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Went to lunch with EJ last week and invited P to walk during work. It seems small and they are both coworkers, but these are steps for me. 3 months ago


So this weekend I organized having E and G meet. I’ve been dating G for like almost 4 months and E has heard so many stories but hasn’t met him, so we went out to V5 on Sat night. It was fine, we had conversations and about 3 beers. It wasn’t a blast but it wasn’t awkward either. I’m glad they met, I was soooo worried and anxious about setting up the get together. I hate bringing people who won’t know each otehr together. It cuases me so much anxiety. Aw well, they met. Now it won’t be awkward because it was beginning to be a little strange. At least now E knows what G looks like (she thinks he’s cute). 14 months ago


I ran into A so I felt like I should invite her to hang out, but I haven’t seen her in a while and would love to catch up so we are hanging out on SAturday. Then I haven’t seen S either, so I txted her that I miss her and wanted to hang out. I got a message saying that she was really busy but maybe on Friday. I don’t know why exactly, but I was a little turned off. I’d rather go to PR with L FRiday night. Ugh why is S being like this! Shes just been so distant for the past…..oh I don’t know 7 months! 2 years ago


I’m so Gddamn Fck!n Pissed! This weekend I invited a lot of friend to the Cadallac Ranch becuae my sister can come out to bars now and I wanted to bring her out with my friends and go to that cheesy place. I let people know WEEKs ahead of time that this was happening and that it was important to me. Fast forward to last night hours before we are supposed to leave….all my goddamn Fck!n “friends” bail on me. Fck that Sht. I was so upset, whenever they want to go out anywhere I go, even if it’s the ranch or Zen and I don’t want to. This was really fckin important to me and evryone bailed. I almost wasn’t going to go myself I was so upset. But I ended up going, and it was good that I did. I got in a better mood, my sister and J may have felt a little lost without me, and proabably wouldn’t have road the bull or did the line dances (or got to make fun of CJ, haha). So my friends suck, but I sucked it up, went without them, and ended up having a blast.

Also, I was going to makethe big trip to NJ to visit K tommorrow. He JUST let me know he can’t make it. Fck him. I’m done making plans and having people bail on me the last second. It really hurts my feelings. 2 years ago


So today during my meeting S mentioned that she wanted to get more into yoga and pilaties. I was going to teach a class right after the meeting so on the fly I invited her to come to class. I was so surpsied and flattered that she took me up on my offer.She ended up coming to my class. NOw I think I’ll feel a lot closer to her and maybe we’ll do it again next week. 2 years ago

chibodyworks 2 years ago

paulag1 2 years ago


I invited B to the beach next week….we’ve never hung out just the two of us together but I’m really excited for it. I also have plans to hang out with Joni. I called her and reconnected a bit so I guess this is sort of progress. 2 years ago

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