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heartlessdoll 16 months ago

Christy80 16 months ago

Joanne1527 17 months ago


Soon enought… I’ll let you’ll know if I manage to do it…

This will be my last try… 2 years ago

AoiMakai 2 years ago

Lisa Kennedy 2 years ago


Hey, I have been reading a bunch of these entrys now, and why I am writing here myself I do not actually know.. But I am.

I had a somewhat rough time through kid’s school, but nothing too serious. But at the age of 12 I got quite fed up and walked up to a cliff ready to jump.
As I stood there I thought long and hard about everything, and realized that I was still young and did not know that much yet, and could not bare the thought of all the things I did not get to do.
So I made myself a deal, grow up and then see.

That was 9 years ago, and I am now 21.
I have figured out a lot since then, and it seems more and more fitting that the 10th year should be it. I mean I gave it 10 years and it still seems like a good idea.

I have been quite into phillosophy, sience, religion and psychology during these years, in an attempt to find some sort of reason or something. But all I have gotten out of it is just how pointless it seems for me to be here.

I have lived a good life compared to most people I suppose, never broken anything, never get sick, good family and friends, own place, own car, well payed job and liked by many.
For anyone that is somewhat the dream no? So I am not complaining about any of that.
But what good is all this if you do not want it?
Every human I see makes me feel uncomfortable, and that includes my friend that is the closest I have to a brother.
I know we are animals, so I see them as that. I would not cry if any of them died, even though I feel I should. I do not want love, as being with someone would be as being with a dog that could talk.
There is actually nothing in this world I want, other then music maybe, which is the only thing that has kept me up this long I think.
I am tired of eating, tired of breathing, and all the other things you do. I do not even want to exist in the first place. Even if I were to make the world a better place shomehow, it would be on the expence of me feeling this way, and I do not think that is fair.

There are so many ways to live, so many things to believe, are you just supposed to choose one when you know them all? Does it really not matter what you pick? If so, it is really pointless.

So my question then is, if you do not want anything, why stay?

I wrote this since its something I have never said, and however stupid it might seem, well there it is. Just wanted it out there, somewhere.

If anyone wants to talk other then to say “don’t do it, think about the ones that loves you” (which I do know, and have heard) feel free. 2 years ago

Rattja 2 years ago

I_Just_Want_To_Die 2 years ago

I_Just_Want_To_DieI want to die!

Hi, I have been reading your post’s and I feel exactly the same as most of you. Why even bother trying to feel happier when in the long run death is inevitable :S Nobody likes me, I f@#$ everything up even when I try to be nice or just being myself I end up with someone being angry at me and I don’t ever understand what I have done. I have tried a few times to kill myself, one time I thought I had finally done it but turns out I lived :( But I can’t just keep living a lie, I have always thought I was not intended for this world, and that I need to be taken back out of it which would be a benefit to everybody not just me. I haven’t decided how where or when yet, but I do know I am so excited :) If anybody want’s to have a chat, post back with your email or something I don’t mind :) 2 years ago

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