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Take better care of my appearance

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ClumsyPanda 2 years ago

quidditiesA Jump Backwards

I’ve spent most of the year signed off work with depression. The past month or so I’ve started to feel so much better but realised how much I’ve been neglected myself lately.
I’m still having off days but at the moment I’m focusing on getting up, having a shower, brushing my teeth, and taking note of what I wear. Very basic level of care but small steps are needed right now. 9 months ago

BurningBrightly 11 months ago

user43695 14 months ago

quidditiesLittle Goals

I think I’m going to start having mini monthly goals to help this along. This’ll make it more manageable and hopefully help develop good habits.

For February I’m going to try to wear earring most days. 14 months ago

sonambula 15 months ago

bnii 15 months ago

Jill LaSala 15 months ago


I´ve put much more effort into my wardrobe. I kind of have found a style, bought a lot of new clothes, gave away a lot too. So at least the risk of wearing something ugly is limited. Overall my fashion style has improved.
I have new glasses and a new hairstyle.
BUT need to get more regular in skincare routine, gym, make up…. 15 months ago

Crazy Dreamer 2012 17 months ago

user37411 19 months ago

Faine Katres 21 months ago

anniejmartian 2 years ago

babyg4567 2 years ago

variiibrows ;)

Got my eyebrows threaded last weekend, Ive been wanting to do it for quite a while now! It was kinda exciting to me because it was the first time, didnt know what to expect. Its less painfull than waxing, however its more painful than tweezing to me personally. Thats mainly because they are “pulling” or threading several hairs at once…so like tweezing but multiplied by however many hairs.
Not a bad experience, I might however go to a different place next time. :) 2 years ago

chicknvnc 2 years ago

QuirkyLady 2 years ago

yukizhan1989 2 years ago

fauxfaux 2 years ago

Chococyn 2 years ago

variii 2 years ago


This is not going so well.. It is so hard when i get back from work to make an effort to get changed into a nice outfit when all I want to do at the moment is get into my pjs. 2 years ago

dragonfly35 2 years ago

dragonfly35I'm still not that good at this

but I’ve definitely improved. I’m teaching often enough (four days a week in yoga classes) that I’m much more aware of “upkeep” of my hands and feet in particular, and I’ve also gotten myself some more teaching clothes. I’m a bit more conscientious about getting my hair cut in a timely manner. I need to more regularly take care of my skin, but in general, I feel much more presentable these days. I think I’ll go ahead and retired this goal for now. 2 years ago

dragonfly35Redid my nails again

but honestly did a pretty bad job. I’m trying to be careful and make them look good but just haven’t been that successful since the first time. I’m not very good at this!

At least I’m keeping my hands and feet looking passable for class. I’ve been steaming my face the last couple of days because it was breaking out after using sunscreen on it in Yosemite, but I didn’t have the oil with me to use. It needs a good treatment tonight or tomorrow.

I did get a fantastic haircut! My stylist did an exceptional job this time. 2 years ago

strawberry_shortcake 2 years ago

dragonfly35This has been sliding in a bad way

since I’ve been so busy. Redid my toenails today; I didn’t do as good a job as I did last time, and I need to throw out the first polish I tried to use, but it turned out fine in the end. Definitely would not be mistaken for professional, though. I’ll try again soon.

I also pampered my fingernails a little.

Still being very spotty about remembering the other aspects of hand and foot care and about my skin as well. (Luckily, my skin isn’t too spotty. Just my skin care.) 2 years ago

prettyinpinktwilight 2 years ago


seems to have become my “vanity day” for various reasons. Tomorrow I have my teaching demo so this week I was extra careful with the pedicure. Honestly, I usually rush through putting nail polish on my toes, figuring no one will notice, and it doesn’t look very nice. Today’s isn’t perfect – there are some minor flaws and I wouldn’t charge money for it – but it is much nicer than my usual. I also took the time to trim and buff my fingernails and put on cuticle oil and lotion.

Still really am not doing the OCM on my face and it shows that I’m not. If I have time this evening, I’ll do it. 2 years ago


So I accidentally spent some money on a new bag. It wasn’t a lot of money – only $20 (though that seems like a lot this month). But it falls under the category of taking better care of my appearance… right? 2 years ago

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