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run a 5 k

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Lilmissitaly19 4 weeks ago

Stacie Zimmerman 6 months ago


I don’t run very well. In fact, I have weight loss goals and I felt if I made a goal like “Running a 5K” that I would A) hold myself accountable – must pay entry fee for this to sink in. B) Practice – which helped me drop 15lbs before the race and C) Be proud of myself.
It turns out I was the worst runner there. I accomplished this race with the help of my husband and a best friend who ran beside me the entire team. *Helpful hint, if you have a team, no matter how small, it will help you along the way. By the way, I chose to do the Warrior Dash for my first 5k. With all those crazy obstacles, I feel like I can do a normal one with no problems! :)

Good luck to you! 9 months ago

MrsMave 9 months ago

melza3001 11 months ago

user48021 15 months ago

alexmcbride83 15 months ago


imgladimme 21 months ago

imgladimmeA question

When people say they ran xkms, do they literally mean they ran that distance, or does everyone walk some of the time? Can you run through a stitch or do you have to slow down? What do you eat before an early morning run? Many thanks :) 18 months ago

imgladimmeFitness is fleeting!

...and fickle.

Having spent the week sitting in front of the computer with assignments, I haven’t done any real exercise since last weekend’s run. So, when I went up to the lighthouse this morning, I did 5.9k in 57 mins and actually had to stop a few times, because I was feeling faint and slightly nauseous! 19 months ago


I did my first road run last night – it’s a loop that goes around the back of B’s house, windy, narrow, hilly roads. I took it very slow and kept off the actual road as much as possible. Apart from the warm up and cool down, I ran the whole thing except the very top of a couple of really long inclines that when I got near the top I just had to walk! It was fun! I got to the end and found I had done 6.5km in 53 minutes… well, I TOLD you I took it slow ;) 19 months ago

imgladimmeDoable? Hell YES!

I had plans of tackling the roads for the first time tonight, but one thing led to another and by the time I dropped the kids off at their dad’s, there was only half an hour of daylight left and having never done the loop before (5kms of narrow, windy, hilly roads) I was scared of either getting run down or half way around and then stuck out there in the dark! So I opted instead to run around the sports field again. I set my cardiotrainer app to 30 mins and told myself I would just run as much of that time as I could. I walked one lap to warm up and then ran an easy pace until I was sure I was close to time. When I looked, I was at 22 mins and 2.3kms. I was thinking of walking the last 8 minutes but then thought it would be nice to at least make the 3km mark. I got there in 34 minutes… then got home, to find the app was set to MILES! I had run 5.2 KILOMETRES!!!OK, I walked the first and the last lap, so technically I can’t count this goal as done yet I was so surprised, I thought this was going to take me months. The skipping works! Next challenge is to run a route with hills (eek!) :) 20 months ago

trishieo 20 months ago

imgladimmeLighthouse walk/run

I did my usual weekly walk today, but told myself I would run all the sections that were flat or downhill. I completed 5.4km in 53mins. It’s difficult to tell, but I would say I ran about 3 of the 5k. This is starting to look doable. 20 months ago

imgladimmeAnother go

Gave week 3 of the couch to 5k plan a go, running around the sports ground. Aside from a screaming 2 year old, I did manage to complete it (2.5km, about 2 k of which was running)once my daughter took him off to the play equipment. By 400m my legs were like lead, but at the end of the stint I wasn’t even totally fucked, much less worked up a sweat. I think the skipping is paying off! 20 months ago

kendylsmom 20 months ago


I haven’t even been walking. Too much study. So last weekend I went up to the lighthouse with a friend for the first time in weeks and had to sit down at the top!! We planned to meet up again in a fortnight, so I went up again this weekend and then again today. I did do some running on the downhill, but today, just as I was finishing up, I realised I had dropped my phone somewhere and had to go back up and do the whole thing again! Being late for a rehearsal now, I tried to run quite a lot of it. I didn’t find the phone, but thankfully someone picked it up and rang home, so I got it back a few hours later. Anyway, I must’ve done 10k, I’ve no idea how much of it I ran, but my fitness is improving. I’m almost ready to try actually going for a run again. ha! 20 months ago

danastarnes007 21 months ago

Dreamer~ 21 months ago

imgladimmeBrave or stupid? (it's a fine line)

I’ve never been able to run. I can walk or ride a bike forever, but running makes my lungs burn, my legs heavy and my will weak. I want to change that. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel like saying “it’s just not worth it”.
I started out tonight with my daughter (who is seven). We did the week 3 workout of the couch to 5k. Then I got home and realised we were supposed to do two repetitions. Oops. Well, at least I found it easy!!
The trick for me will be finding the time to do this 3 times a week amongst everything else, but I’m hoping willpower will find a way. 21 months ago

Mocoo 21 months ago

GJLively 4 years ago

themcrob 23 months ago

beccaelle16 2 years ago

VBLizard12 2 years ago

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