumption of meat. For quite a long time, I have not eaten KFC because of the awareness provided by PETA. I did not like the idea of supporting a chain that mistreated their chickens and seemed unwilling to change their ways. Fortunately, it seems that KFC Canada has now agreed to implement changes, so this is a positive step. http://getactive.peta.org/campaign/canada_kfc_victory

The issue of the environment has been a front topic in recent times, and can sometimes feel like a fad (all about the green), but I think if it brings awareness and if we can learn to take better care of and conserve the resources that are often taken for granted, that is a positive thing. If it is a fad, then it is a good one to have, and though you hope people take steps with the right intentions, what is great is that it is something that does not necessarily need the right reasons to make a difference, as long as it is done. And I think for those who need a little extra push (including myself), it can help to think not only about the effects for ourselves but for future generations. There are many articles offering suggestions of course. I was reading an article in Women’s Health magazine describing 11 simple tips, and they did seem simple. I also came across an article through yahoo called Top Ten Ways to Be Green. I wanted to compare the two to see which points may have been different, but haven’t done so yet. Here is the yahoo article if any of you would like to read it: http://green.yahoo.com/global-warming/lime-68/top-ten-ways-to-be-green.html
I also saw a link to a website that offered ideas for parents in terms of offering their children more time in nature as opposed to time in front of electronic devices, which is more and more common. I thought this sounded so great, and have yet to look it up. I will share it in my next entry when I come across it again.

These are just some of the many thoughts I have. I will try to list any steps I take in future entries.

Take care everyone. :) 5 years ago

OtterGirl537My Week With The Phone

There were two rape victims and a woman who was recently rescued by her mother from an abusive husband. They aren’t any of the women I was able to help. The rape victims were from Colorado and Louisiana and our fund is for the DMV area. There were probably other stories, but I don’t ask if they don’t mention it. It’s hard enough to call strangers and beg for help. I’m still finding my script to get the information I need to help them without making it too awkward or uncomfortable.

The one thing I realized in going through this is that my regrets came from the failings of not being able to prevent the need rather than the actual needing of it. There are too many negative stigmas associated with needing one that are about the preceding behaviors. We forget about being human, the frailties that come with that, and the dependence we have on others for many things to work out the way they should. I wonder if much of the regrets associated (the ones that antis often tout) are about the feelings of failure in preventing the pregnancy rather than for having the procedure. 2 months ago

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OtterGirl537Anything Differently?

Today I heard through a friend that a woman who worked for me in Korea got a huge demotion recently. I could have told any one who asked 2 years ago that she was headed to this. I’d seen it before. I tried what I could but nothing seemed to help. Now, as I hear the news, I wonder, “Did I miss something? Could I have done anything differently?”

I sometimes feel I bare Cassandra’s fate. I’m very good at seeing the way of things, but oh so terrible at convince others that there must be change. It is something I contemplate whenever I look to the future and hope for success in my endeavors. Because I’ve failed in the past, and I’m not sure if people are better for having known me. 2 months ago

NekoeArt Therapy

Today I found out about an amazing opportunity. I might be able to train in Art Therapy for a few months. I told them I’m an artist and still at school and they said that was okay. I hope it’s not too expensive. They’re telling me in a few days so that I can confirm my subscription. 2 months ago

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I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this movie before. It features some of my favorite actors, Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, and it’s directed by Clint Eastwood. I should have watched it the year of its debut. However, perhaps it is more fitting that I should watch it after the passing of Mandela. A reminder of his brilliance instead.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”

I love that this a real story of intelligence, faith, and perseverance. I love that Mandela was able to see that rugby could heal where nothing else might. I love that Pienaar was able to see the connections that made his team such a vital part of revitalizing a nation. Had either man resisted…

On Tuesday, I sat next to a Nigerian on the Metro and listened to him tell me what an amazing nation South Africa now is. Would it be so if these men hadn’t seen the potential? I think not. 3 months ago

bethcoutoI've got some tricks up my sleeve

Hopefully by completing volunteer and giving blood this goal will definitely be completed! 3 months ago

bethcouto 3 months ago


I love that there is a word for this :) 3 months ago

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OtterGirl537Random thought

Nothing is possible until you make it so. 4 months ago

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up for a thing through work to give gifts to someone anonymous. I hope they enjoy them :) 4 months ago

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