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August Bootcamp: Getting Back on Track!

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JulieJordanScottI did this, just didn't write much

it has been a surreal, wobbly, woozy time.

And yes, life is better because I am on track physically. Will move on to September now 3 years ago

SlayneBIt worked

I like these goals, got stuff done, and now on to September. 3 years ago

aswedishlimeOh September...

How did you sneak up on me??

So no more August, and am I back on track? Yes and no.

I changed my name at one more place – my health insurance. Still have a few more places to go.

I did not update my resume yet, but I’ve had plenty to keep that goal at the forefront. Looked into Resume Magic on the library catalog. Have poked around at a major job board for nonprofits. I need to be more focused and take myself more seriously.

I’ve done some decluttering. The Flood made me realize that I have a lot of stuff that just hangs out on the floor. We have a houseguest due to arrive any moment and did a major overhaul of the living room. J joked that he didn’t know what the floor looked like vacuumed. Har! I updated my vision binder (where I store clips from magazines and catalogs). At work, my office was completely rearranged after my boss moved her office and knocked a hole in my wall for a new door between our two spaces. So far so good, but still more to do. Maybe always? Hrmmmm. Baby steps.

Eating fairly well. Still shopping at the farmers market. Made a delicious stuffed zucchini dish with fresh cut corn, fresh tomatoes, chipotle peppers, and cilantro. J’s been grilling a bunch with his new grill. We are enjoying good food.

So, getting back on track may still need to continue, but sure yeah, the track is there, and at the very least I’m skipping back and forth over it. 3 years ago

smartstuffA Dilettante's Good Faith Effort

To even say that I gave this goal a “good college try” would probably be an overstatement. Most 3rd graders could have stayed on track better than I have. Definitely feeling very FFS when it comes to getting things in order for September. 3 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperProgressing along the tracks

This month flew by, and I’m happy to say I made decent progress in every area I wanted to, although I’m still trying to catch up with everything that’s happened. Some important & longtime goals have been checked off, while others are being devoured like a bicycle, a little bit at a time. I’m very much looking forward to September. 3 years ago

tangerine_nowSo I didn't actually participate.

It was on my list because I wanted to keep an eye on the appearance of the September boot camp. It worked. :D 3 years ago


August has passed by and I didn’t even notice. No registered progress but a lot gotten done. I need to work on the fitness goals a bit harder so as not be discouraged by this ugly discouraging weather. But I have managed to get my whole life back on track (ahem, except sports/fitness but it’s not that bad after all). I have pushed the house project, I have had nice time with friends, I have had fun time singing and playing guitar, I have had opportunity to speak up for myself… yes, I’m definitely back on the right track. Now to keep it up! 3 years ago

LisaLast day of August

Today was perfect in that I woke up early without an alarm, felt relatively serene, made both of my appointments and came home and studied in a focused manner. I am very happy with today.

1. Chant each morning and to do the CAVE (journal writing process) each night before I go to bed.
Chanted this morning. Will CAVE now.

2. Maintain my FLY routines.
*Yes! Need to catch up on today’s mission tomorrow when it cools down, but dishes are done, etc.

3. Continue with taking public trans as often as possible
Drove today, and that was part of the plan.

4. Take 1-2 yoga classes a week.
Yoga class tomorrow

5. Continue with gluten and sugar free meals three times a day.
Trying but had pasta today. I’m a little cashpoor right now and raiding my pantry.3 years ago



... and I’m feeling great. Definitely back on track with more exercise, and when I do that, I feel so much better and healthier. A good month all round. Bring on September…! 3 years ago


and done! 3 years ago

dragonfly35August Bootcamp Summary

  • Cook 6 times in August.COMPLETE
  • Follow vegan eating goalGood enough (20/21)
  • No stealing chocolates from the class prize box at all in August!Good enough(just 1 in the whole month)
  • No more than 4 special treats at work in August, and only take one of whatever it is.COMPLETE
  • 20 minutes of meditation a day in August10 min yesterday, 20 today. Not complete. But I feel like I’ve made good strides in getting back on track in the last two weeks and I’ll do better in September
  • 10 yoga classes in AugustCOMPLETE (went on Sunday and off to my last one now)
  • Run 75 miles in AugustCOMPLETE 78.06 miles
  • Do leg exercises 12 times in August.6/12 – Have not done this since the 25th and can’t do on double exercise days like today. Getting there, and will do better in September.
  • Floss daily18/31. Could be worse.3 years ago

Tiisi does not share entries outside 43T & asks the same.September Bootcamp

goal is here

I didn’t see where anyone had posted it here and I think the theme is brilliant. Thanks, Moose! 3 years ago

Tiisi does not share entries outside 43T & asks the same.It's the last day of August. Damn.

I did clean a bit yesterday and it was refreshing to wake up and look at a clean bit of room rather than random papers stacked everywhere. I haven’t been to the gym lately. I slept ten hours last night and am still exhausted and considering talking to my doc about a sleep study. My insomnia seems to have no pattern, so I’m not optimistic. My father has slept through the night less than a half dozen times in his entire 84 year life. I know because he’s started sleeping in his chair and he got a full night’s sleep and was astounded, as it had happened only a few times since he was a small child. The insomnia affects my mood and my motivation to go to the gym or take a walk. It affects how much energy I have after work. It affects damn near everything.

Including how whiny my entries have been today. Sorry about that. 3 years ago


SLEEP: OK, about seven hours. The alarm frightening the shit out of me this morning though, I was deep in sleep.


COFFEE: one and a quarter big mugs.

WATER: a litre and a half so far, but working on it.

WORK: did work work, and started on an application, but was kind of stymied by today’s emotional content and spent a lot of time crying :-(

breakfast: a piece of wholemeal toast with peanut butter, ground flaxseed, peanut butter.
lunch: a salad of Israeli couscous with olives, tomatoes, feta, spring onion, sautéed courgette, tahini
late PM snack: half a slice of wholemeal toast w/ PB and CC
dinner – half a homemade pizza (HA made a LOT of dough) with goat cheese, olives, capers, tomato sauce, courgette, and some salad. 3 years ago

TriniprincessAnd there goes August...

Beautiful August brought me to the things I want to continue doing. It allowed me the time to complete many things I had been putting off and now my slate is fairly clean moving into the last part of the year. I’ve changed my sleeping schedule (which wasn’t even one of my aspirations at the beginning…but things just fell into place), started back using lists and schedules to keep me in order and made some very important decisions. So here’s to August…it has been good to me! Onward to September…. 3 years ago

sharnae1986Goodbye August, Hello September

I didn’t start out this bootcamp with precise goals which I kind of wish I had of now, but during august I have increased my daily water intake and given up smoking (2weeks and 3days now!. So this month and this bootcamp has done me well =) congrats to all participants for achieving your goal/ if not, becoming more aware of your actions and making proactive effort to better your life! Thank you bootcamp creator!! PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL :O) SPRING IS HERE!!!!! 3 years ago

GypsyTuesday Aug 31st - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!

Mind – Mindful eating pretty good today… all things considered.

Body – Nada. In some pain, don’t want to make things worse.

Soul – Came home at lunch time to get away from work for half an hour, my mental health demanded it today. Had a good cuddle with Jeff after a bit of a cry. Stress-be-gone!!

Last day of August – my 8th official bootcamp month! Yay! Bring on September! 3 years ago


It’s the last day of August, and this goal served me well. I do feel back on track with eating healthily (no “white foods”) and with exercise (morning & evening). The rawr is back! 3 years ago


SLEEP: not bad, went to sleep at midnight-ish, up at 9.30. Actually that’s quite a lot. Sleepy now though.

EXERCISE: 20 minutes of home Zumba – I really felt like I was craving it. I’m pretty sure I’m ready to get back to class, but I’m afraid I’ll torque my knee again doing it in my running shoes so I’m sorely tempted to invest in some less-grippy more Zumba friendly shoes like these.

COFFEE: about three small cups, maybe four. More than is ideal.

WATER: Shit, I knew I’d forgotten something.

breakfast: two pieces of wholemeal toast, one with peanut butter and banana, one with light Philadelphia and Marmite.
lunch: a corn on the cob with butter and chilli flakes, a spoonful of hummus, a piece of bread and cheese with lettuce.
dinner: smallish amount of Headapollo’s homemade pizza – his first successful try, and he was nervous because every other time the dough hasn’t cooked right but this time it was soooooo good.
snacks: some Swedish fish, a small bag of plain crisps. 3 years ago

AbsnasmTwenty nine.

SLEEP: a bit crap – I stayed awake till HA came home from his poker game at 4am, and although I got six or seven hours it didn’t feel like enough.

EXERCISE: um… no.

COFFEE: about one and a half big cups again.

WATER: again, no, it’s the weekend OK? Jeez.

very late brunch (ie early-middle afternoon): wholemeal toast x2, half an avocado, chilli sauce, ground flaxseed, scrambled egg with caramelised onion and feta (again, would have been just as good without – must break my feta dependency).
about 5pm ish: nibbles at my friends’ going-away party – some dark chocolate Hobnobs, munchy seeds, olives, gallons of her special blend of tea which I’ll never get to have again, boooo :-(
late: the last of that aubergine and peanut soup, a couple of bits of bread. 3 years ago

GypsySunday 29th and Monday 30th...

Mind – Mindful eating is going fairly well… I still have my moments, but I’m fairly aware of what I’m stuffing in my mouth these days!! Hahaha!

Body – Nothing much the last 2 days. I’ve been feeling a little off, so being careful with myself. My back has been quite sore, so I don’t want to push it. Did housework on Sunday (mopped the floors, our whole house is tiled apart from the 3 bedrooms, so it takes some effort!!) danced a little bit while I did the dishes (getting in touch with my inner crazy chick) and tonight (Monday night) I plan to do some squats.

Soul – That Forum I attended on Friday where I heard Robyn Moore speak has really stuck with me. I am very aware of choosing to be positive and not always telling the absolute truth when someone randomly says “How are you?” at work. I find that when asked that, I usually tell the truth, which frankly, lately has been kind of negative. Right now for instance I have a niggly pain in my lower back, my right shoulder is hurting, I have a headache (which I had for 4 days solid last week, so I’m a bit scared it will do the same this week) and my stomach feels a bit off. I’m not sick – but I don’t feel 100% fabulous either… but you know what – saying “Ohh.. yeah, I’m okay I guess…” with a bit of a sigh makes me feel sorry for myself as I think about how I really feel, and it makes the person who asked either sorry that they asked, or makes them think about their annoying little pains. I’m not suggesting that I’m about to never tell anyone if I’m in pain or feeling sick – but I’m going to do myself a favour and keep it to myself if it’s only minor stuff. Today, 4 people came into the office and (unsolicited by me) told me all of their problems and pains, and then they said, “So, how are you going?” So to each and every one of them I replied, “I’m fabulous thanks! Life is great!” It made them smile and prompted conversations about the fun things they did on the weekend… so by the time each of them left, I really did feel fabulous, they were smiling and laughing and feeling happy and the negative energy of their tales of woe had completely lifted! I changed tactics at home too… whenever I ask Jeff how his day has been, I get a tirade of complaints about his incompetent boss… so instead, I asked, “What was the best thing that happened today?” (Didn’t mention his boss even once!!)

Okay – so, I’ve babbled on a bit tonight… but after being all positive and passionate today (even if I WAS pretending at first!) I’m feeling very enthused!!

Hope you all have a fabulous day (or night!!)

Oooh – has a September Bootcamp been planned yet?? 3 years ago

redbanditaNow, that worked out! Not.

OK, I’ve been shite at even attempting to come close to get near to approaching this goal.
I’ve been lazy, used every excuse in the book and the only calories I was watching were those going into my mouth: In 3 weeks, I have eaten nearly two glases of crunchy peanut butter and within 24 hours, two big packs of Häagen Dasz.
I have a date for yoga, tomorrow.
Still, I can’t get motivated to do ANYthing.

Not a happy camper and certainly not on track. AGain, Pffffffffff. 3 years ago

Tiisi does not share entries outside 43T & asks the same.Now that's a hike!

Mr. Yes and I, and our friend’s extraordinarily sweet but horribly trained pit bull puppy, logged 5.81 miles of hill hiking. I can feel it in my hips and a teeny bit in my knees. We were both tired afterwards and Mr. Yes fell asleep on my lap at the friend’s house when we returned the still energetic pup.

we were both surprised at our, uh, perkiness later that night

Other than that, one cardio visit to the gym. I didn’t go today, but I did stretch out a bit. I’ve started a havingness journal, where I list everything I have. It’s an interesting exercise. I imagine it will reveal more as I write more; I aim to fill the entire journal.

I’d like to bump myself back up to four gym visits a week in September, but I’m not sure if it will happen. Too many rules and I rebel and do nothing. Not an attractive trait in anyone over three, but there you go. 3 years ago

dragonfly35Almost there - August 29

  • Cook 6 times in August.COMPLETE
  • Follow vegan eating goal18/21 done.
  • No stealing chocolates from the class prize box at all in August!Still just one for the month.
  • No more than 4 special treats at work in August, and only take one of whatever it is.3/4. I think I can call this done!
  • 20 minutes of meditation a day in AugustOnly did 10 minutes on Friday and none yesterday or today (yet). A bit distracted by my mom’s being here.
  • 10 yoga classes in August8/10 – #9 planned for tonight
  • Run 75 miles in August74.91 miles after running yesterday and today. Unbelievable! I am just 0.09 miles off this goal. :) Will run 3 miles on Tuesday so I will complete.
  • Do leg exercises 12 times in August.6/12 – Forgot to do this yesterday and it’ll be too much today on top of a 5-mile run and a yoga class so I’ll do just one more set on Monday.
  • Floss daily17/31 still. Not doing well since my mom arrived. No earthly reason why she should affect my flossing… :)3 years ago

happygrandmaOverdoing pushes me off the track?

Except for a little bit of housecleaning,I sat on my butt on the computer for over 12 hours yesterday. This was mostly intense, work- producing labor. I put up a couple of new sites, read some really instructive entries, listened to some others, and wrote a lot. None of it was trivial, or time wasting.
I have come to the conclusion that I am trying to do too much in building my online business. I need to back down a little. Obviously one of the areas suffering is my poor house. So I have come up with a system, thanks to Martha Stewart, not really a big fan, but I came across a couple of helpful check-lists. Is there a Martha Stewart for building an online business. Hmmmm, need to write one if not. Do abc, everyday, week, month etc. 3 years ago

AbsnasmTwenty eight.

SLEEP: lots of this, despite my friend A texting me with non-urgent stuff at 8.30am and waking me up – how many times do I have to ask her not to do this, aaaargh?

EXERCISE: nil, still got an iffy back/shoulder

COFFEE: one and a half big cups

WATER: um… I completely forgot this one. I drank a lot of wine, does that count?

FOOD: inadvertently a lot of vegan food yesterday, possibly lacking in protein though.

breakfast: weekend croissant (obviously not vegan)
lunch: wholemeal sandwich with avocado, grated carrot, hummus, lettuce, tomato, ground flaxseed.
home-alone dinner: roasted mushrooms filled with hummus and a bit of feta (would have been better without either, tbh), a corn on the cob, four smashed roasted potatoes (made by brushing with oil rather than slathering as per the recipe, which was much better and crispier). A mini lemon cheesecake. Two glasses delicious white wine – going to have to make a note of the type cos it was sooooo grapefruity and yummy.
snacks: late-night drunk snack – some oatcakes and hummus/light Philadelphia and Marmite; a few Swedish fish (hooray for non-gelatine jelly sweets!). 3 years ago

LisaDays 28 & 29:

Tail is wagging the dog for me timewise. I’ve been waking up much later than I’ve planned and then today, I started having a sneezy hayfever attack. I feel like I need to cultivate my energy. Planning to do probiotic therapy and beef up my supplement intake, and of course, eat three healthy meals a day.

1. Chant each morning and to do the CAVE (journal writing process) each night before I go to bed.
Missing the morning chants for the last couple of days and keeping up with the evening routine.

2. Maintain my FLY routines.
Doing okay on this.

3. Continue with taking public trans as often as possible
I’ve been driving a lot. The Metra changed the schedule and I’m trying to adjust to it. It’s fine for working during the day, but at night, I’d have to wait almost an hour to catch the train home. Maybe just need to accept that I’ll need to take the CTA with it’s long commute, hard seats, and occasional crackheads and drunks.

4. Take 1-2 yoga classes a week.
Friday was one of the days I way overslept.

5. Continue with gluten and sugar free meals three times a day.
Going well. Addicted to gluten free waffles.3 years ago

GypsySeptember goal?

Is there a September goal guys? Is anyone keen on Bootcamping next month? :-) 3 years ago

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