Plan for an Amazing May Half Term!

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Today I had breakfast with my little sister. I made her a bacon sarnie and some eggy bread with a cup of coffee. We sat and talked and then while I cleaned up and washed up she talked about all sorts to me. She’s so sweet. We’ve arranged a film night for Friday. I am really looking forward to it.

The half term didn’t start how I had hoped. BUT I’ve got 2 more days to fill. Tomorrow I’m going to have a day with Ben and a night out with my friends.

Friday is Film Night. And then it’s back to the old routine of 7 days a week for the next 7 weeks without a day off. I’ll cope ok with it. It’ll be warm and I’ll make the most of the evenings and then I’ve got 5 weeks off to chill out with my family and Ben and my friends. Life’s pretty sweet :) 3 years ago

spreadyourwingsMay half term is upon us.

I made lots of plans BUT my plans have all been cancelled until my sister gets out of hospital. I can’t settle to anything. I don’t like it when she’s not here. She’s ok but I don’t like the thought of her in hospital on her own and I don’t like the thought of her being poorly. She’s my baby.

Ben’s got today off but I think we’re just going to veg out in my room and maybe watch a film or two. Play some sega and internet shop. He’s not any good when things upset me because he has speechy/languagey issues. Not like he has speech and language needs or anything but sometimes he has traits of the kids I work with. He always says the wrong things in delicate conversations/ situations. I know it’s not his fault but it annoys me- he’s trying in his own Ben way to be comforting but falling a gorge short!!!! He doesn’t seem to have any concept of the fact that the way he talks and the things he talks about has an effect on his captive audience… ie. Me! And he lets whatever’s in his head come out of his mouth like verbal diarrhoeia.

Anyway… the rest of the week… I have one night out planned. The rest will come as it comes!!!! None of it feels very important at the moment anyway. 3 years ago

spreadyourwingsI have 5 days off to plan for.

One day will include a trip to the Russian circus that’s coming to town.

One evening I will be going to a new inner city bar where I went to uni to see a friend perform. And of course drink stuff.

I hope to visit my friend who moved away- not so long ago and drink coffee in costa. I now have a shiny new Costa Coffee Card so I can earn more coffee while I drink my Latte.

And as my boss suggested- go back to the seafront and make it my own place again and chill out with a cup of tea & skim some stones one day on my own.

Maybe visit my Nan.

Go to the cinema on my own VERY early in the morning and catch a film.

Spend an entire day with Ben doing whatever we feel we should do with our day together. AND just catch up on living my life. 3 years ago

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