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Epic SunshineI slept. And then I did not. I've my reasons.

I got up and was thumbing through some 43T stuff, waiting for sleep to again come over me.

I found comments from a bit back when I wrestled with my father’s death
And tonight I am grateful, more than ever, for those of you who spoke, especially Ms. R.

No. I don’t cry. But I am leaky. Thank you. Your words meant a LOT and maybe more now. Thank you. 4 months ago

Epic SunshineI am off to sleep.

I will dream of love and comfort and closeness on this night, another night when 43T may head west, kick the bucket, turnstile, cross the bridge, pass, yadda, yadda. Does it get trite saying this over and over. Yes, of course it does to those not in love. But persistence and continuity and right is a good thing for all of us, especially in matters of the heart.

Again I will say that my last words, here, if they go away tonight, will be to her: I love you. I love you. 4 months ago

Epic SunshineI'm-a goin tu sleep now.

Once again I want my last words here to be “I love you Ms. R.” If we depart over the night, I will at least be dancing with her, atop L’Tour Eiffel, and she will know I love her more than any woman has ever been loved. 4 months ago

Epic SunshineEvery Year At This Time

I go to the Little League World Series. It’s only one week long or so, but it seems I go EVERY year. Traffic can be tough, but I do get there. And then I go right past it to the Canadiana of my life. And I will go this year too. And I can hardly wait. 4 months ago

Epic SunshineA boundary marker evening.

A great and wonderful date night with a perfect person.

We picked up an Ann Rice book and chortled (not at Ann, but at language which we know and exercise and have a right [and left] to chortle aboot. 9 months ago

Epic SunshineA pulled up the

BIG LIST today. “Write a Totus res Nostrum”

It is full of reasons to cherish and honour and Valentine the bright love of my life. She shines bright, very close to me, and is my perfect partner and match, in all.

We’ve been stopped on the street, in cafes. People say I wish I had what you two have.

I am the luckiest man in the world this and every other day which is also Valentine’s. A lifetime of Valentines for me, all the time. I love you too, Darling. 10 months ago

Epic SunshineMy Darling Ms. R!

My partner, mate, union, belief, bride, best friend and SOOoooooo much more! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

Yes, they were just delivered and a total surprise.

Thank you! 10 months ago

Epic SunshineIn the first waking moments of

our dawn my thoughts arise to her presence. The most important emotion, possession, soul, I will ever know is at my side and I am completely of her. Warm breath shared, passed back and forth, taken in then exhaled to her. Limbs embraced and embracing throughout the sleep of us. Gentle. Tender. The dearest I have ever known, will know, offer and give.

In the first waking moments of consciousness my mind is completely and wholly of her. The most important person that has ever been. The fullest, ripest, most perfect man I have ever been. The mature partner for life and beyond for her. She has made me, what I think and believe, and worship and value. My devotion is entire and I am made more right than religion alone has ever offered for she is me, my salvation, my potential fulfilled. These are wonderful thoughts to wake to. They are real and of the very fabric of me.

In the first waking moments of my memory I recall our past night together as full of comfort, ease, humor, passion, I recall hunger and want, what I am compelled to offer and to give, to expect and to receive for she has taught me that my highest purpose is within myself now for she has put herself into me, my past, my present, and in future memories yet to be made.

In the first waking moments of our day I inhale her scent, feminine, pure, distinctive, sweet as honey, intoxicating. I feel the warmth that we have created together, a waking warm embrace of bed clothes and closeness and safety and purity that envelopes, embraces, holds. I find myself listening for the sounds of her breath, that is shared, and the strong, quiet beat of her strong beautiful heart which she has also shared. I quietly taste her, not waking, but fulfilling my vision of knowing her through all my senses, all my body, of consuming all that she is for I am of her, nourished by her, grown and made more whole than any man could ever expect.

I love you, Darling. 10 months ago

Epic SunshineThe Present

I resolved with her that Forward would follow the giving of gifts. Be it hearfore resolved I said allowed to her, That the New Year will be of constancy, forwardness, of you and me, of further and more and even deeper commitment though I know not how since you have all that I am.

She looked at my wordplay, the double meanings, herd each and every intent. I am and will be of her.

I did not invite her two match me. But I did for she is a big one in this deportment, this matching of commitment and the need to see and hear, here, of us to the exclusion of all else. It is welcome relief to have met her and great sweetness to be of her in this, and in all; to know her and be known, inside out, top to bottom, stem to stern. There’s no guesswork; only surety, certainty.

Later she rang me up. I nipped out she articulated in a line stolen from an author she taught me and I came to enjoy as much as she, and popped into a store only to discover the perfect dress for you to see me in.

Such welcome hubris! She dresses for me (and I for her), not because we have to, but because we want to. There’s nothing quite like getting dressed and moving through the world knowing that what you wear appeals (sometimes very greatly) to a mate, a partner, a cleaved gem of rare and perfect beauty, like she is. So yes, I cleave to the notion of presenting to her, and she to me, in wrappers carefully chosen to stir, to remind, to endear, to entice. At the center of me is her, and to see her is to be.

On this day of giving she is giving me a package. A whole package. A gift that is beautifully and perfectly wrapped. She is thinking of me. She is acting on my behalf, for me. She is giving me the greatest gift I will ever know: herself and her commitment to us.

I frankly admit that these words, these deeds, churn desire in me. Her taste, in my view, is impeccable. If she says there is perfection in my future I know she means it, that it is not hubris at all, that she is more right than I have ever known or expected to know. So I beg for photos, though it’s not really begging at all. I beg for description, the cut, the material, the shape and appearance, the colour, the nature, the designer’s intent, her presence, presents.

And she comes to me in this season of giving, and gives me more of myself than I knew I am. She gives me Forward and the perfect wrapping too.

I love you Darling. I love you very much. Now, let me dress. For you. 11 months ago

Epic SunshineMy friend said

“she’s beautiful, gorgeous, hot.” And I said “yup. But I fell in love with her words, her mind, her ways, our fit first. I’m the luckiest man alive.”

She fits me, and I her. A jigsaw puzzle piece with 10 million sides I am and she is too. Everything. Rich, perfect, complex. Ten million today and tomorrow eleven. I am the luckiest man ever to have lived. 16 months ago

Epic SunshineTonight I will

find her hand. We will rise up together and fly past the clouds and rain to the perfect moonlight of a billion stars, suns in their own right. We will soar to her favourite and wonderful places, L’tour and and beyond too, and mine which are hers and of her. And when the Epic Sun rises we will glide and shine and be…perfect. 17 months ago

Epic SunshineShe said

we are welded. Inseparable, wholly and completely attached, one.

She is right. There is no me anymore. Only us. So I wrote and sent another private poem to her, using her words, and gave them back with my words. But they weren’t just her words in the beginning, or mine in the end. The poem is our words of us for there is no me or she in anything. Only us.

The poem, like the other private poems of us, is so shockingly full of love, so shockingly of truth, so completely of us, that only we understand it, not just the words, but the deep histories, meanings, layers and potentials that we share and others will never know or understand. I love us and I love the words of us.19 months ago

Epic SunshineUntitled

With you gently I shall discuss
the present, your presents, your presence.
Words that stir me up and make me whole
There’s no tense like the past
the only better is the untense
of the now and how
we are at present.

“How I would have changed you!
I would have loved you, loved you, loved
you, cleaved and built and fenced us in,
forever and ever, us and
no one else, no, no one else,” you wrote.

And I reply, ah, yes that is true
while looking at my watch, calendar, future
and noting with the imperative of the presence tense:
You have changed, are changing, will always change me!
You have loved me, love me, love us
as we cleave and build and fence us in,
forever and ever, not to keep others out
but to keep us in, and in, and in, and in.

Your poem like all your poetry is a reflection
of now and hope and what burns brightest within
of what we are and will be and can begin
words that melted me and make me whole
commitments, trust, of us, our soul. 19 months ago

Epic SunshineI love her more than anyone I've ever loved.

And I’ve been loved back too. It’s total. The only condition is that it be shared, and that’s been a great thing. 20 months ago

Epic SunshineFlowersonthenightstand

hear, here: anticipating and eager they are, blooming royal colour and perfect.21 months ago

Epic SunshineShe said

Go to your computer. I want you to see. It’s the dress.

She bought it for me, for herself, for us. She knows I like what she likes. We are all about thoughts and words, and getting along famously, and more, like cooking and power tools and music and vigorous exercise within reason.

And we are a man and a woman too. I am a feminist and I love her femininity. She is a feminist and she loves my maleness. There is, in fact, great love.

She is right. It is a yowza dress. She is perfect and beautiful and I am the luckiest man in the world. Yowza. Yowza Yowza Yowza. 22 months ago

Epic SunshineMy burrito-shaped heart

pounds with the guacamole of affection. My rib-meat brain slides delicately upon you, inviting you into the sauce-scented contours of Bellum and Bellum, Affections at Law. Hard candies shake and dance and pulse through my veins while gummies drill outward, seeking, seeking. And I ask, Do you want me? Do you? 22 months ago

Epic SunshineToday she

said, in so many words, I am committed. Join me forever. I already have but she knows that. It’s not reassurance that makes it so great. It is the unsolicited reminder. We should all tell the ones we love how deeply we love them. We all need to know we are loved. 22 months ago

Epic SunshineAn early valentine's gift.

She leaned upon me and whispered of the pride of ownership as I made her ears change from that to this: shining, bright, new. Words and meanings curled into lobes, then the drums, and then all through her, pushing, clasping, until her lobes and cortex vibrated, making her squeally and radiant.

I am marked by her in ways that cannot be seen or heard. But they are always felt and eternal. Her words match me, then push beyond. And I whispered gently Golly! I sure am thirsty! in my best Wally-to-Beaver voice. 23 months ago

Epic SunshineIn the morning,

round ‘bout Bawl-moh, I’ll gather her, cleave, be there. Valentine’s Day is beginning. Again.

I pulled out the last valentine I got: a secret book of small words, art, poetry, images, poetry, all of us. She made it by hand and it is the most serious and perfect valentine ever presented.

I can hardly wait. There will be music, and dressing for dinner, and more, so, so much more. 23 months ago

Epic SunshineWe seek the sense of possession.

At some fundamental level it is not quite enough to promise, to give, to commit fully and completely to her. She is alike. We both need to feel it matched from the other, deeply, completely, more than ever could be, follicles to toe nails, and deepest interiors to the last layer of epidermis. I wear her everywhere: small jewelry and brandings upon the soul, among other things. I wear her with pride and completely and all that I am. And I want more, then more.

She understands that if we give all of ourselves, we want all of ourselves to be accepted, otherwise it is a gift half wanted, half accepted and not enough. It is why I want her signs, everywhere, and mine to her. All. All. 23 months ago

Epic SunshineThere is

a waking moment before light and after the dark, before aware and after the lift of consciousness. It is the golden hour of the mind and where she resides most closely to me. I am not asked to write love notes and never told to, I find them in these moments when nature rolls through me, shakes me, pets and straddles, and shows me what I most truly am. I am of her, especially in these moments, for they are not between anything really, but central and all, a hinge a fulcrum, a center. I love you Darling. 1 year ago

Epic SunshineI gathered the midnight light

and poured it into her. We are atop l’tour. We always are at midnight. I watched it pour through, into, around her, wash and cling, spill where there was no purchase, and then I gather, her organs, flesh, hair and bones. Her smile and soul merge to me, pour forth a light of her, of Paris, of future. She wrapped herself in my gathering, my translucence, the milky light of our midnight. And I wrapped back. Her spasms, her fuel, her light washing and surging, retreating and surging, just like me until our souls were clean, and pure and more perfect than ever known. 2 years ago

Epic SunshineHer time with me

was more than my time with her. She gives of her life, her hours and emotions. She is a whole and perfect woman for me. She is my woman and I am her man and it is a perfect natural fit.

I am not a religious man but I am moved to spirituality with her. We’ve moments that turned into hours and days. I’ve pushed her. Asked her to push. And she says/said/will say more, and more. I love the sound of your voice. Tell me. Show me.

We lay crumpled, close, sweet, exhausted. And there is more. It is close, perfect, and yes, what I think God’s love really is. 2 years ago

Epic SunshineCat-like, she sprung upon me.

Not predator, she, but prey I am.

There is only a bit of pawing, toying. Just enough to get the bearings., extend real warmth. Then it is begun in earnest. Again. 2 years ago

Epic SunshineWe are something more than

I’ve ever known, ever believed might be. Ever even thought. We are imagination beyond imagination and it is all of love.

We are beyond the horizons, and the horizons past those, and better than the horizons past even those. There is more potential than the word potential offers. We are endless.

We are always, and will always be, just beginning. 2 years ago

Epic SunshineShe said

Do you like it when I reach for you in this way?

I do. I want more and more and more. 2 years ago

Epic SunshineIt is Sunday Darling!

Join me! Again and Again! It is Sunday! A day of leisure, newspapers sections passed between us while we linger on the sofa, legs entwined, coffee, ideas and quotations, small looks, the massage of toes and arches. Join me in the bright light of the morn’s warming sun, in the translucent pink of us from a good night’s sleep, while beads of water from the recent shower dry. I will feed you fresh berries, eggs scrambled just so, a rasher of bacon shared, while you gather the cossetting and petting and small attentions of Sunday.

And when we go back for a second sleep, a drifting of the spirit and will of potential, of more, we will have perfect comfort, security and happiness. Join ME! 2 years ago

Epic SunshineThe last several months have been trying, challenging.

I think we are finding a balance. Again. And it is right. More right. Not less. More. I feel it. 2 years ago

Epic SunshineToday I found a grumbe-bunny

which wished not to discuss origins of said g-b-ness. So I pulled the g-b close. I always will. I think it helped. I hope it did. I know it did me. 2 years ago

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