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get up on time

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Cookie 15 months ago

MubbiKhan 6 days ago

Vivithelittlelegend 6 days ago

starsoverglasgowStill a work in progress...

Woke up feeling bright and fresh this morning, only to make the executive decision to get up and go to the loo and rush back to bed for an extra fifteen minutes. Result? Fell asleep and had to dash out the house with my hair scraped up. Not too clever. 1 week ago

Vanagandr 2 months ago

starsoverglasgowA little change of plans

There was originally a twin goal paired with this one (‘Create a morning routine’) but I’ve decided to retire that one for now. I may decide to reinstate it at a later date, but for now I am going to focus on getting up in enough time to have a shower and possibly breakfast (if I’m hungry) before I leave the house. I’m not much of a morning person, so maybe I was being overly ambitious planning to do things before leaving the house in the morning. I struggle just getting up to do the necessary things! So, that’s what I’m going to focus on for now. 2 weeks ago

SudipDeb87 2 weeks ago


This is consistently a disaster for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been feeling a little shaky on the mental health front for the past week, or if it’s just because I’m bone idle, but I REALLY struggle with getting up at a sensible time.

I’m OK when there is something I have to get up for – like going shopping, or going out with people at a predetermined time – but when I have to get up and I have nothing but an empty day, I really struggle.

And yet, in spite of – and probably because of – this, I am not going to give up on this goal. Is there anything I can think of that would make this goal easier to achieve?

  • go to bed earlier
  • try to aim for multiples of 90 minutes sleep time, so I don’t wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle
  • have the alarm across the room go off first
  • have a plan for something to do when you get up

The B&B season starts again tomorrow, so that means really early starts from now until October. My overall goal here is to get up at 5.30am, so that I have time to do my other goal (have a morning routine). That would mean being in bed, sleeping, for 10 o’clock – so, I’d have seven and a half hours sleep. It would mean I’d have forty minutes in the morning to segue into the day.

I will keep working at this goal. It’s definitely harder at the weekend. I don’t even necessarily enjoy lying in my bed late – I feel slovenly, like I’ve wasted the day. Ashamed. I feel like I have absolutely no discipline, and that doesn’t make me feel positive about reaching my other goals. I will try harder. 2 weeks ago

Marisa Baer 3 weeks ago

manderson_088 3 weeks ago

starsoverglasgowCome on!

You would have thought that I would have gotten a handle on this by now, but unfortunately it is still eluding me (that word was ‘eluding’ me, too – couldn’t think what it was for the life of me!).

So, what’s the big issue? Well, it turns out I am perfectly capable of getting up at the last possible second when there is somewhere I need to be (you know, work, appointments, going shopping) but when it comes to getting up and there is nothing that I have to do, per se, then things get a lot trickier.

I suppose the key must be to schedule in interesting activities that I can do so I have a reason for getting up. I’m going to try and get up for nine o’clock tomorrow morning, and my designated activity is going to be working on game plans for the rest of the goals on this list. 4 weeks ago

MichelleSzika 1 month ago

holycaffeinebatman 1 month ago

coast_girl_2012 1 month ago


This weekend was a wipeout for this goal: both days I got up around 2pm, which is shocking. I’m aware that there is a time that I make the decision to go back to bed at – the alarm on the bookcase on the other side of the room causes me to actually have to get up… And then, I go back to bed!

I don’t know if part of it is not having enough stuff to do that makes getting up worth it, or if I’m genuinely in need of the sleep. Maybe if I schedule in unavoidable time commitments I would be better able to get up. Oh well, it’s a work in progress :) 1 month ago

bazinga8624 1 month ago

Buno54dils 1 month ago


This has been a well thought out idea for most people especially when there is Time Management issue. Yes…! Here, most people ask this seeming question – how do i appropriate the time to accomplish the numerous items on the schedule?
It is really interesting when one ask this all important question! The essence of this, is that it has been reiterated that the identification of a problem makes it half-way solved. From the foregoing,it is obvious that when there are many things competing for the limited time, the available options left would certainly include plans on how to Get-up-on-time so as to meet up with the scheduled assignment. This, though, will depend on the significance of the items on the agenda. In any case, time management has been an issue; hence prudent time appropriation to match the schedule should not be overemphasized. 1 month ago


I got up at 6:20. Hoping to get to 6:10 and keep doing it for at least a month. 1 month ago


I want to get up on time so I am not late places. Also, I would have a better day and less stress. Finally I would not have to speed. 1 month ago

snapple2 1 month ago

11zaq 1 month ago


Today, something weird and wonderful happened. I woke up before my alarm! OK, so my alarm was set to 11am, so it wasn’t exactly an EARLY rise, but it’s a start. I can’t remember the last time I woke up before my alarm. I was beginning to think that I would sleep on forever if I didn’t have an alarm clock to blare at me. I’m on a lot of medication, and some of it makes me so sleepy that I reckon it would be easy just to keep slumbering on. Never mind reckoning, that’s EXACTLY what generally happens! Unfortunately, the same medication also helps me keep my general shit together, so it’s a necessary evil.

Tonight, I wanted to start making concrete game plans for all the goals in my list. This one is simultaneously one of the simplest (i.e. most straightforward) and most difficult goals I have.

Let’s get S.M.A.R.T. about this:

Specific: I want to get up when my alarm clock goes off the first time. (That might be 6.00am in the week, and 9.00am at latest at the weekend). I want to get up on time EVERY DAY.

Measurable: I will be able to tell if I have succeeded based on what time I get up at, and whether or not I snooze the alarm. I am going to keep a record of the times I get up in my diary, so I can see if I am achieving my goal.

Attainable: This is attainable. I am able to get up at a specific time when the need is great enough (i.e. I’ll be in trouble if I don’t get moving!).

Relevant: This will open up vast swathes of time that I can use to segue more peacefully into the day, and allow me time to work on goals. It will also help support good mental health by fostering solid routines.

Time-bound: I want to have achieved this goal by 22nd March 2014.

Ok, so let’s get started! 1 month ago

boerhani 2 months ago

YiXiaoyuan 2 months ago

who is who2014年02月01日


新年頑張ります。 2 months ago

DauphineBackslid badly

Had to take care of an elderly relative 24-7 for nine days in hospital. Not enough sleep and what sleep I got was constantly interrupted by her need for help. I am very glad I did it (I’ve done it for her before on three other occasions) but I didn’t realize that because I’m now eleven years older than I was the last time we did this - and that time she slept through the night every night - that I would pay dearly for the sleep deprivation.
I woke up today at 4 pm, but for the first day in 2.5 weeks, I felt fairly rested.
I’m determined to go to sleep at 10 and get up when my alarm goes off. I know if I can get one night of regularly-scheduled sleep I can get back to normal. 2 months ago

omnom2 2 months ago

starsoverglasgowStop oversleeping!

I’m so very guilty of this. I snooze my alarm clock over and over, and end up rushing into the day feeling like I’m constantly catching up. Worse, at the weekends, I frequently sleep in very late (1-2pm) and consequently feel like I’ve wasted the day.

So, this goal is to get up on time, when the alarm goes off the first time, so I have plenty of time to get up and have a shower and get ready for the day. And yes, that includes the weekends too! A little long lie is permitted, but not past 10am. Deal? 3 months ago

starsoverglasgow 3 months ago

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