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keep life simple.

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Leah Avery-Walkingtondeclutter my life

I organize homes for a living but don’t have the time to get my own life on track . I want to simplify my life by letting go of personal items and saying the positive no more often . I’m not supermom just mom . 3 years ago

jennifer_mathewKeeping life simple

Im not sure how to do this. Stopping watching tv is one thing Ive done- from July 8 2009. So, one step at a time.

Im expecting a watch with reminders- i will set an alarm on the hour. 4 years ago

Peter BelisiJoy is simple - I need to remember that.

Sometimes I make things difficult. The 1st principle to simplicity is forgiveness. Your mind will spend a lot of time resenting if you let it. The 2nd principle is contentment. When we aren’t happy with what we have, we jump through all kinds of complex hoops. 6 years ago

michiatoLife is simple

I have been trying to keep my mind free , Free from tension , pain & suffering ,so as to keep life simple .
But at the end of the day , i am in a dilema on life .
Is my life going fine ? Is somebody trying to downfall me ? Am i loosing it in life ?
Such Thoughts comes into the mind , which makes life not so comfortable .
I try understanding that these thoughts are not required, as my life is going smoothly .
The thing that comes into my mind is , iam not doing anything useful , anything lucrative , not being close to my family when they need me & when i need them & being lazy .

Moreover,as i finsh my work , i feel i need to go home ,relax and enjoy moments with my family, be helpful to them in al ways possible & take rest , but by the time i am home , again negetive thoughts comes in , i think bout my life , my ex gf, if she can live without me , the times when i have hurt her ,i am doing right by not being in touch with her . The things that i could have have done , but didnt , which would have done things better . when such thoughts comes in iam in seriuos dilema & suffering , iam not able to concentarte on the now 7 presene of myself and around .This way even at home , i am not at peace . I seriuosly making it a point to live with peace , love & joy for myself mother nature , my family & life . 6 years ago

polausneeds reminding

we make life too hard and complicated. i’m awfully curious out of nature and have like most people thought about the meaning of it long and hard out of every possible angle. that life is simple is my conclusion. there is an answer to all questions, every one, but 99% of us bypass them naturally. keep it simple with an open mind, respect and love your brother and mother earth. 8 years ago


So, I’m a drama queen. And I like to share my drama. But my drama has gotten me into huge trouble recently and now I know how to file a TRO….

Maybe it is time for me to go back to law school?

But in any case, I’ve found that 43Things has helped me complete my Peace Corps application and get my mind moving and figuring out what I want to do.

So I’m good at starting projects but bad at completing them.

I want to use 43 Things to help me finish my many, many projects for a healthier me instead of always trying to spin my wheels…. 8 years ago

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