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deflower a virgin


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adebanjihow to deflower a virgin

i just want to know how to go about it 3 years ago

pinkyolais that real?

is that real that u r gonna teach us? 4 years ago

agincourt_191Desi, Shelley, Helen, Nancy, Jennifer. Who's next

Not sure how to post this if it’s done more than once. 5 years ago



how 5 years ago

hansolduronI like it

But the problem is the consequences. Don’t you agree ? 6 years ago

RobOf course...

I am kidding. I don’t want to do this again. I’m not quite that dirty. I did believe in purity once. I don’t want to ruin such a thing. It seems disgusting to do at this age. 6 years ago


Well worth doing 7 years ago

Wiggum224Strange how things like these happen

Not that I’d had mass amounts of sexual experience when I was younger (actually, none at all), yet two of the three partners I’ve had in my life were virgins beforehand.

The first had endured a bad relationship with an abusive ex-boyfriend—she’d gone “almost” all the way with him but never did take the final step. I guess she felt comfortable with me.

The second just happens to be my wife, who had her own reasons for maintaining her virginity before we met, and she just felt connected enough with me that she was ready when the time came (and, as she put it at the time, she just “felt like being a slut”).

I can’t really say whether or not this is “worth doing.” Both experiences obviously were major events in the lives of these women that they’ll never forget. And I feel honored that it was with me. Yet, at the same time, it sort of put the actual event on a pedestal, and neither time could exactly be counted as “satisfying” for any of us.

But, it happened to work out this way, and I’m still not quite sure why . . . 7 years ago

TGNo comment, except

we could both mark this goal as “I’ve done this.”

;) 7 years ago


I was my girlfriends first, and she bled a little bit. I enjoyed it, and she said she really enjoyed it despite the pain. 7 years ago


well, he’s my boyfriend and he’s god. And, he is the best sex ever 7 years ago


Not the best idea ever. But not the worst, I suppose. 8 years ago


I wish there was a middle ground between “not worth it” and “worth doing!” I’ve had one experience that brought nothing but craziness, and another that was ‘worth doing!’
Just be careful that the person isn’t getting more serious than you’re ready to be without letting you know about it. 8 years ago

heaveemetalThis is never.....

going to happen….and I don’t care anymore…. 8 years ago

RobI've read all of the entries about this...

And most of them were negative. Lemme tell ya 43 things people in general, jesus you’re a bunch of whiners! Can’t you just laugh at the experience?!

chuckle8 years ago


Everytime I think about this night it makes me want to cry for him. I feel so awful! How was I to know I don’t make one of the best teachers? It makes me very glad to say that he is now happily in a long-term relationship. With someone else, thank the good Lord! 8 years ago

LaLindaNot my thing..

.. Im just not a good teacher.. Dont have the patience.. 8 years ago

elphboywhat's all the fuss about?

I’ve been there twice. First time was great for all involved, the second time was a mini disaster. I’m over it anyway. 8 years ago

marmitebagelBased on one experience

Wasn’t anything special, bless them. 8 years ago

BlueBerry Pick'nIn University...

my girlfriends called me, “The Virgin Slayer”.

I mean, its such a fiasco for most people that I took it as a personal mission to help as many guys as possible avoid an embarrassing experience.

Then I married & all THAT fun was over!

At least, I know I’ve left a legacy… that included classy perfume & crisp sheets. They won’t forget me!! 8 years ago


this was a completely unsatisfying experience. not only did i take something from them, but i did not enjoy it with this person until months later. 8 years ago

acutewitIt was about time for him.

We were both in college. I was very, very experienced. It was so cute how innocent he was. I totally turned the boy out! We didn’t stay together very long but long enough for me to teach him a few things and I know he’ll never forget me. We still get in touch every once in a while. He was always a nerdy, geeky guy. He had long red hair he wore in a ponytail and a silly goatee and he was a slam poet studying poetry at NYU! I always thought he was a stud and awesome and since then he has cleaned up and really grown into himself. Now he is hot! Now he’s a heartbreaker! Glad to help him get that nasty business of virginity out of the way. He was the only one I’ve ever deflowered and I’m glad I can say I’ve done it at least once. 8 years ago

Angry Butterflytaught him everything he knows

he was a vey good student. 8 years ago

Robheh heh heh

Mothers hide your daughters… 8 years ago

Map Guy in ColoradoWhat's the big deal?

The sadder but wiser girl is the girl for me.

What does everyone have with taking a virgin. For most sex the first time in not pleasant.

The real goal should be get a girl to climax without her help. 8 years ago


I did it once (that I’m aware of). It sucked. 8 years ago


Heh heh heh…

I’ve had two. I want more. 8 years ago

AbsnasmTwice, that I know of.

Does the first one count if I was also a virgin at the time? The second one was 12 years ago, but I only found out a couple of months ago when we saw each other at a uni reunion that he was a virgin. I thought to myself, “Hm, that explains a lot.” As I don’t actually like him that much (it was a weird, drunken Fresher’s Week bonding thing) I considered saying that to his face, but I’m too nice, so I didn’t. Instead I’ve put it on the internet for all to see. 8 years ago

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