get my propedeuse this year

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Friday I have my propedeuse celebration =]. All my friends have their propedeuse as well =]!

If I have to believe my tutor, it’s going to be one hell of a party :D! Can’t wait =]! 3 years ago



Ilsuh54 EC

I have 54 EC now. I need to do 2 things again for 3 EC, so I hope I’m going to do that 2 things good enough for a 6. Maybe I’ll get my propedeuse this year. I can’t wait until I have it. I’m really stressing out, I need holiday. 3 years ago

x_lau_xWhoehoeee :D!

Whaaaa :D! And agaaaain I got great marks baaack :D!! I’m so happy right now :D!! Everything is going so well this yeaaar :D! Can’t stop being happy :D!

I’ve like.. 57 EC now :D!!!! so only 3 to gooooo :D!!! and I’ll have my propedeuse :D!! Wieeej :D!!! This goal is almost accomplished :D!! * happy * :D! 3 years ago

Ilsuh50 EC

Yay, i have 50 points now. Only 10 to go. Just 2 weeks school, but this period is really difficult. :( 3 years ago

x_lau_x50 EC

Whoaaa :D! Today we got our report back :D and closed off the 3th period with a 7,2 :) → 2 EC.

I did really well this 3th period :D.. I have 50 EC’s now :D! Only 10 to go :D and I’ll have my propedeuse!

Unfortunately this 4th period will be hard though =(.. I really hope I’ll be able to get all the points I still need to get my propedeuse this year :). 4 years ago

x_lau_xI'm on the right track

I’m currently in my first year, and all is going well :D.

I need 60 EC’s (those are like study credits) for my propedeuse.. I have 42 points now :D! (All the points I was able to get till now). I’m so happy about it :D!

If things go as planned I’ll get my propedeuse this year :D! Can’t wait :D! Finally my study is going well :) 4 years ago

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