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Strengthen my abs

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Core strengthening exercises

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FeeLizMore or less

Have been doing exercises lately. Irregularly, but better than nothing. It feels good and I feel motivated to continue… 2 weeks ago

Verinsess 4 weeks ago


15 Ab-sessions this month. Good. 2 months ago

FeeLizBeen a good girl

One of my good intentions for this new year is to regularly exercise chest-, abdominal-, and back muscles. If I don’t reach 10 times / month, I’ll donate to a good cause that month (yes, failure can have a positive side :-p). If I make it to 15 or 20, I’ll treat myself to special treats. So far so good: 4 out of 5 days. 3 months ago


Last week I once again started with ‘from now on I’ll do abs or back exercises every day!!’ and kept it up for a full… 2 days. Way to go. 4 months ago

LunaLizzard 4 months ago

FeeLizNow and then...

Now and then I practice a workout called ‘core rythms’ which is supposed to strengthen abs. Don’t really feel anything though. Now and then I do some yoga-ab exercises. Now and then I do some other ab-thingies. I think it might not be enough… :-) 6 months ago

FeeLizWhat abs?

Ashamed of myself…7 months ago

love4shadow 8 months ago

Rebecca 13 months ago

FeeLizWeek 4

Week 4 check. As of next week, I’ll ad a series of yoga exercises to incorporate weekly. That way I can work on 2 goals at the same time: practicing yoga 5 times a week and strengthening my abs. Should als incorporate exercises for my back muscles. Having waaaayyyy too many troubles with my back :-( 14 months ago

FeeLizWeek 3

check 14 months ago

FeeLizWeek 2

Week 2 didn’t go quite as well as the first one. I got some really bad news in the middle of the week that knocked me out so my head wasn’t really up to anything. However in the last days of the week I did the exercises that I needed to catch up on and finished on schedule. This morning I already did 3 of the 7 series for the week. Going well. 14 months ago

FeeLizWeek 1

Week 1 – check. Very easy. 14 months ago

FeeLiz1st step

So, I’m making aminiture first step towards stronger abs. I’m doing 1 exercise twelve times daily, a different one each day of the week. According to the training manual I’m supposed to do all 7 of them each day 12 times, but i know myself, I’d keep that up 2, max 3 days. However there are no excuses whatsoever for not doing 1 exercise, it takes me 3 minutes tops. It’s better than nothing (my muscles are actually aching!) and it’s a good first step. I’ll try keeping this up for a good while and then reevaluate! 14 months ago

FeeLiz 14 months ago

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