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become ambidextrous

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CharlesW89Initial Status

Left hand dominant. Practicing this skill by using my right hand for every tasks such as cooking, brushing teeth touchpad on laptop and writing brief notes. Hoping to one day be able to write two different sentences at the same time, one with each hand. 4 weeks ago

CharlesW89 4 weeks ago

themysterymachine 1 month ago

Ana Belle 19 months ago

MissElizabethArthur 3 months ago

craftygirl123 3 months ago

akvo 3 months ago

rbranha2 3 months ago

loore 2 years ago

whoneedsaname 4 months ago

alizaI don't think

this is something you really just “become”. I mean, unless you really, really, truly want to and practice at it all the time. But no. Taking it off my list.
Although I do need to use my left hand frequently, and use it very well, I don’t need to or really wish to become ambidextrous. 5 months ago

Snow 5 months ago

suhas nayak 6 months ago

Wonderlight 7 months ago

torak 8 years ago


So here is a tip if people still come on here. Rather than write the alphabet, write “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” because it has every letter in it. Of course, you don’t actually become ambidextrous jut by writing. So it’s also a good idea to use your opposite hand to do things. Like eat. I’m eating right now by eating with my left hand. I eat like a 3 year old, ice cream all over my face :) Not to mention my writing looks like I’m 3 too. 8 months ago

AshhOz 9 months ago

mukoya 9 months ago


ive been trying 10 months ago

dcnascar 10 months ago


Realize we have a lot more opportunities than we think to do this. Brushing your teeth, the hand with which you eat, throwing and playing catch, they all help develop our motor and finer motor skills needed in writing or painting or anything at all. Play every fun game you can think of in reverse, hand wise. Brush your hair differently. A year ago I could say I was ambidextrous because I could write with both hands. But I say the goal has been complete this year because that was when I started picking up the pencil and drawing mindlessly with the other hand, when I tossed on the “wrong” glove and played catch without realizing it, and began playing badminton alternating hands when I needed to without issue, and discovering strengths in both and refining their weak spots. The more we practice the better we become, but so long as we limit what we practice with the time it takes to learn becomes much longer. I’m cheering for all of you! :) 11 months ago

shadedragon06 11 months ago

ρяιмяσѕє I've been practicing.

Lately (for about a week now) I have been trying to do as many things as possible with my left hand, including texting and writing with it. I think it’s working. :3 11 months ago

ρяιмяσѕє 11 months ago

bbyfriluftsliv 11 months ago

boredinrexy 11 months ago

snigam3112 11 months ago


Practise everyday.
Do little tasks with right hand to strenghten muscles. 12 months ago

deadlymisfit 12 months ago

jasomeye 13 months ago

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