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azileyesdnil100 fun things

1. tubing at the lake
2. tubing on a river
3. snowtubing
4. snowskiing
5. climbing – outdoors or in
6. riding my bike
7. being online… that’s a given
8. swimming
9. gardening (edible, not decorative)
10. singing… alone
11. listening to music
12. watching Lost
13. watching Surviverman and similar shows
14. cooking
15. logical thinking
16. doing math-related things
17. learning science-related things
18. laughing until my sides hurt
19. being silly
20. spending time with my sister
21. spending time with friends
22. bowling
23. horseback riding
24. being around animals, in general
25. camping
26. dancing… alone
27. seeing a good movie
28. being earth-friendly whenever possible
29. texting
30. IMing
31. people watching, specifically old people… TOO cute!
32. getting lost in my thoughts
33. learning new interesting things
34. being able to do something more efficiently
35. living in an organized home! Too bad I’m never able to keep up with myself. =’(
36. taking pictures of random things in nature
37. poking fun at friends or family… REALLY give them a hard time }=D
38. meeting new interesting people
39. remembering funny things that’ve happened
40. canoeing
41. doing something new and exciting
42. spearmint Orbit gum
43. getting my hair cut
44. shopping for clothes
45. grocery shopping
46. reading
47. doing “43 things” things
48. going on vacation with friends
49. helping elderly people
50. watching babies react to their environment
51. seeing other people “do the right thing”... with anything
52. building things
53. simplifying my life
54. being in love
55. kissing
56. sex
57. snuggling
58. getting dressed up (not that I do it all the time, though)
59. being involved in playing a good prank on someone
60. watching the trees sway in the breeze
61. anything playfully competitive
62. playing basketball
63. playing baseball or softball
64. caring for all beings, not just humans (including insects and “pests”)
65. going for a walk
66. eating an ice cream cone (vanilla softserve!)
67. eating some cheese pizza
68. cooking with things that I’ve grown or bought from someone else who has actually grown it
69. going to the farmer’s market
70. being physically exhausted after a good workout
71. being outdoors… cept when mosquitoes bite me =/
72. playing with a cute puppy
73. watching my cats play with each other
74. watching how animals act and noticing what and why they do things
75. watching animal shows
76. driving too fast (but I’ve not done this since I was much younger, it’s too stupid)
77. racing… pretty much any kind of a race
78. negotiating anything, because I’m damn good at it
79. receiving a compliment
80. giving a compliment
81. being clean (although I don’t enjoy the process of getting clean)
82. riding in a helicopter
83. visiting Hawaii
84. talking to friends, near and far
85. making to do lists, it keeps my head less jumbled
86. a good surprise
87. dreaming of flying (this has been a recurring dream all of my life)
88. having childish fun (Who says adults can’t be carefree, sometimes?)
89. baking
90. completing things and feeling that satisfaction
91. saving money
92. learning new ways to be earth-friendly
93. buying things online
94. selling things online
95. playing old Nintendo games from my childhood (NES!)
96. playing Guitar Hero
97. jumping on a trampoline
98. rollerblading
99. playing Monopoly
100. playing cards
101. (<—just because I can) doing things for loved ones 7 years ago

baj1985Saw it on my friends list....and decided to see if i could get 100 things too...

1.Watching Cavs games
2.Going to Cavs games
3.Spending time with my family
4.Playing poker
5.Playing video games
7.Listening to music
10.Playing with my brother’s kittens
12.Cleaning (I know it sounds weird, but I feel so much better doing it)
14.Doing surveys for money online
15.Playing board games
16.Spending time with friends
17.Going on random road trips
18.Driving around late at night when it’s nice out
19.Astronomy (looking at the night sky and knowing what’s there)
20.Going to the movies
21.Playing games with my mom
22.Playing games with my family
23.Writing letters
24.Getting letters
25.Getting mail
26.Writing down quotes
29.Going to yard sales
30.Having yard sales
32.Making money
33.Watching House
34.Watching Law and Order
35.Watching Family Guy
36.Spending time with my brother
37.Spending time with Leticia
38.Being stupid with Bobby
39.Being stupid with Amanda
40.Going to the drive-in
41.Watching movies
44.Completing things
46.Myspace (only making it look pretty other than that I don’t care)
47.Talking to Joe….(yeh…..)
48.Catching up with people
49.Getting freebies
50.Taking pictures
51.Making things (craftiness)
52.Talking to my dad about basketball
53.Seeing my mom’s family
54.Staying out until 5am being retarded at stores
55.Doing things for people
56.Helping people (it’s not the same as volunteering!)
57.Making cds
58.Playing poker online
59.Playing Skip-bo
60.Playing rummy
61.Telling my mom she cheats when we play a game and she’s winning
62.Going shopping with my mom
63.Putting money in my account
64.Leaving my money in my account (it doesn’t really happen but I love when it happens!)
65.Buying scrapbooking stuff
66.Buying new stuff
67.Going to pat catans with Leticia and she yells at me because I “make her buy things” crazy kid…
69.Going to my brother and soon to be sister-in-laws
70.Driving past goodwill with my middle finger up
71.E-mailing people
72.Using aim
73.Meeting new people
74.Filling out myspace surveys when I should be doing homework
75. Buying things for other people
76. Putting up Christmas decorations, only if people help though!
77. saw this on amanda’s and it’s so true…. dreaming about the day when a Cleveland team will win a championship
78. Watching Lebron and Andy hug and slap each other’s asses which makes me believe they are gay
79. Remembering the 90’s
80. Playing with chalk
81. Using google for stuff
82. Talking on the forum
83. Doing my nails
84. Doing my hair
85. Watching Access Cavaliers
86. Going on my mom’s company picnics…(this year it’s at jacob’s field for an Indians game….)
87. Putting pictures on flickr
88. Putting pictures in photo albums
89. Watching Fantasy Hoops
90. Watching NBATV
91. Hearing how my dad’s family is doing
92. Going to Target
93. Looking for things online
94. Writing
95. Singing
96. Just plain old being stupid (as in the time we held up signs saying honk for good charlotte, honk for world peace, and yet the good charlotte sign won….)
97. Doing lists just like this
98. Collecting things like Cavs stuff, my old key chain collection, good charlotte stuff
99. Using netflix for getting movies I refuse to pay 20 dollars for
100. Selling and buying things on 7 years ago


1. cooking gourmet meals
2. walking my dog
3. 43things
4. goal making
5. list making
6. eating out
7. writing cool letters
8. drawing art and jounal ideas
9. writing long emails
10. writing travel info
11. dressing comfortably
12. looking cute/hot
13. going to the park in a city
14. sitting in the sun
15. swimming in warm salt water
16. having my own laptop
17. gardening
18. playing with my dog
19. snowboarding
20. trying new sports
21. hiking
22. nature photography
23. editing and enhancing photos
24. graphic design
25. looking at and testing furniture
26. having plants in my house
27. growing veggies and herbs that I use
28. composting
29. IKEAstuff
30. decorating my house (minimally and tastefully and uniquly and creatively, and in a way people are amazed and love to be in it…)
31. changing furniture rearranging
32. impressing people
33. sirfing the net
34. buying and selling cars
35. health info
36. jewlery – creative
37. wearing cool necklasces
38. drinking
39. socializing
40. being funny
41. being intelligent in my own eyes and in the eyes of others
42. idea of building a house
43. home design
44. bbq’s
45. sitting on the deck in the sun
46. sitting by a fire
47. driving…sometimes
48. getting a good haircut that makes feel beutiful and confident
49. getting a massage, facial…
50. sitting in a hot tub, steam room, sauna
51. leisurely swimming in a nice warm swimming pool
52. eating outside
53. listening to music
54. listening to a new cd
55. learning the guitar
56. playing music in a fun and carefree it doesn’t matter that I totally suck kind of way with other people – noise making fun band whatever…
57. having a direction
58. feeling solid on a decision and carrying through with it
59. camping with a fire…
60. having and making impressive art in my home
61. being focused on an activity or project and actually completing it
62. meeting cool new people who I click with
63. hanging out with other people
64. having a family like feeling with my friends
65. drinking wine with friends
66. having great one on one conversations
67. doing q good job at work and feeling appreciqted for it
68. taking care of a garden
69. taking classes
70. snowboarding in powder
71. having cute guys tell me they think I am cute
72. getting free food
73. getting huge discounts for being a local
74. hanging out with my friends at work
75. helping at the ER
76. snowmobiling
77. sledding
78. snowboarding in powder
79. doing a huge styley jump on my snowboard
80. buying gifts for people
81. visiting my family
82. kissing passionately
83. being affectionate with someone I love
84. dressing hot
85. wearing soft snuggly pajamas
86. snuggling up in soft blankets
87. cooking for other people
88. making other people feel better
89. being liked by other people
90. test driving new cars
91. making angels in the snow
92. cleaning my house and relaxing in it afterwards
93. living with my fiancé
94. buying a new car
95. getting large tips at work
96. doing a good job, and being noticed/rewarded for it
97. sitting at the top of a moutain after the hike up
98. sitting alone on the beach
99. playing with the sand at the beach
100. talking with my friends 9 years ago

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