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EuphemiaThank God for Easter

That he have his only son as they say. I am not so sure about religion as the years go on, but I do know that if there is one thing about Christianity that is great, it is that you can go in to church, kneel down and pray and all will be forgiven. Whatever you have done, you can truly repent and leave it all behind. So a fresh start can be had. Not sure whether a guy called Jesus or someone similar died for our sins, but there is a lot to be said for forgiveness. 4 days ago

EuphemiaThank God

That my mammogram this week was normal and I can get on with life. So many people are not so lucky. They are in my thoughts and prayers 6 days ago

EuphemiaThank God

For spending 4 wonderful days with my husband. Walking, talking, exploring the countryside. Love that man so much! 3 weeks ago

EuphemiaThank God for my family.

Going to call my mum and sisters today and have a good old natter 4 weeks ago

EuphemiaThank God

That Spring has sprung! So wonderful to see sunshine and flowers, hear birds singing and smell sweetness on he the breeze. Simply wonderful! 1 month ago

EuphemiaThank God

For a peaceful evening and a nice cup of tea 1 month ago

EuphemiaThank God

For a day with nothing to do but rest! 2 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for my cat

That is all! 2 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

For a warm and dry bed while the storm rages outside

Image by a aduldej, free images.net 2 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for a great day

Yesterday was a 9. Read my book, had a monster session in the gym, called my parents, went to the cinema to see the almighty film 12 years a slave with my husband, came home and had a nice dinner in front of the fire, sang and played guitar together then watched x files in bed. 2 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for waking up early

It is Saturday – happy days! Lying in bed with a cup of tea – going to read my book 3 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for good food

French onion soup, spicy chicken and mash, salted caramel ice cream 3 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for my job

I recently had a dream where I got made redundant. It as never occurred to me that this could happen to me but the more I thought about the hard times we are in, the more that I realised how lucky I am to have a job. I spoke to my husband about it, and although there is no danger right now, we decided to start saving in earnest…you just never know, do you? 3 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for my friend Gill

She is so well organised and never forgets a birthday or any other occasion. We have been friends for many years, and even though she has kids, they do not stop her being organised and keeping in touch. Puts the rest of us to shame. We should all be more like Gill. 3 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

For my wonderful husband and the laughter and friendship that we share 3 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

For the best Christmas ever! It has been fantastic! 3 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

For some peace and quiet with my man and the cat 3 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for music

And also for family…we had such a wonderful day yesterday in the Albert Hall! We sang Christmas songs at the top of our voices then went to a lovely little Italian restaurant 4 months ago

EuphemiaThank God that I am going HOME

So happy – one day of work then Christmas holidays!! 4 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

For my cat – he brings us hours and hours of pleasure with his unexpected and interesting behaviour! 4 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

That today I have felt calm and in control even though I know that all manner of shit is going to kick off this week – probably the busiest of the year! Breathe and smile… 4 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for

Family, beautiful nature, reliable work colleagues, interesting projects, friends, companionship, books, sex, cups of tea, fire, water, laughter…everything 4 months ago

besidequietwaters 5 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

...that I woke up before the alarm giving me some time to relax and reflect 5 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for today

Our friend, who is just 16 came round for tea and biscuits and I loved being in the kitchen with her hearing her wisdom and the point of view of someone young. And we listened to music and played each other inspiring tracks, how I love to discuss music. And I pottered around cleaning and making soup and…I felt so close to the real me and far from the workaholic me that is wrecking my spirit and a lot of my relationships 5 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for a day with my husband

My favourite person in the world to spend time with. He is now asleep on the sofa and I am pretty sure that he will wake up grumpy because he did not mean to fall asleep. And I will laugh and manage to make him laugh and then he will go and make cups of tea. Oh, and thank you for a week off work – sometimes you have to stop and relax for a day or two. 5 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for my sisters

I am so bloody lucky as a woman to be blessed with three sisters!! I had sushi and shopping with one yesterday and on Skype to another in a minute :) 5 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

For a week off starting from now :-) time to,catch up on sleep 6 months ago

EuphemiaThank God for

...2 beautiful days of sunshine in Warsaw. It was that perfect smoky biting cold air mixed with warm sunshine. I love the autumn so very much 6 months ago

EuphemiaThank God

For a couple of really beautiful crisp cold sunny misty delightful autumn days! 6 months ago

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