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"Kidnap" someone for their birthday.


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PattyTrishBut with varied results!

I was part of a “kidnap” of one girlfriend – we drove her to see “Rocky” (I), which tells you how long ago that was…she had been hinting about wanting to see the film for several weeks…good time had by all!
Then, we all “kidnapped” another girlfriend, drove her to the mall and took her to an ear-piercing booth. She had been talking about getting her ears pierced. However, once we removed the blindfold she was ambivalent about it; she wanted pierced ears, but not until after she married as she didn’t want holes in her ears for the wedding (she wasn’t even dating anyone at the time, so go figure). I don’t recall whether she went through with it or not…been too long and I missed the wedding several years later! 8 years ago

SweetAsCarrotsEver seen the movie "Jawbreaker"?...

Horrible movie…but great idea!

Put on a mask and barge into your friends house early in the morning. Tie them up, gag them, throw ‘em in the trunk of your car…and take them to breakfast!

How mouch fun would that be? And of course, in payment for scaring the shit out of them, you have to foot the bill.

Oh, the price we pay for entertainment at our friend’s expense… 8 years ago

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