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Do or publish ten things that will bring wider attention to the Book of Mormon

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Progress: decent

Two days ago, someone passed me on the road and waved a Book of Mormon at me, while giving a thumbs up. So SOMEBODY noticed the BKFMRMN license plate, but do non-LDS? Do they care?

I’ve posted comments on popular articles about the Book of Mormon, and mentioned it many times on my own, but I haven’t given any out since last writing here, nor have I reached my sub goal of writing about it for any major publication, though I know the audience is out there.

Next: query specific markets about general BoM articles. 5 years ago


How? I write letters to the paper and news websites when the opportunity presents itself, I mention it frequently on my blog, but I want to do more. I want to do for the Book of Mormon what Carl Sagan did for astronomy.

Should I try to solicit general interest articles for mainstream magazines? Donate copies with challenges to study them to potentially-interested organizations? An ad campaign? A publicity stunt?! Arghhh! 5 years ago

HustonBrought it up again

An editorial about the Texas polygamy sect this week derided the Book of Mormon. I sent an email replying with considerate corrections. See my blog at gentlyhewstone.wordpress.com for details. 6 years ago


Added a relevant comment on an article at The Economist (http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10875666), and wrote a letter to the editor of the RJ about an atheist’s rant in today’s paper. We’ll see if that gets a thoughtful response. 6 years ago

HustonProgress report

Two big items of note recently:

First, I got a custom frame for my license plate (BKFMRMN) that says, “The Book of Mormon” on top and then, below, “Evidence for Christ: mormon.org.” I hope it gets some people to look at the web site and think.

Second, I sent a letter to a local paper recently about an essay that criticized the Church, and it got printed. They even put in my reference to MormonEvidence.com, Jeff Lindsay’s excellent site. I’ve been following that up by trading some emails with the editor. We’ll see if any good comes out of this. 6 years ago

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