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MarillaAnneMy Blog took over

My blog developed a life of it’s own … I couldn’t keep up with it all. Such is life. 8 years ago

bartzturkeymomI failed

I totally sabotaged myself and procrastinated, I did get something written, but not nearly enough. :) 8 years ago


this was absolutely awesome!

i met the 50,000 goal in 17 days. .8 years ago


I’m already planning a plot for my 2007 nano novel :D 8 years ago

DuraKaNPost-NaNo Meltdown

My life is a meaningless void. NaNoWriMo has come and gone, and left me a broken shell of the man I once was, but there will always be another November.

2 days after it all finished, I am struggling to occupy all the free time I’m not used to having, although I am quite enjoying the rest. Once I’ve rested for a week or two, who knows, I might even start doing something constructive. Maybe some writing, or I could actually build that damned charity website that I’m supposed to be building…

This year’s novel is terrible. I mean, it’s relatively cohesive, and it’s considerably more structured than last year’s, but last year’s was hilarious, and that’s what I was trying to achieve. Comparing the two, I think the standard of my writing has also deteriorated in the last year, which I find quite scary, but that might be due in part to the mad rush for words that I became entangled in, whereas last year I was perfectly content with 50,000.

Ah yes, my grand total for this year: 101,273 words.8 years ago

meijseI made it!

50543 words. 22 short stories. I can’t believe I actually did it. (I’m still having little moments of panic: “I didn’t get my word count in today! must write! Oh, wait..”) Definately doing this every November. 8 years ago


My last words around 9pm on Wednesday were “The End.” Feels great! Last night I luxuriated in not having to write anything, and tonight my husband and I are going out to celebrate. :) 8 years ago

Quest for FollyTime for a Nap

51,503 words

And, really my story is only halfway there. But this goal is done like dinner. Really, the whole exercise was quite foolhardy…I should have been preparing for the LSAT which is on Saturday. Instead, I have about half of an unreadable novel (read rough draft) which will do little good as far as law school admissions are concerned.

Regardless, this was still worth doing. And doing again, next year—I’m sure that first year of law school isn’t nearly as tough as they say… 8 years ago


I did it!

although the official word count claims 50200 or something. very weird indeed.

i’m so proud of myself. 8 years ago

Gareth ReynoldsOver for another year

I managed last year, after a 20,000 word week. This year didn’t require that much of an effort at the end although there was a seven day stretch of 18,000.

I think I should work out some sort of plot when I have my next attempt, things should go easier initially if I have some idea where the story is going. 8 years ago

sigsegvNot this year!

A combination of work and life getting in the way.

I did a marathon of another kind this November so I don’t feel so bad about this one. 8 years ago

James McMurryOh yeah...

I’d forgotten about this, and I’m pretty certain that it’s too late to start, since I have zero words at the end of November 26. Maybe next year. 8 years ago

SallyKittThough I've already technically won

I think I am going to continue to write at least 2000 words a day until the 30th. Pushing this way continues to unearth interesting results.

Have been working on the final scene, which is hard because that inner editor comes storming back in brandishing a rolling pin and trying to tell me this has to be done right or I’ll get a good whacking.

Stop it! I think my inner editor needs a name, so I can yell at her more personally…. 8 years ago

mejakaAnd in addition--

—I’ve finished the story. It took another 10K words and a lot of false starts. Interesting how once the 50K is there, I have a hard time sticking to the writing. I got all tangled up in circles researching and finally had to force myself to just get the story down and deal with the details later. Which is what I’d been doing for 50-thousand words, but for some reason it got much harder after I hit that mark. 8 years ago

SallyKittWhoo-dee-hooo-hooo! [dances a silly winner dance around the room, out into the yard, and back again]

50,364 words as of this morning! And the plot is winding down, and I think I see the last scene off there on the virtual horizon.

Chris Baty recommends continuing with the writing till the 30th, and I’m going to do that, because I can add back story and fill in some stuff toward the end.

I can’t say enough about what a wonderful, challenging, empowering experience this has been. 8 years ago

SallyKittTalking the Walk, part 2

Again, the DH comes through. I imagine that he must be pretty tired of my one-track noveling mind lately, but when we went out for a circuit of our neighborhood after the marathon writing day, he let me bounce ideas off of him.

And in telling him, what I thought had to happen next and what that would lead to I realized that my characters wouldn’t really do that. They weren’t built that way. They have to do something else, which leads to the basically hopeful outcome that I wanted to have for the book!

Turns out they left me breadcrumbs along the way. Now I know why there is a scene around the campfire, and what needs to be revealed there. It was like a placeholder for these things that I now understand about them.

I think I also have an opportunity to do something kind of exciting with the narrative style here, and that makes me very happy. I want to write literary fiction, and it’s thrilling to begin to understand that I might be able to take any sort of topic and give it a more thoughtful treatment. Others have done it, I just couldn’t see how. 8 years ago

SallyKittA 6089 word day

Thanks, Elerah, for telling me I could make my 45,000 word goal today. I did it!

Some one had to die for it, I’ll have you know. I wasn’t going to kill anyone, but, you know, I’ll take the Texan’s defense: “He just needed killin’.”

All I need to think about till Friday is turkey! 8 years ago

SallyKittWhenever you are ready to contemplate the post-NaNoWriMo life...

maybe you’d like to muse with me on the goal I just put up for myself. I know it can’t go on like this. I’ve been through revisions before.

I’m not suggesting that we all have to have the same strategy, but I’d like to hear how other progress. And I’d love it if we could continue to support and challenge each other through the rewriting. 8 years ago

elerahDing! Ding!

Well, the story is far from being finished but I just hit 50,000 words. This means while technically I’ve won, I am still going to be writing until midnight on the 30th and beyond into NaNoFiMo and probably beyond that as well, if I want to see things through to the last punctuation mark.

At least I don’t have to push as hard anymore. Pushing seems to be counter-productive to creativity for me but I still love NaNo.

I do hope I keep up enough enthusiasm for this story to finish it. This is the most I’ve written since the first of the year and it truly needed doing. It is nice to see how far I can get on very little planning. 8 years ago


I haven’t managed to drag the male lead through the story yet. I’m too wordy in NaNo writing mode. In my defense, there was a fair and I had to describe it. My main character had never been to an actual town before. I’m afraid it might have been a bit too much for her.

I’m a bit behind today thanks to one of my cats keeping me awake until 2:30 last night and then a trip to the dentist. Didn’t have anything done but an X-ray but it threw my writing routine off. I’ll have a coffee now and see if it returns.

Besides, no one told me your day’s writing quota has to end at midnight. 8 years ago

Quest for FollyWriting, Writing, Staring Intently into Space, Writing...

But of course, the very fact that I’m posting here is a give away that I’m not adding to my final word count. But, a short 43T distraction is probably a good thing as the innocent coffee shop customer sitting near me is starting to become a little unsettled by my (perceived) attentions.

I’m somewhere in the 16,000’s and won’t leave here until I’m at 20K. 8 years ago

elerahDidn't write at all yesterday

I was tired of staring at the screen and trying to fix everything together without murder or sex. Well, to be frank, addin sex right now is next to impossible, given the plotline and there’s no one who deserves killing…

I’ve decided to introduce the male main character for just a jot instead. Naturally, I have to work up to it. I have to work up to everything.

I’m looking for 3,000 words today. I might have to drunken WriMo after all. I never thought I would get tired of looking at the screen inside of 30 days. Maybe I’m losing my edge. Dunno.

Maybe a little wine will loosen things up. ;) 8 years ago


No, I’m still doing okay. It’s just that I was hoping to top 40K this weekend. And I would have if I hadn’t spent 4 1/2 hours trying to resolve computer problems. If I weren’t so obsessed with the word wars, I would have just written and not paid attention to the lack of Internet connection in our house.

Turned out the DH had pushed a button he wasn’t supposed to push and reset the network. Ugh. 8 years ago


I’ve got more story, but I don’t need any more wordcount!

And some of today was VERY funny. Nothing like having Curtis Stone walk into your novel and pick up your main character at the grocery store. I didn’t even know who he was until Wednesday, when I was sick and therefore watched TV (a rarity for me). And then, today, there he was, stalking my MC with his camera crew! 8 years ago

Quest for FollyOk, so I'm off... rather a slow start. But there is still time. People finished in less than 15 days! See, that suggests it’s still possible for me to win this thing. The first 3,000-4,000 words are just about finding my rhythm. Now I’m ready to sprint. No problem.

(Do I sound convincing?) 8 years ago

SallyKittHeading for 35, close.

I read the week three chapter of No Plot? No Problem! last night. I was not feeling good about where I was with the book. Felt like it’s a mish-mosh, which I understand it should be, but that my characters were pretty confused and so was I.

My solution every time I have hit a little wall is to throw my characters back into bed, which has kept all of our spirits up most of the time. But even the best gratuitous sex begins to make you feel like you’‘re spinning your wheels a bit, especially if you’ve identified your work as lit fic.

This morning I lay face down in bed for about 10 minutes after the alarm went off and suddenly—-! It was as Chris profesied! I suddenly saw that I had solved my main conflict during my first day’s writing!

All I have to do is make that solution the goal of the characters. I can find my way to that.

This morning at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf they had their first big fight! I’m so happy for them, even though I had to leave them in pain. I will go back later today and make it worse before it gets better. [giggles manically] 8 years ago

elerahDon'tcha just love

When characters you hadn’t even thought of at the beginning of the story not only materialize but prove themselves to be integral to the plot?

Yesterday my body denied me words. No words for yesterday. None. However today- WORDS. Wheee!

I’ve managed 3,650 today and I’ll probably write until 11pm as usual. Hopefully I’ll reach 5,000 or so. 8 years ago

elerahBack to one eye again

But going out to write in my special place. I need the words. I’m quite on a roll.

I had a shipment of incense in the mail today- this is relevant as it creates a lovely atmosphere that helps me to write. So I’m going out to burn some incense and reclaim my NaNo groove. I was so owning NaNo yesterday.

So good luck everyone. I’ll burn a stick for you as well.

I wish you all many words. 8 years ago


Wow. I wrote 4864 words today. I have 41 single spaced pages.

I’m not sure what this means at this point. A lot of it’s a mess, I think, but I could just as easily have been stumbling around in the dark for weeks instead of hours.

My characters are in big trouble. I’m not sure how to get them out of it. I hope they’re smarter than I am! 8 years ago

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