Each night list at least one thing I'm: proud of myself for doing, grateful for, smiled at, and am looking forward to


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Proud of: Doing a little bit of research, even though I got upset
Grateful for: Not freaking out during the MRI after the first few minutes, having a mom who really cares about me
Smiled at: playing with my dogs
Looking Forward to: Having one of my best friends spend the new year with my family 2 years ago

SpinCycleAugust 19, 2011

Proud of myself for- eating something at dinner, doing laundry
grateful for- psychiatric medication.
smiled at- in art group talking about times we messed up as babysitters.
looking forward to- sleeping in. 2 years ago

SpinCycleAug. 17, 2011

Proud of myself for: approaching a group therapist i was feeling really angry at and directly asking to speak with her privately tomorrow to discuss what happened in group.

Grateful for: having such a wonderful case manager at my day program who encouraged me today to keep “using [my] emotions for good.”

Smiled at: talking to my friend M and my roommate responding well when a few minutes ago i asked her to please not touch my things

Looking forward to: my eating disorder group tomorrow- having structure in the evening so i don’t feel so alone. 2 years ago


proud of myself for: getting 3 servings of fruit/veggies in
grateful for: supportive online communities
smiled at: catching up with a friend more
looking forward to: seeing my therapist tomorrow 2 years ago


Proud of myself for: Meditating for about 20 minutes.
Grateful for: The song “Beat It” by Michael Jackson being chosen as a karaoke song and screamed down the hall from me last night when i was feeling horrible- it reminded me of speaking at a friend’s memorial and saying that i wish i could have told her to “beat it, beat it, no one wants to be defeated. show ‘em how funky strong is your fight, it doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, just beat it” but that I was glad i could tell all the young people who may be struggling there that i’m glad they are still fighting. I felt like the universe was giving the song back to me, and I made it through the night.
Smiled at: Going out with three of the women I live with to get cheesecake.
Looking forward to: my first meditation class on tuesday. 2 years ago


Proud of myself for: being direct and assertive in my email with my nutritionist
Grateful for: feeling less alone when my at therapist led me through a breathing exercise
Smiled at: my friends golden doodle and day cares taking their toddlers on walks where they all hold on to a rope both were SO CUTE!
Looking forward to: maybe starting a new meditation class next week 2 years ago


proud of myself for: talking in my eating disorder group, being open to feedback

grateful for: someone from my new living situation inviting me to a museum even though it didn’t work out

smiled at: in a starbucks near me you have to take an elevator to the basement to use the restroom. on the way down the only other person in the elevator, a man in his 30s or so told me that he feels it is humiliating to have to take the elevator down one story to the bathroom. we happened to be together in the elevator ride up and i wished him a good day and he said thank you and told me i had done well for using the bathroom so speedily.

Looking forward to: art therapy 2 years ago


Proud of myself for: volunteering even when I wasn’t as excited about it as usual

Grateful for: not getting a migraine despite my horrible sleep.

Smiled at: running into a friend I haven’t seen in a while on my way to therapy

Looking forward to: spending time with my friend on friday 2 years ago


Proud of:Coming on here to get back to my goals!
Grateful for: not having hurt myself while being home
Smiled at: my dogs licking my face
Looking forward to: sharing some artwork in therapy tomorrow 2 years ago

nouvelle jen 3 years ago

nouvelle jenmy husband showed me this on YouTube

Darth: “Luke, soy tu padre”
Luke: “ay caramba!” 2 years ago

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