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clackyminnyTrying again

This autumn I had a meat break down and after a year of veganism and three of vegetarianism I ate meat. Since then I have indulged and been a true omnivore. To be honest I was suffering because my student vegan diet consisted of bread and marmite. This time around I’m hoping that if I can respect my body whilst going vegan things will be a lot better for me. 3 years ago

Lorraine James

Tana FosterVeganism is something I strive for -- for better health.

My naturopath recommends that I be on a vegan diet to lower my cholesterol, and for avoiding my allergy-induced asthma issues. I’m not very good about staying away from meat and dairy, though. It is a good thing for me to strive for, though.

I definitely feel better when I don’t eat so much cheese, butter, and ice cream, etc… Those things clog up my airways!! 4 years ago

Lorraine JamesMeeting Other Vegans

I met this wonderful woman who’s also vegan and she’s a vat of information. I could learn from other vegans, but she seems to know her stuff very well. I want more! 4 years ago

sunny357Still Going Strong

I’ve been doing well since my last post. No more slip ups, thank goodness, but I’m still on guard.
2 Gluten Free Vegan Donuts
Mayan Harvest Vegan Meal (it was yum with plaintains, polenta, sweet potatoes)
Gonna have my green smoothie with strawberries and pineapple later (i think, cause I’m kinda full). 4 years ago

sunny357Busy Day

Lentil Chili Stew for Breakfast
Mallow oats cereal for lunch
16 oz Green Smoothie
May have rice cream and fruit later if I want a snack. 4 years ago


Had more gruel today, it was even more delicious than yesterday. Made a huge green smoothie with crangrape juice, collards, spinach, banana, nutmeg, hemp, maca, and goji berries. It was actually good.
Started taking omega 3 pills (at least more regularly—trying to make habits you know). Think I might have my mallow oats cereal for a snack later, not sure though, or I may have a pear and peach with my rice cream.
Update: Change is Hard…er than I thought.
So I’m vegan for health reasons as well as compassion, but health first because I’ve recently had some really bad health challenges, which has caused me to reevaluate my diet and go from 0 to 100 (meat eater to non. cold turkey). I used to be vegan and/or strict Veg in college and for most of my 20s and then I reintroduced meat back into my life (strangely enough around the time I went corporate heavy). Anyway, so going back vegan, I expected it to be hard, but it’s been actually easy – too easy, I had missed this simple way of eating and the freshness of foods and the light feeling. So in the last few days I relaxed, a lot. So much so, that when I was asked to cook a carnivore meal for family and friends tonight I thought no problem, I felt bad handling the meat but I wouldnt be tempted, actually disgusted and I was when I was cooking, especially looking at the headless body that I was dressing and stuffing. So I thought I can be around this and also I had my gruel packed away for my own consumption. Anyway, I made it through cooking okay, and dinner even better, I even had a slight sneer on my lips for my sad carnivore eating buds. Then, (and here’s where I’m going with this) hours later, moments after everyone left and my fam was in bed it was time to put up leftovers…and I stared down into the pan and despite the warnings in my head: be healthy, you’re finally starting to feel a bit better, you’ve never even liked meat that much, your contributing to animal torture, and this is going to hurt your body and cause pain…I still ate a piece of chicken. A chicken’s thigh. So needless to say I’m feeling down on myself, I feel like I swallowed a rock, my stomach hurts and so does some other places I’d rather not discuss here, and also my former cocky feelings of—this is easy it’s like riding a bike and you dont forget how—are gone. Anyway, I just needed to come on here and confess or else I wouldnt have been able to come back and post here cause the guilt would have ate at me. I promise myself to be better, and more on guard, in the future. 4 years ago

sunny357Going Green...

So yesterday I began drinking my “green” or veggie juices. Yesterday was cabbage, lime, apple, chayote, and grapefruit. It was an interesting taste. Today, I’m gonna have the green juice later or in the morn.
Grape/Cranberry juice
Pineapple Smoothie
Gruel (I threw some lentils, 7 whole grain cereal, carrots, onions, zucchini, olives, tomatoes and seasonings in my crockpot). It was tasty.
Think I’m feeling better enough to start exercising again. I should get my official clearance on Friday though. 4 years ago

sunny357Microwave Cake

I was home sick in bed most of the day. What a Boring day! so I decided to spice it up and make gluten free vegan microwave cake! (clearly i need to get out more)

Breakfast was mallow oats, almond milk, agave, goji berries
No lunch – in pain and no appetite.
Dinner: a frozen vegan meal – Kashi Veggie bake – this was surprisingly delicious. I was kinda sick so my BF fixed me the microwave meal, but if I’d done it myself I woulda added a big salad. Anyway, later I was up and around again so I decided to make microwave cake in a cup. I found the recipe online and with excitement I made it in about 10 mins total. It was pretty yuck. Came out like a dense peanut butter biscuit w a dash of cinnamon on top. (I didnt wanna add too much sugar, probably my mistake.) So I added a dash of good karma rice cream and that seemed to balance the sugar content out, enough to eat it anyway. I shoulda just had my normal after dinner snack of fruit or a smoothie, but oh well, it was an interesting experience…that i wont be repeating.

My next goal since I’m doing good being vegan again is to add the healthier part, which for me starts with re-adding my green juices. So that is my goal starting 2moro. (my future goals include tackling my agave addiction and eating more whole fruits and drinking more water, but all things in time.) 4 years ago

sunny357Another Vegan Day and Downed Cows...

This is becoming easier again. Had leftovers for dinner. Didnt have brownies yesterday – was too lazy to make them. So maybe today? we’ll see. Anyhoo…
Almond Milk, Agave, Goji Berries, Mallow Oats Cereal (it’s this organic dairy free kids cereal that reminds me of lucky charms – so damn yummm! and although I’m being healthier, I refuse to give this yummy goodness up :)

Tofu Shirataki Veggie Spaghetti and Cabbage Salad (leftovers from yesterday)

I’m kinda hungry now for a midnite snack, so maybe I’ll have a smoothie or something, but then again i’m in bed so I’ll probably just go grab an apple.

By the way, watching CNN show the undercover video that the humane society shot of the vermont slaughter house…so glad I’m vegan. This is sick and sad. Sick what’s being done to animals and sad that people are eating this sick death.
Oh and its funny cause I was on a vegan blog right before the newscast and saw this, I think it’s originally from PETA but it made me feel good.
A lifelong vegetarian saves around:
760 chickens
5 cows
20 pigs
29 sheep
46 turkeys
15 ducks
7 rabbits and half a ton of fish.

Good to keep in mind. 4 years ago

sunny357Starting Fresh

My goal is to be healthier all around, and that includes being a better/healthier vegan. Ive had slip ups in the recent past (listening to a personal trainer about getting protein – which was dumb) but Im back on track. My goals are to get back to eating more whole fruits and salads and making fresh juices and staying away from the more processed vegan stuff.
-Tofu shirataki with veggie spaghetti sauce (mushrooms, spinach, onions, garlic, poblano peppers)
-Cabbage, peaches, spinach, olive, mushroom salad w italian dressing
-Pineapple, coconut water/meat, almond milk, agave, vanilla extract, lime smoothie
-natural popcorn w sea salt

Think I wanna make vegan gluten free brownies for dessert (i know…but this is a process ;) 4 years ago

Lorraine JamesCoffee

I’ve been coffee-free for a week now and the only side effect is dozing off more often. Maybe my sleep is catching up with me. I’m less gassy and my bowels aren’t as irritable. Since it’s only been a week, my body has more changes to go through. Not that coffee isn’t vegan, but I want a healthier body and coffee, well, I’ll see how long I go without it. I’ve gone a month and a half once and that felt good, but this is only a week. 4 years ago

Lorraine JamesCruelty-Free Xmas Dinner

I had dinner with family on the day, but a couple of days later, a fellow vegan hosted a vegan xmas pot-luck! There was tons of food and there was so much left over; I brought some containers to take away as much as I could fill them with. It was one of my most memorable dinners ever.
I love vegan pot lucks but especially this holiday feast. 4 years ago

Lorraine JamesVegan Police.

I don’t want to be the type of vegan who’s itching to harass someone for not being vegan enough just to feel more of one.
Sometimes, if you don’t mention a product is vegan, people will assume it isn’t, so that when they say something without thinking, they look like the idiot.
I discovered these vegan marshmallows, along with vegan s’mores. Usually marshmallows have gelatin and honey in them, but these had neither. When I advertised International S’Mores Day, someone picked on me, claiming I was consuming something that wasn’t vegan.
I assumed they already knew of the vegan marshmallows ( and that I wouldn’t be the target of someone’s indignation. After quietly mentioning that I did nothing wrong and showing them the link, I heard nothing from them, but they came at me like I was a moron.
Made me realize that we have only one thing in common which doesn’t make us friends. 5 years ago

Lorraine JamesJamaican Style!

I also want to veganize some Jamaican recipes. I borrowed some books from the library, non-vegan Jamaican ones, and someone judged me by assuming I wasn’t vegan enough. When people misunderstand you, you have to forgive them for that, unless they insist on the abuse. 5 years ago

Lorraine JamesFast Food Outlets.

Blah! I can’t believe I was stupid enough to think it was okay to have a veggie burger at KFC or even Burger King without mayo, thinking it was vegan enough. I found articles on the internet saying otherwise.
No more of those; I’m avoiding them. 5 years ago


I’m eating Quinoa right now. I tend to forget about it for weeks at a time… even months. It’s so healthy though, with all the protein and fiber in it. I usually prepare 1 cup and eat half of it. I think 1/2 cup dry has about 12-14 grams of protein and 22 grams of fiber or something like that. woo. 5 years ago


I have my good spells and my not so good spells. I have a few habits I can’t seem to break… like frequently eating bread with Earth Balance. :/ sometimes I just feel really gross after I eat stuff like that, and I don’t know why I keep doing it. I guess it’s comforting in a way… I seem to eat bread and Earth Balance or olive oil when I’m stressed. It’s one really simple thing that I still have from my pre-vegan years that comforted me back then, so I use it for comfort now.

Good news though! I had my blood tested before donating, and I have 16.5 gm/dl of hemoglobin, which is very very high. I’ve stopped taking my iron pills since- don’t want to overdo it. More bad news though, I couldn’t donate because I was so nervous and my HR was at 103! Oh well. Back to veganism….

Anyway… I need more fiber in my diet. And protein that isn’t soy. I’ve had some funky things happen with my menstrual cycle from the estrogen-like compounds in soy, even after only consuming 1-3 servings per day. 5 years ago

Lorraine JamesFrench Fries.

I tend to snack on them whenever I go to fast food places. I eat the salads, but my salt/starch craving gets to me. Must stop eating them! I know there’s judgement out there, but I don’t care. Screw you! 6 years ago

Lorraine JamesA Vegan Xmas Dinner.

I’d like to be surrounded by vegan food for once. Every year, I sit at the table with my family with my vegan option while the rest of my family eat their carnivorous one. We have more relatives that aren’t as understanding, so to feel less offended or uncomfortable and to avoid any clashings or violent outbreaks, I thought I’d solve things by keeping away to I don’t cause any trouble and dine with other vegans. Just for this year to see how it goes. 6 years ago

Lorraine JamesA Fellow Vegan

Right now, I’m house-sitting for a fellow vegan, so I’m not surrounded by other meat-eaters and having to cook/bake/fry things in pans and pots that have had dead animal in them. My habits are unconscious and I don’t have to avoid anything. Everything I need is within reach. 6 years ago

Lorraine JamesWhat An Example.

One of my cousins who isn’t vegan, had a health vegan wrap and I felt like crap for not being as health. Must re-evaluate my eating habits. 6 years ago

amykathrynTrying to be vegan

I’ve been using soy cheeses occasionally, and trying not to eat as much yogurt and cottage cheese. I’m down to 129 :) I’ve been eating more salads with dark leafy greens, beans, whole grains, and fruits and veggies. 7 years ago

Lorraine JamesAll Crap!

It’s amazing what kind of crap you still consume as a vegan. I was working on my goal to avoid or cut down on salt, but even that has be by the taste buds. I’ll drink more water, since I do that with my exercising. I’ll find better choices and eat more veggies and fruits. 7 years ago

amykathrynvegetarian doesn't always = healthy

So I’ve been vegetarian for over a year now, and I’ve gained weight. I know that most of my problem is cheese and junk food. I want to try to eat more raw foods, less processed foods, and more whole grains. I’m trying to convince my husband that whole grain pasta is healthier. I use soy milk instead of cow milk. I can’t give up cheeses…I can’t accept soy as a replacement. That’s probably the biggest reason I’m not vegan. I also eat eggs, but they are from chickens and ducks that I take care of, and we don’t let them have babies. I want to learn more recipes that are relatively easy to make and fast, but without using prepared meat substitutes. A large part of our diet right now is veggie burgers and similar things. 7 years ago

Lorraine JamesDitched The Diary

I’ve neglected writing in my food diary but I’m not giving up on being a healthier vegan. I didn’t see what it was doing for me. What I really need is a money diary! 8 years ago

Lorraine JamesFood Diary

I saw this show [I forgot the title], but this woman comes into these people’s lives, asseses their eating habits and does an eating makeover. It made me want to do that too, to log what I’ve been eating and remove/add certain foods. I already know I eat too much salt and sugar, but I want to have a better view of my eating habits. 8 years ago

Lorraine JamesNot Good Enough

I’ve been a vegan for over 10 years and I don’t feel I’m being the best vegan I can be. I love being a vegan, but I can be a better one. 9 years ago

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