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MindieselFallout by Ellen Hopkins

Crap! I didn’t know this one was out! I’ve read all of her books, except this one. I just found out about it last night.

I must buy this soon. 3 years ago


So, I have a lot of cables that are around my desk often. Laptop charger, iPod cable, phone charger, ipod wall charger…

And we have two little kittens that would love to sink their teeth into them.

To prevent said kittens from destroying these important cables, I’ve hidden them in drawers when I’m not in my room… but that’s starting to be a hassle.

So I think I’ll go to Ross and try to find a cheap basket with a lid. So I can just put them in there and slide them under my desk when they’re around. 3 years ago

MindieseliPod Case

There is an adorable Kate Spade iTouch case at the Apple store. Unfortunately I cannot find a large enough picture of it online, so you’ll to trust me when I say that it’s adorable.

I want it so badly. I’ve visited the store a couple of times while in the mall just to stare at it longingly.

But it is around $45… and I’m not willing to pay that much for a plastic accessory, despite my love for my iTouch.

Perhaps someday when I have a surplus of money. If that day ever comes.3 years ago


I need to replace mine. I’ve had them for over a year. I wore them out last winter; they were so comfortable!

EDIT: I completely forgot that these shoes would be going out of season, and waited until last night to buy some. I couldn’t find any anywhere. :( 3 years ago

MindieselStrawberry Lollipops

I need to buy lots! For the girlfriend. :)

Edit: I bought a package of suckers today. I picked out all of the strawberry ones, and put them away for her. 3 years ago


I want you so badly.

EDIT: This past week, my grandmother bought me a pair of black converse. It soothed the craving for this pair of converse. :) 3 years ago

MindieselAE Messenger Bag

I found this here.

I LOVE it. I think it’s so cute, and it would solve all of my issues with purses. The color would match everything, it would fit all of the crap I want to bring everywhere. Oh, Universe, please drop $40 into my lap.

EDIT: I recently found a messenger bag for only $10 that I actually liked better than this one. I bought it! Problem solved (and money saved!). 3 years ago

MindieselPurple and White Stud Belt

I found one here.

It’s not too expensive, so maybe this will be one of the first things I buy, when I’m able to. 3 years ago

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