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wear sunscreen

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I really need to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen! 1 week ago

Cathy78382 1 week ago

iCaribou 1 month ago

Aya-chan 2 years ago

DestinedFate 2 months ago

Burgurgular 3 months ago

youngkr 4 months ago

vivacekate 6 months ago

andrewhall9 7 months ago


Last summer I was so burnt that I couldnot even apply sunscreen. We had to buy a wetsuit. My uncle had skin cancer so I am always very cautious. 15 months ago

Eduarda Verrino 15 months ago

farmermadison 15 months ago

rafazeredo 16 months ago

Aya-chanit's a start

I haven’t found the perfect sunscreen for me yet. It’s a shame really. I work at night so I get minimal sun exposure but that’s not a real excuse. I’m still wearing my lotion with SPF though. I know, it’s not enough. But I’m trying my best to fit sunscreen into my shoestring of a budget. :)) 17 months ago

momoco 17 months ago

Peteko8 17 months ago

sushi_flower 18 months ago

ilovenatalieseguin 18 months ago


nbholeMoisturizer with SPF

My skin gets really dry usually and I just can’t do with out moisturizer. If I buy any moisturizers, I make sure I buy the ones with sunscreen in it. So no matter what (I give myself no choice), I am wearing sunscreen everyday with the power of at least SPF 30.

And of course, if I have special plans where I am going to be out in the sun for longer periods, I use the more powerful SPF’s of 60 or 100. For me, the Neutrogena and Coppertone sunscreens work the best.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100+
Coppertone® Oil Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF 6018 months ago

nbhole 2 years ago

savannah_mcmurtry 18 months ago

dasha314 19 months ago

Arquitecta6 19 months ago

melmel441 21 months ago

Isabella Dot 22 months ago

beauxos7 22 months ago

Marylynn Wade 23 months ago

soniavieirax 23 months ago

YumiXei 2 years ago

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