finish 4th step

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cathleena31it was scary

It really was. I am still not sure about how I feel about it. I am in my 5th year of recover and this one was very different in alot of ways. I just hope that it was okay. I am not used to not using the old format, its just that the old format no longer really fits me. 8 years ago


I have finished all 6 gory pages of my 4th step. Now on to the hard part of sharing it with my sponsor and God. But the writing is done. Whoa, six pages. 8 years ago

cathleena31Whoa. wHat?

Yes, its true. My God, it is tonight. Tonight I start the 4th step. Nothing is holding me back. I am scared. I want ciggarettes. I want ice cream. I want donuts. But you know what? I am just going to drag my lap top to the bedroom, my son is already sleeping (and that in itself is a miracle) and get to work. Wish me luck people. 8 years ago

cathleena31Okay finally today.

I have been either “working on” or getting ready to work on my 4th step for 2 weeks now. Today is the day. Oooooooh. I am scared and not looking forward to it. I am just glad to be done with it. Cleaning the closet out. Yuuuuuk.
today around 3:30, have bbsiter and will go to park to pray and write. I have a lot of character defects…. 8 years ago


seems like there is so much to do today.
call K.s school
set up her a tutor
grocery for carrots, celery,
dry cleaners
call Noelle to bbsit
4step 8 years ago

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