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ClocksDeclaring31. Trigun

I’ve been meaning to watch this for… Well, years. Ha-ha. I used to stay up late and try to watch it on adultswim, but I missed most of the episodes. Yay for Netflix! I’m definitely seeing how old it is now, though… I’m spoiled on new stuff.

But Trigun is still good! Vash is just hilarious, though sometimes he’s asking for a good smack upside the head… And Wolfwood is badass; he’s one of my favorites. :3 While I’m not a western fan, I like the old west vibe this anime has. There’s quite a bit of the bandit stereotype in it, but…

“This world is made of love and peace!”

‘Tis a good old oldie. 7 months ago

ClocksDeclaring30. One Piece

I had watched One Piece a little when it came on Toonami so long ago… It’s been years!

But recently a new friend I met though eBay said I should give it a shot again; she swears by it. So… Since it’s not on Netflix and I’m too lazy to read subtitles, I bought it!

“But Bri, you idiot, what if you don’t like it?”

I liked it well enough back then, y’know? Plus, I’ve not yet bought an anime I didn’t like. :D I have wonderful luck when it comes to that.

Anyway, back to One Piece! I really do like it! Zoro is my for sure favorite… But I’ve always liked slightly grumpier guys who wield swords. :3

Plus, pirates? Hell yeah! I never really got into the ninja phase. They stick near home, but pirates travel the oceans!

Graphics-wise it is simpler, but hey, I’m fine with simple. I also enjoy the goofy humor. Luffy is a ball, and a real sweetie at heart. All the main characters are loveable in their own rights.

I also just really want to see how it goes, you know? Luffy immediately proclaims to be going for this amazing treasure that we don’t even know what it is, and that he will become the pirate king. You have to wonder where this kid’s gonna end up!

So OP, I’m in it for the long haul. :D 9 months ago

ClocksDeclaring29. FLCL

Fooly Cooly!

Still not sure what that means. :7

I used to always try and be sneaky when I was younger so I could watch it on adult swim (since it was ‘adult stuff’ my dad would always get pissy and say I couldn’t watch “that trashy crap”). Never managed to catch it all until recently.

Had bought the DVD at Walmart ages ago and only finally watched it. It’s so goofy I just love it, even though some parts I’m totally lost at. Ah well. I understand a lot more now than I used to! 15 months ago

ClocksDeclaring28. Princess Tutu

Initial reaction: WTF what is going on really over dramatic kiddish crap WHUT?Now… I’m not finished yet, only about halfway through, but I just want to know what happens! Mytho, I’m guessing/hoping because of his situation, seems way too submissive and… Complacent? And I’m watching it on Netflix, and they give Duck’s name there in the description, but nobody calls her anything but Duck… WHY?! D:

And there’s a lot of partial nudity despite its childishness. Not used to so much of that? (There’s really not that much I’m kinda overreacting…)

I also have a guess as to why the original creator gave Fakir his name… Simply by how they pronounce it. 8D But I stilllike him. 16 months ago

ClocksDeclaring27. Ao no Exorcist

Or Blue Exorcist.I read the manga initially (or, am reading the manga, I need to update that goal, too!), and I love it. The style really drew me in, and I like Rin. Lol

So now I’m watching the episodes on Crunchy Roll. ;3 Yey. 19 months ago

ClocksDeclaring26. Eden of the East

Definitely a new favorite. I thank my friend Jane for showing it to me ages ago. I finally got around to watching it and the first movie on Netflix, and watched the second online in Japanese with crappy subtitling. xD I ended up buying the show and movies on RightStuf.

It was totally worth it, Ithink. I like it enough, and this way I don’t have to worry about Netflix taking it away or something if I wanna watch it again. I love how it’s animated and the story is very interesting. Something that has you wondering throughout why the things that are happening ARE happening.

I just like it~ 22 months ago

ClocksDeclaring25. K-On!

Sadly can’t include a picture at the moment, but eh.Super cute show. Fully intend to buy the next season when I can afford to splurge on RightStuf again. :) 22 months ago

ClocksDeclaring24. Shuffle!

This one was an instance in which I should maybe have checked the rating before I started watching. At first it was mellow, then suddenly, BAM!

Panty shot!



Was not ready for that! xD But it was still pretty good! Kinda corny in some spots, but… hey, it’s a romance/comedy – usually corniness is natural. 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring23. Mushi-Shi

Haven’t seen this in awhile, actually. I should definitely re watch it!

It’s just… such an abstract and unique anime – the mushi, Ginko, the situations… it just reals you in with the mystery! Plus I love things like this, it’s just amazing to me. I’m normally not good at doing this anyway, but I can’t begin to describe. 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring22. Rozen Maiden

Forgot about watching this one. :P

Another one that’s goofy and weird but still keeps you watching. I like the idea and the character growth through the show – it shows that they’re actually changing, and in some shows you… can’t always see that, y’know? 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring21. Baka and Test

At first this show was just… stupid. I figured I’d watch the first episode even though it sounded ridiculous, and after the first episode… It seemed like they jumped in the middle of something in some ways and others it was…

Well, stupid. :P

But now I think it’s cute and goofy and I love the animation and the characters, design and personality.

Hideyoshi is totally my favorite. Not sure if that’s because he gets so much crap from is friends, but… Ha-ha, he’s just cute and silly.

I’m kinda sad there’s only 13 episodes for the series up on Netflix… which means I’ll probably try and find the manga to read. 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring20. Toradora

Another one I bought that’s only in Jap. thus far. Which is sad, but at the same time, meh.

It’s a high school-sy scene, but it’s another cute one. (Can you tell I’m not very good at talking stuff up? I don’t do these shows justice.) 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring19. Maid-Sama

God damn TokyoPop for shutting down in the US, because now the manga will most likely not be finishing in the foreseeable future.

So I bought the anime, which, as far as I’m aware, is only in Japanese.

:3 It’s so cute~

The picture I’m including probably won’t help my case in saying, “It’s not THAT kind of anime!” but I don’t care. I feel no shame in watching shows that include maids and stuff like that in them. Besides, it’s not like that, so whatever. /shrugs

I just like how feisty and independent the main character is. She’s a ball of fire, to be sure. And a real gentleman! (Woman!) 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring18. Fruits Basket

Another one lots have seen. Manga is much better than the anime; so much is lost in the transition… D: 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring17. Ouran High School Host Club

Because this is one that most people have seen, and it’s just cute. Plus I love how smooth and nice the animation is. :D 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring16. Soul Eater

Or, what I’ve got on Netflix of it, anyway. I really like it, and can’t wait to start reading the manga. :D The characters are just so goofy and serious… Makes for good times. 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring15. When They Cry

Or, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (I think).

This one is… different. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also a bit messed up at the same time.

Children that are psychotic-murders and torturers… Mm-hm. 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaringSo far...!

This sounds like a fun goal. :) It’s going to make me think now, though…

1. Yu Yu Hakusho
2. InuYasha
3. Fullmetal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood)
4. Cyborg 009
5. Code Geass
6. Black Cat
7. Case Closed
8. Tsubasa
9. Death Note
10. Shugo Chara
11. Zatch Bell
12. Jyu-Oh-Sei
13. Saiyuki
14. Karin

I’m sure I’ll think of more as soon as I shut my computer down, but… xD 2 years ago

ClocksDeclaring 2 years ago

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