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How To Promote World Peace

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How To Promote Peace

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eclectic passion 13 months ago

eclectic passionI don't know what to believe anymore

There are sites saying that never in human history have there been more wars worldwide, there’s plenty of other sites saying that we live in the most peaceful period ever, there’s people against Bill Gates and people for him. There’s people for and against vaccines and GMO’s. The information is overwhelming! All I can say is, I know nothing… 12 months ago

eclectic passionDid you know

there are peace-promoting groups on facebook such as ‘Israel loves Iran’, ‘France loves Iran’ etc. They are doing an excellent job of re-informing people not to hate and see past stereotypes and the ‘us vs them’ mentality. Here’s an article about the founder of the original group, which has been widely successful: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/most-popular/israel-loves-iran-tedx-talk.html 13 months ago

eclectic passionA great website for those passionate about creating world peace

is www.mepeace.org :) Also, you’ll be surprised at how many institutes and group there are for people who support peace on twitter, just type in ‘peace’. It might sound small, but the more people unite for peace the better, we are only as strong as our numbers. I liked the list that one person posted here about ways to support peace in everyday life :) 13 months ago

brilessthan3 2 years ago

yogamomWays of promoting world peace:

I’m just gonna cross off each one as I get one step further to world peace. I hope you all try this as well :)

1. Be generous with your smiles.

2. Be kind.

3. Respect the Earth.

4. Walk in a forest.

5. Plant a tree.

6. Contemplate a mountain.

7. Protect the Earth.

8. Live simply.

9. Help feed the hungry.

10. Erase a border in your mind.

11. Teach peace to children.

12. Read Chief Seattle’s Letter to the President.

13. Be honest.

14. Demand honesty from your government.

15. Think about consequences.

16. Commit yourself to nonviolence.

17. Support nonviolent solutions to global problems.

18. Speak up for a healthy planet.

19. Demand reductions in military expenditures.

20. Be fair.

21. Pledge allegiance to the Earth and to its varied life forms.

22. Think for yourself.

23. Ask questions.

24. Recognize your unique potential.

25. Join an organization working for peace.

26. Be less materialistic.

27. Be more loving.

28. Empower others to work for peace.

29. Oppose all weapons of mass destruction.

30. Support equality.

31. Speak out for a nuclear weapons-free world.

32. Support a Department of Peace.

33. Listen to your heart.

34. Help the poor.

35. Fight against militarism.

36. Study the lives of peace heroes.

37. Help create a community peace park or garden.

38. Commemorate the International Day of Peace.

39. Help strengthen the United Nations.

40. Support the International Criminal Court.

41. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

42. Advance the rights of future generations.

43. Be a voice for the voiceless.

44. Join an action alert network.

45. Be forgiving.

46. Laugh more.

47. Play with a child.

48. Support education and the arts over weapons.

49. Help educate the next generation to be compassionate.

50. Take personal responsibility for creating a better world.

51. Sing.

52. Write a poem.

53. Organize a church service on the theme of peace.

54. Learn about another culture.

55. Help someone.

56. Support the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

57. Oppose the arms trade.

58. Clear your mind.

59. Breathe deeply.

60. Sip tea.

61. Express your views on peace to government officials.

62. Fight for the environment.

63. Celebrate Earth Day.

64. Think like an astronaut, recognizing that we have only one Earth.

65. Be constructive.

66. Let someone else go first.

67. Plant seeds of peace.

68. Work in a garden.

69. Change a potential enemy into a friend.

70. Be positive.

71. Share.

72. Be a good neighbor.

73. Send a note of appreciation.

74. Tell your friends how much they matter.

75. Say “I love you” more.

76. Don’t tolerate prejudice.

77. Demand more from your elected officials.

78. Walk by the ocean, a river, or a lake.

79. Recognize that all humans have the right to peace.

80. Respect the dignity of each person.

81. Be a leader in the struggle for human decency.

82. Be a friend.

83. Send sunflowers to world leaders, and call for a world free of nuclear weapons.

84. Oppose technologies that harm the environment.

85. Lose an argument to a loved one.

86. Value diversity.

87. Walk softly on the Earth.

88. Appreciate the power of the sun.

89. Speak out for global disarmament.

90. Support a democratic order.

91. Teach non-violence by example.

92. Remember that “No man is an Island.”

93. Spend time in nature.

94. Boycott war toys.

95. Be thankful for the miracle of life.

96. Seek harmony with nature.

97. Remind your leaders that peace matters.

98. Oppose violence in television programming for children.

99. Listen to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

100. Celebrate peace.3 years ago

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