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I went to Albuquerque in august….that’s something, right? 6 years ago

cogentdiversionI think I'm going to Seattle...

I decided to ask a few questions over on 43Places about Seattle. Maybe I’ll go there in April. My plan was to hit the east coast, but (1) I don’t want to impose on the people I know over there (2) flights are getting pretty expensive as time wears on. So I thought, what’s a local place I can visit that’s totally unfamiliar, yet affordable to travel to. Well, I thought of Seattle because the robots are there, my former roommate is from there (and though she didn’t reccomend that I go there, she admitted that she was biased) and because…I don’t know!

But anyway, the responses have been great so far and it looks like I have a ton of options for things to do. I’ve contacted a quaker meeting in seattle to see if they could host me. I’ll check into other options if that doesn’t pan out. But I’m starting to get excited (which is good and bad), so I’m going to try to make this trip happen.

I have very limited travel experience and even less of it was alone. I took the train to chicago alone to meet up with family. and I took a plane ride alone to philly for an internship, but I’ve never really travelled and wandered around alone in some unfamiliar place before. the idea is kind of exciting… 7 years ago

cogentdiversionDoing ok

Slowly but surely.

I went out with someone new to the Getty Museum. I wasn’t sure how the person felt about me, but he wants to hang out again, so I think that’s a good sign. A few days later I went out with another new person to a club in hollywood to see a local act perform. I don’t know how she felt about me. I haven’t really heard from her since, but most of the time we only communicated every few weeks or so.

I hung out with my former roommate, who happens to live nearby. We saw “Breach.” I wanted to see ‘Factory Girl’ but she didn’t know what it was, and since she was paying and wanted to see ‘Breach,’ I accepted even though I hadn’t heard of it. It was actually pretty good.

What else? Oh, an old friend and I reconnected (I actually invited him to my birthday party in Sept, but we hand’t hung out since and before the party we hadn’t hung out since 7th grade – 10 years ago!). We went to dinner and talked for a while. Then a few days later, he and I, along with that former roommate of mine, went to the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood to see some comedy. When comedy is good, it’s great. When it’s bad, it hurts. Most of the comedians hurt. But a couple were decent. It was the two drink minimum that hurt me the most. Four bucks for a minature Sprite??

I’ve since hung out with that old friend and the former roommate (separately), on other occasions. So, it’s been nice, getting out of the house and doing stuff. I spend so much time working that it’s so easy for me to come home and just become a pile of blah. So, I’m happy that I’ve been getting out a bit more. 7 years ago

cogentdiversionLife is boring these days

My job bores me, my friends aren’t around, yada yada.

I’m trying to make new friends. I’m trying to get involved in some volunteer work. I’m looking for a new job.

I don’t want to become boring! and I’m sick of being bored. Me _ boredom = bad bad bad 7 years ago

cogentdiversionNot doing very well here

I go to school, I go to work, I sit at home, and occasionally, when we are both free, I hang out with my best friend. He is, however, gone for the holidays. So I usually wake up, go work, come home, play online, go to bed. 8 years ago


not much progress beng made here, unfortunately. 8 years ago


I sit in my room all day and do nothing 8 years ago

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