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Breakfast: Cereal, milk
Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Pizza, Salad
Before bed: Cereal 3 years ago

JessySFriday: Cheating Day!

Yesterday was SFriday, an honorary ending-in-S day on which I am allowed to cheat. Saturday and Unday are the official days, but as you see, Unday has lost its S and is not a cheat day for me.

Yesterday, I had a normal-ish morning and afternoon, with yogurt/blueberries and a Lean Cuisine meal as my meals. Then with frienda last night, I had a kosher hot dog on a bun, baked beans, cole slaw, barbecue chips, and a brownie for dessert. I also had a glass of wine. Before bed, just becauuse I had to exploit the cheating thing to its fullest, I had a handful of almonds and 2 or 3 handfuls of gummi candy that I bought earlier in the week.

Truthfully, the cheating did not give me as much pleasure as I imagined. I enjoyed the brownie to the max, but the almonds and gummis were just gratuitous. Go figure. 3 years ago

JessyJust a reflection or two on this diet . . .

Yes, it’s only Day 4, and yes, I’m still in the “honeymoon phase.” But I am actually not hungry on this diet. No cravings, though I have had some urges to snack. I feel good and have energy.

What is different here? First, I don’t worry about calories or points. Second, I eat whatever I want; I just have to do it at meals. And yes, sweets are verboten, but that’s okay. I can have them on the weekend.

Three meals a day, and maybe a bowl of cereal at bedtime. Who knew? 3 years ago

JessyDay 4

Breakfast: Cereal, banana, milk
Lunch: Half a Lean Cuisine, half a yogurt (split with Nick)
Dinner: Salad with a few almonds, carrots, and a bit of shredded cheese. Roast beef with sharp cheddar, mayo, and sliced tomato on wholegrain bakery bread. Sliced apple.

Skipping my fourthmeal/cereal tonight . . . still full from my dinner. 3 years ago

JessyDay 3

Sorry, y’all, just a list of my food for the day, and not even an interesting list like those Ratty does.

Breakfast: Cereal, milk, banana
Lunch: Healthy choice pasta & tomatoes, apple
Dinner: blintzes with sour cream and apple
Fourthmeal: Cereal and milk

I have been eating cereal every day at bedtime. I find it hard to sleep if I go to bed hungry. I like the diet. Simple to follow, no recordkeeping, and I know I can break the diet on the weekend, so I don’t feel deprived. In fact, I feel pretty good. It’s a diet that lets me not think about food. I know exactly when I can eat, and I know what I can’t have, and the rest is easy. 3 years ago

JessyDay 2 . . .

of no sweets, no seconds, no snacks.

All three areas gave me some discomfort today. I went to a store where they have great gummi candies, and of course I wanted to buy some. So I did, telling myself they’d be for Saturday, when I am allowed to “cheat.” Oddly, that satisfied me. I have them, and I will eat them on Saturday.

At dinner, I started to fill my salad bowl again, then remembered “no seconds.” The salad would not have made me gain weight, but this diet asks only three things of me, so of course I can adhere to them.

On the way home from the store, I really wanted to snack on some almonds I had bought, but . . . no snacks. TV time was difficult, but I had to admit I was not really hungry.

So today’s food:

Cereal & milk

Healthy Choice pasta and tomatoes

Chicken, salad, squash/onion/mushroom/pepper mix, peas, yogurt.

And I can still have cereal or a banana before bed if I want.

Link to The No-S Diet3 years ago

JessyJoining Asterisk in this goal . . .

Today, I ate cereal and milk for breakfast, a Healthy Choice pasta and tomatoes for lunch, and chicken, peas, and pasta for dinner. Dessert was watermelon.

So far, so good. No snacks, no sugar, no seconds.

I am giving myself the small bit of leeway that if I am hungry at bedtime, I can eat a banana or a bowl of cereal. That’s not a snack, it’s . . . erm . . . fourthmeal.

Suspending the rules is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, and special days. I may change Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday. We eat with friends on Friday nights, and there is always wine and dessert, which I’d just as soon take part in. 3 years ago

asteriskdiets are bad

Diets ARE bad. I firmly believe this. And yet I need rules. Enter the No-S Diet.

I don’t have a hard time following it. As my husband says, “I guess if this is what it takes for you not to eat doughnuts at the office, sure, why not?” And that’s basically what it amounts to. 3 years ago

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