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Amrita15Day 1 - 2/28/2013

STATUS: A STARTMOOD: Started out quite low, even broke down couple of times when things didn’t work out like the traffic or my laptop had issues or my phone froze (sounds like lil things right now, right !, had me almost crying then…), Gel better as the day progressed

Tasks I accomplished:
1. Completed these extremely important pending Application documents
2. Drank 2 bottles of water (better than none atleast)
3. Attended Doctor’s appointment
4. Exercised – 15 mins
5. Completed some major work related email followup – still some are pending
6. Joined Superbetter
7. Took a good 1/2 hour relaxing break watching my favorite soap
8. Cleaned my Living Room and started cleaning the Kitchen
9. Applied for needed Credit card
10. Called a good friend and spoke to him
11. Emailed a friend a document I was supposed to send a week back
12. Sent a thank-you email to a Friend
13. Played EyeSpy: The Matrix – for improving self-esteem : 5 times

Feels good reporting this…So much was done, Sure, a lot remains, but this is a start… 13 months ago

Amrita15A question

Any thoughts/quotes/instances that really helped you stay determined and not get into the depression cycle again ? 13 months ago

Amrita15starting today 2/28/2013

I plan on writing daily entries on this goal. I have always been this motivated person working on my goals and sure there would be low days and low points but there were high points too…Lately though, I feel like nothing good is happening in my life – I had a major car accident, My role at work sucks right now, I am single with family pressures to get married – all the while making me realize – great, I’m 28 and haven’t yet found someone ! , I am trying to change jobs and nothing good has turned up from those job applications I spent night on after coming back from work – Basically, an all time low !! LOW…LOW…LOW…LOW..LOW..eveyday, I wake up and ask myself – where is the old me ? Why I can’t I find her and Why can’t I see my life the way I used too – sure I knew things weren’t perfect, but I had hope inside me and I smiled..Nowadays, I feel like that the Hope is dead…I have to get out of this rut- It’s been like this since December – 3 whole months of moping and crying and being lethargic and beating myself up about what could be done on time and still I don’t because I just don’t want to wake up and stay under my covers all life long right now…Well, As I’m Single and by myself with my Family 1000s of miles away – I have decided that I have but myself to get out of this gutter..I start today, I have decided to start today ..I count on your cheers to be motivated and plan on reporting my activities and tasks to improve my self esteem… 13 months ago

Amrita15 13 months ago

dianna23 18 months ago

cyawc 22 months ago


soccergirl7793 5 years ago

Zara H.x.xsmack me in the head, anyone?

Seem to get worst when i’m alone for prolonged period of time. Yet i yearn to be alone most of the time. Sugz TTM! 2 years ago

Zara H.x.x 2 years ago

japanesemajor 2 years ago


lauraannlaura 4 years ago

Makingface160 6 years ago

dumbluck 3 years ago

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